January 2, 2022: New Year… New Leaf [videos] ~ January 2, 2023


In 2023 Humanity is going to turn over a new leaf. We are going to work together, fight the division, and we will no longer blindly trust people who say all the right things and pretend to be on our side. People we trust will have to earn it—long term—in all they say and do.

We are capable of unlocking the door to the invisible cage but Humanity can never be free until our minds are free and the ties that bind are only thoughts. Think about it.

Too many still… after all this Covid in-your-face tyranny, have a normalcy bias that prevents them from seeing the grand conspiracy for what it was and is. Most of us couldn’t believe anyone would attempt anything so bold, so massive and under our noses.

I encourage readers to examine the articles on the Brownstone Institute website. There are so many good ones I can hardly single one out. Take your pick after using this link to access the library of sane, introspective opinion and factual offerings there, like this one:

Resolve to Think Carefully

The controllers have been extremely successful in the mind control and apathy of Earth’s people. Humanity has been dumbed down to a great degree, and in some respects respond more like cattle or sheep to incoming stimuli. We are more like automatons than unique, intelligent, sentient life forms.

“They”, the freakazoids running the world, decide what the clothing will be, the trending colours, the home décor, the cars, the hairstyles, the technology, the taxes, the health protocols, the best-selling books, the election procedures, the television programming… all of it. Humans are programmed; not far above trained monkeys, elephants, or dogs.

They have discouraged people from thinking for themselves and the habit is to look to someone else to assess and label information, events, and people FOR us. It’s time to break free from those invisible chains that bind us. It’s time to turn a new leaf.

Not that kind of leaf. A new page in the book of Humanity 2.0; a new chapter in the colossal tome we are currently writing to chronicle the Great Awakening. It will be the greatest story ever told about the liberation of the people of Earth, but also the rest of Creation.

Humans believe they are free because the slogans and taglines tell them they are. When they wake up and start questioning, they rail against the constraints. They get it, and there’s no turning back.

Funny how that works….! pic.twitter.com/tr8ic2jMQe

— Chris 1010 (@ForJustice1010) January 2, 2023

The foresight the Khazarian mafia cabal had in securing a monopoly on the information we have available to us was the linchpin in their agenda. They present the facts, tell us they’re verified “science” because their carefully-chosen “experts” say so, and most people just want to go on with their lives and they don’t even check in with themselves and their inner wisdom, logic, or common sense to determine if that information could possibly be valid or not.

Let’s face it, if we’re doing a search because we want to know something, when Google suppresses the truth and only returns search results they want us to see and hides the truth pages and pages down where almost no one looks, we don’t know what we don’t know. We are no further ahead and might have just cemented in our minds the false truth they have been hammering in for years.

If the information comes from a magazine, a newspaper, a television news anchor, a talk show, an actress or Hollywood figure, a politician, a president, a doctor… then it is fact, and unchallenged in most cases.

If they see it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia,Gab, Google search, television advertisements… they are subconsciously assimilating that information, too, without even realizing it. They may not have been looking for it, but they saw it without giving it undue attention.

Q Military Intelligence got people to think. To question. To research. To connect dots. To formulate their own theories about what happened, how, who dunnit, when, why, and the consequences. Q is still attacked today. A post on Twitter recently said Q is a Mossad psyop. One response was that at least they woke up people all over the world. Bingo.

Years ago I stated that the Q movement is a White Hat psyop. It is a psychological operation for the good of Mankind. It still appears to be so and the repeated attacks on the Q movement support that. Psyops don’t have to be malevolent.

Just as the dark ones used information to twist and shut down the minds of Humans, the Earth Alliance is using information to unscramble the facts to empower people to think for themselves and stop being victimized. We allowed ourselves to be disempowered and we can empower ourselves to be sovereign, free, and in control again.

The White Hats knew that a lot of people would recognize truth when they heard it if it came from the right source. Donald Trump; enter, stage right. The Human tendancy to trust someone who tells the truth and to parrot their words worked in favour of the MAGA movement.

SGAnon recently posted a number of very short but revealing videos on his channel containing information and truths you may not have known. Link to QNewsPatriot channel on Rumble.

