January 5, 2023: This War is Like the Weather; A Tempest in a Teacup [videos] ~ January 5, 2023


It’s hard to remain calm, folks. What I am seeing today is astonishing, exciting, and yes, hysterically funny! This information war is like the weather. If you don’t like where it seems to be going, wait five minutes and just like the weather, it will change.

The insanity in DC rages within The Storm. Is this a case of what Trump and the White Hats want, the cabal wants the opposite? Are the White Hats making it look like they want Kevin McCarthy so the Dims and RINOs will vote for someone else? Reverse psychology? If so, the Patriots know how to play the cabal minions like a fiddle. I believe they know exactly what they are doing.  Link to Telegram.

JUST IN: After Trump, Elon Musk backs Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker

Praying Medic posted on Telegram:

Clickbait news outlets citing anonymous sources assured us that in the middle of the night, McCarthy made concessions that would cause holdout Republicans to vote for him.

Today, there are still 18 holdouts.

Be skeptical of news stories citing anonymous sources.

This is big.https://t.co/iL4iX45jrQ

— Dinesh D’Souza (@DineshDSouza) January 5, 2023

Okay my friends, SCRATCH ALL THE ABOVE. Video clip on Telegram.

Matt Gaetz nominated Donald J Trump for Speaker

There was talk some time ago about Donald Trump being Speaker of the House but no one wanted to hear it. We wanted the President back—as President. And so where will this go?

Now Steve Bannon has nominated President Trump. Oh, the giggles.

This is the way it is this side of the looking glass and why I am so glad I reserved my Rubber Room. My bug-out bag is ready.

However, the lines could be blurred when we consider that DC is not part of the Republic, and doesn’t honour the true Constitution. I don’t know what Trump and the White Hats have up their sleeve, but they know the law, how it works in a state of emergency, where it applies and doesn’t, and how to use it to their full advantage.

We shall see. From the read above and President Trump being a War Time President where there have been 2 presidents is still part of the Executive branch and constitutionally can not become Speaker. Let’s see what happens. PDJT also has the PEADs Act behind him.

This explains some of it. Link to Telegram.

How is POTUS always 5-steps ahead?💥🔥🐸

PEADs Act 💥💥💥
State of Emergency activating FEMA and DHS
DoD Law of War Manual
Stafford Act March 2020
Executive Order Of 13848
Directive 51
Insurrection Act
EO 13818
The Role of Military Intelligence in Homeland Security
Counterintelligence Investigative Procedures
EOs 13959, 13971, EO 13694

Good Guys in FULL control!

H/T t.me/EightQBall

TG extra info Link:

TRUTH post:

Here’s a summary from SGAnon’s Truth Social channel.

Trump Comms off the charts.
J6 tomorrow.
Congress gridlocked.
NG and USAF/USMC busier than ever. US Naval asset movements in Pacific and Med theaters.

Why did POTUS endorse McCarthy?
POTUS ~knew~ McCarthy was unelectable.
POTUS ~knew~ McCarthy ties to the very [DS] center of power responsible for the state of the world, today.
POTUS ~knew~ Patriots would kill the deal, and shut down Congress.

We need Congress legally “neutered” for the present moment.



5 X 5; It’s all good.

Early this morning we heard the war in Ukraine could be over for a day because of Putin’s decree.

While Putin’s order to stop the fighting is unprecedented during the 10-month-long war he started, it remains to be seen if the truce is implemented and, if it is, whether or not it actually holds. Some in Kyiv have already expressed skepticism.

Putin orders a short 36-hour ceasefire in Ukraine for Orthodox Christmas, a move some in Kyiv fear is a ‘trap’

Wait—not so fast. The truce has already been rejected. See? Everything changes so fast now it’s dizzying. When SGAnon closed with advice to keep our heads on a swivel, that was sound counsel. It’s like a tennis match at the moment. Left, right, left, right, back and forth, tug-of-war.

January 6 is a big day, historically. A day of peace would almost be a moment of silence; a day of mourning for those killed in the deep state’s attack in Washington on January 6th, 2021, and for the lives destroyed by patriots hunted down and incarcerated just because they were there and the Feds wanted to make examples of them. Some are still locked up under wretched conditions; others wracked by crippling legal bills.

EXCLUSIVE: J6 Defendant’s Wife On Rigged Proud Boys Jury Selection, Husband Being Starved & Drugged

It’s hard to believe but it speaks to the appalling state of dark control America is and has been under for a long time.

Nothing is more important to innerstand than the infiltration of every arm of the government, law enforcement, education, the medical field, corporations, utilities… everything.

I’m sure you knew this was coming.

Report Claims NFL Player Was VAXXED! Did Athlete Collapse SUDDENLY From Myocarditis Induced Heart Attack?

The death of Damar Hamlin on January 2 isn’t less of a tragedy because he died doing what he loved. You can listen to Stew Peters’ 6 minute segment in the video at the link above with Dr. Paul Alexander.