Once people learn to think critically again, they cannot easily be fooled. Once they realize how vast and evil the conspiracy to destroy Humanity is, they are forewarned and forearmed against future attacks. They can even anticipate them.

Now, millions of Humans want to know… Link to Telegram.

Who was at the root of the fake pandemic, and what was their agenda? Why would they suppress known cures? Why would they tell everyone they had to stay away from other people or they would infect them or be infected and probably die?

Dr Peter McCullough to kimdotcom: “Who ordered the PSYOP? Who gave FBI their Twitter objectives? Deep investigation needs to happen up the IC flagpole. Someone wanted to suppress any hopes of treatment to patients. Someone wanted only one side to be heard on safety and efficacy. Who?”

We have already heard they arbitrarily pulled “6 feet apart” out of thin air; that it was not based on science at all. Intelligent people knew that those footprints on the floor at the grocery store and the plexiglass shields at checkouts wouldn’t deter an airborne illness. It was ludicrous, yet most of the world bought into it.

No segue…

I’m going to stick this update from Kerry Cassidy in here. It is relevant to a number of things, and probably true.

MISC. UNVERIFIED INTEL (DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH). …Sam Bankman-Fried had been HIGH on drugs all month & obviously shaking as he did interviews & couldn’t keep his mouth shut
He exposed the DNC / money scams corruption & named names
The day before he was to give his testimony to congress NYC leftist liberals judges at the behest of the U.S. Govt BIDEN (Killary w/ OBAMA) gave the order to arrest B-F
THEY were in PANIC & didn’t want B-F to give his testimony. Now he’s been ARRESTED by his friends [DNC]
The unground news & Congress in fear B-F will be killed in prison →SUICIDED←
Full story EXPECTED to hit as FTX connected to other crypto agencies COLLAPSED months beforehand & these other cryptos connect to a Huge MASSIVE LAUNDERING op & bribery ring connected to DNC. HOLLYWOOD → UN. WEF
Juan O Savin
FTX is the small one. TREMOR is the one you haven’t heard about. Another crypto op like FTX.
Gene Decode
“Crypto” means “crypt.” That’s why they call it that.

“Stephen “tWitch” Boss, known as the DJ on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” has died, The Post has confirmed. He was 40.” NYPost 12-14-22
“The “So You Think You Can Dance” contestant and “Magic Mike XXL” actor died by suicide with a self-inflicted gunshot wound,
TMZ reported.”
Those close to Ellen Degenerate are suddenly dying: Anne Heche by “accident” & “tWitch” by “suicide.”
Let’s start with “tWitch’s” name… & the fact that Ellen Degenerate’s set looks like Epstein island & the fact that Anne Heche
had no drugs or alcohol in her system.
Elon is about to reveal PIZZAGATE. Ellen served PIZZA at the Oscars. Right there in the open making a joke of child torture & sacrifice in Pedowood.
Do these deaths have anything to do with what Anne & tWitch could say about Ellen?
Clintoncide exists now we’ve got Ellencide


The world is learning that the dark ones infiltrated everything, everywhere. Trust no one. After researching in the true sense of the word, which is not doing a brief Google search or hitting Snopes.com, we can make up our own minds on what Truth is.

We would be shocked to learn the resources that went into controlling the information and public opinion. Until Humans get an adequate education on the reality of the situation on our planet, we can barely hope to match and best their scheme.

I haven’t checked in with LT and his And We Know channel in awhile. His videos are superb; truthful and positive.

12.31.22: UNLEARN everything, rebuild ENTIRE belief system, Kari, Biden, Agenda 2030, Brazil, Plandemic 2, PRAY!

Most people have been conditioned to ridicule anything outside the accepted parameters of truth defined by the controllers. Consider the following:

December 29, 2021
Part 1 Luis Elizondo: “Earth Is A Zoo Ruled By Aliens”
In a recent podcast appearance, former US Army counterintelligence special agent, UFO promoter and media persona Luis Elizondo explained why he claims…

Original Source: https://ancientlife.net/first-public-release-of-a-communication-with-a-reptilian-alien-from-draco-system-7520/

I heard it was worse; that some refer to Earth as “the farm”. What is a farm? A place where food is cultivated, grown, harvested, sold and distributed for processing and consumption. It’s a business. Humans don’t believe they are being farmed and harvested, but the military insiders assure us we are; particularly our children. Humans are a commodity in some circles. Children are a currency. Disgusting, but true from the years of information and evidence I have seen. Their symbolism tells us what they are doing.