What many believe is that Hamlin actually expired on the field and they didn’t want it known so they took him away to put him on life support until they could come up with a cover story. Did you see the Wickedipedia capture we shared yesterday stating the date he died BEFORE he died, and the COD stated was a head injury? You can’t make this up, folks.


BREAKING: Damar Hamlin is showing signs of “remarkable improvement” and his brain function appears to be in good condition, the Buffalo Bills say.

Bills’ Damar Hamlin Showed Signs of Progress Overnight, Says Friend: Report

I don’t know why I bother. As soon as I add an update I get notification the status changed. I can’t keep up. Is there a bit of wizardry going on here with Damar or just disinformation and manipulation?

What about all the other vaxxed players on the Buffalo Bills team? Is the silent killer myocarditis lurking within their bodies? Don’t they and their families and everyone on the planet deserve to know the truth about the “vaccines”?

How many athletes have to expire in their prime? We’ve seen soccer players and many others collapse in play. The controllers always have a lie to cover the real cause of death.

How many months or years until the world understands they are not “vaccines” and were never intended to be? They are a dangerous drug that killed the animal lab specimens in a short clinical trial so they skipped the trials and went straight to Humans is the story we’re getting. That is criminal intent, and those Nuremberg 2.0 trials cannot come soon enough.

For those who love the puzzles, we have more comms. Link to Telegram.

Comms back on for sure – Grassley Isolates Stringer comms – no 916 string but it is DROP #197 -you think that is intentional? I do.

We may have overestimated your ability.
you came to us for certain strengths but there are weaknesses as well, some being exploited
not enough focus

answer the questions
build the big picture
break it back down
make memes for the normies to calm & educate

so we’ll be ready for the Storm

@team1anons 👈

@Qwo17 👈

DARK [10]

How’s this for a delta? I believe I mentioned this Q-ism not long ago. Would it not apply to the theatrics in DC at the moment? Who is who? I believe we are seeing master chess moves.

Jan 04, 2018 12:54:28 AM EST
Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: aaefa5 No. 11115887
What makes a movie GOOD?
GREAT actors?
5y, 1d, 11h, 30m ago
8chan pol

Here’s your next stunner from Kari Lake here in Arizona. Hear the phone call on Telegram:

Kari says the woman that put out the inaccurate vote count in Pinal has skipped town and they can’t find her 👀

“What they did in Pinal County — where they did not count all the votes, they gave an inaccurate vote count — and then they paid the woman who put that inaccurate vote count out a $25,000 bonus from taxpayer funds, and now she’s skipped town. We can’t find her.”

Very interesting

FYI—There was a “bomb cyclone” in Buffalo, NY recently in the East, and now it’s California in the West with massive power outages. There have been earthquakes in California as well, and it appears that the Earth Alliance is hard at work with their relentless operations to clear out the vermin, as some insiders have stated they are.

Just before press time I found this in the comments from the crew. Link to Matthew’s update from the other side.

The dark chess pieces are falling.

Democratic Sen. Bob Casey Announces Cancer Diagnosis

Dave’s January 3rd X22 Report was excellent for explaining what he believes is really going on and he points out that many members [most] in Congress can be manipulated because Trump and the White Hats have more than enough dirt on them to expose them if they won’t cooperate. Of course they can put pressure on some of them to simply “retire”. Rest assured, however, that doesn’t mean they get to ride off into the sunset without paying a price for their treachery.


The real healing practices continue to emerge and this channel on Telegram has a lot of them as various people share there. Link to Telegram.

Dandelion root also kills cancer cells, why do you think in the past to get rid of it out of your garden, harvest the root dry it and add to all your recipes like I do, also the leaf of the humble dandelion is great in salads

Need a cure for joint pain? It’s a home-made salve, of sorts. Link to Telegram for video and recipe.

How about the Spike Protein Detox Guide? And this book sounds excellent.

The Collins Nature Guide and the book is called Herbs and Healing Plants of Britain and Europe, this little book is amazing, it gives you a full description of all your plants weeds and what healing properties they have, a great book to have everyone should own a copy.
The book retails around £9.99 but you can get copies a little cheaper

Before we leave the topic of safe, natural healing I should mention that Dr. Richard Presser offers three NANO SOMA-related products at his online stores so if the Christmas stress on the bank account meant you couldn’t order in December, maybe now is a better time for you. Link here to Dr. Presser’s Magic Dichol store for NANO SOMA spray, Metasomer topical gel, and the wonderful skin cream, Metasomer Telomerase with only a handful of safe ingredients.

It’s not something off in the future; we already have access to a fantastic product that “naturally triggers the production of Vitamin C in the skin cells. Metasomer Telomerase Natural Skin Cream naturally and easily triggers the restoration of collagen in your skin.”

The NANO particles in the products above are so small they quickly gain access and respond to what the body requires at the cellular level, repairing DNA, and triggering the Vitamin C and Vitamin D which, as you probably know, are critical to a healthy immune system and the research shows we can fight Covid or any other virus with regular use. Since most people, even those in sunny climes are found to be deficient in Vitamin D, it’s a key step to protecting our health.

What is most reassuring and also surprising is that in the ten years plus of studies, there wasn’t one health issue that was not resolved using NANO SOMA, and they used it in patients with Parkinsons, cancer, and many more. Those are bold claims, but the research substantiates the seemingly miraculous benefits of these simple polycosanol particles.

Anti-aging is a reality when NANO SOMA ingredients actually repair the damaged chromosomes and the telomeres which deteriorated with aging. People who read this blog have reported wonderful results of their own in the comments and we’re so pleased to hear their testimonials for healing. Using the links in the above paragraphs will provide a little affiliate income for me so it’s a win-win and I thank you.

Millions are going to need healing if this Covid vaccine nonsense continues. An update from Natural News speaks to a new study indicating that the jabs are responsible for the “Covid mutations” which are resistant to the jabs.

Wow. Between “long Covid”, the shedding Spike Proteins, and the endless jabs… we’re all gonna die. Planetary crisis. Existential threat. Maybe the “precipice”. If it weren’t for the circus being in town this week I might believe that, but no. We’re good. I believe that we in the control group with strong immune systems will not have a problem.

WSJ asks: “Are vaccines fueling new covid variants?”

There is another new covid “variant” (or so we are told) that is spreading across the Northeast. And The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) admits that covid “vaccines” are making people more susceptible to it.

XBB, as they are calling this latest variant, is not necessarily any deadlier than previous variants. It is also a lot different, we are told, than previous variants in that it evades “protection” from the injections.

“Growing evidence also suggests that repeated vaccinations may make people more susceptible to XBB and could be fueling the virus’s rapid evolution,” writes Allysia Finley, admitting what many of us have known for years now.

XBB supposedly belongs to the Omicron (anagram for Moronic) family of variants, which comes with “numerous descendants,” according to Finley, “many of which have popped up in different regions of the world curiously bearing some of the same mutations.”

A study published on December 19 explains that the rapid and simultaneous emergence of all these variants possessing “enormous growth advantages is unprecedented.” The reason, we now know, is the jabs.

“Under selective evolutionary pressures, the virus appears to have developed mutations that enable it to transmit more easily and escape antibodies elicited by vaccines and prior infection,” Finley clarifies.

Pre-print study says covid bivalent “booster” jab responsible for spreading new variants

Bobby Kennedy Jr. suffered some kind of issue with his throat some years ago and despite being blatantly censored he is speaking out all the time about the grievous state of affairs in America. Was it a disease he had that damaged his vocal cords, or, as some surmise, was he attacked with directed energy weapons to silence him? We don’t know, but his dedication and warrior spirit are inspiring.

@RobertKennedyJr kills it! Truth.. fact check him ! #vaccineinjuries #DiedSuddendly #clotshot pic.twitter.com/zXabKdp2dG

— Jen414 (@Jen4144) December 30, 2022

This is a powerful message of love, about love. Can we break our programming and open the circuit to our Creator and in so doing, heal the world? Link to Telegram.

In your brain there is a transmitter that is connected directly to God. The only problem is your programming has you set up to block the signal. You are aware this matrix is set up this way, but most are unaware how to fix things.

Every cross / negative thought interrupts the signal. Your transmitter is still very powerful. It is sending out frequencies through thoughts & emotions.

Relationship struggles are affected by negative thoughts and emotions from miles away. If you have an argument and you hold these thoughts and emotions over days, weeks, months or years, that person receives this message through their transmitter and returns it to you.

Break the cycle by transmitting love without saying a word. You’ll find that the situation will heal itself and both parties will collapse and embrace.

It all depends on you. This is God’s message. God’s message is love. Take control of your life by assessing and correcting your thoughts and emotions. You have the power.

Start by saying I love you to you!

I am going to make my exit before I have to completely redo this post. It’s crazy out there. I doubt if there are many of you, but if you have NOT seen Joe M’s 6 minute video on The Plan to Save the World, you must do so.

Eli’s Section:

After only 24 hours of having a new “bed”, Eli frequently goes to “his place” to set a spell and we praise him for it. He can move around any which way on the mat, but cannot leave it when we use the “place” command until we release him. Currently we have to be standing right next to the mat with his leash in a death grip in our hands if there are any distractions but we work through them and he learns fast.

Accomplishing that level of obedience will take many weeks, we hear, but the fact that he likes the mat to some degree helps. It will be great for him in the hot weather on the patio and when he’s just come out of the pool and can “drain” there rather than getting a puffy bed soaking wet. Air circulating around will be much cooler for him.

The days are getting longer on this side of the equator and that means the return of the Light. I like the sound of that.

Hang in there, everyone. It’s getting really good now, but we will experience turbulence so strap yourselves in. I’ll be in my quarters.  ~ BP

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