L – R: Pope and an effigy of an infant, vs. a priest with a real baby, probably in excruciating pain as he performs the circumcision. 

What we have to discern from the information we can access is whether it is true, partly true, disinformation, or a distraction to divert attention away from the truth. Some sources may offer more disinformation or misinformation than truth.

Many people no doubt believe that if something that important were true, someone would have told us. News flash! They did! They have been telling us and showing us for years. The information has been distributed at seminars and lectures, in books, magazines, and movies, but our minds didn’t accept it as truth because someone in an unquestionable position of power didn’t make a big deal of an announcement. People discount things that aren’t packaged the way they accept as normal.

This one minute video on Telegram explains very succinctly the process of MK Ultra mind control, including the beginning of the process while a baby is still in the womb. We call these people “monsters” for good reason. Don’t be fooled by their Human-looking exterior. The concepts explained here are difficult to believe, but accurate as far as we know. Many of the icons in Hollywood are literal slaves. Link to Telegram.

The world has to be shown that the monsters that have been controlling our reality for eons are so evil, so ruthless, so beyond rehabilitation that sometimes when good people tried to tell us the truth they were eliminated. Erased.

Human life is not valued in the least except as slaves, a food source, and a currency for trading with off-world civilizations. Farm animals. Who would want to consider themselves as such? “They” don’t care about us, the soul, the personality. If we get in the way they take us out. Quickly and instantaneously in an assassination or… very, very slowly—as they have been for generations with their eugenics and extermination agendas.

The controllers will let out whatever information suits them and their agenda. Their “controlled opposition” will still establish the facts the world takes as truth. Only real truth-seekers take the trouble to properly research the reality as it truly is, rather than what the magicians present. They get past looking for what they want to hear, and find what they don’t want. They weigh it all, and formulate their reality.

Those people tried to warn the masses in any way they could, but when the CIA coined the phrase “conspiracy theory”, it stuck. Anyone who hears something they don’t want to believe or they don’t have the gumption to vet will label it a conspiracy theory. Many of us were and still are considered conspiracy nuts. Tin-foil hat wearing whack jobs. But we’re still here. How many have died? Is this survival of the fittest?

When you believe you are at the top of the food chain and you’re far from it, the chances of survival aren’t great, are they?Individually, most of us don’t know the first thing about how to dismantle this control structure, the “system” so we can survive. That is where the military steps in, but it is largely an information war and that is where WE come in. The Digital Soldiers.
We are the Q Army. There are far more of us than there are cabal minions, and we are capable of overwhelming their veil of fake news, lies, coverups, red herrings, disinformation and controlled opposition infiltrators.

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter may have been theatrical and sensational but it was an important leap in the Information War and the education process of the masses.

We now have several venues for sharing the truth, be it videos, articles, press releases, announcements, actual news, or opinion. Not only is Twitter lacking the extreme censorship the cabal’s agencies inflicted, it is also a venue where millions of people will see the truth and their own logic and common sense will guide them in applying those truth to any situation along with the blatant lies and propaganda of the cabal’s mainstream news.

The world will begin to question everything, and everyone. Authority figures will be particularly suspect. They will learn that we were fooled into thinking anyone was looking out for our best interests, because of what they said. Their actions did not match their words yet we shrugged our shoulders and ignored it.

But the world is getting wiser. Henceforth, the sniff test could yield very different results. When we think differently, our actions will follow. Slowly and incrementally we will change our thoughts and our behaviour and actions be different. We will see the results we desire eventually.

The censorship has been too outrageous to ignore.

Leaked Email Alleges Contact Between Hobbs, Twitter Staff to Censor ‘Election Related Misinformation’

Unifying with the rest of Humanity will exponentially expand the effects of those changes and we will experience what it truly means to be free; free to think, act, do, and be Human with all of our gifts “they” stole from us either by manipulating and suppressing our DNA, or simply by telling us lies about who we are and treating us like chattel rather than sentient Beings.

The creatures who took over our civilization stole everything from us. They are predators. Parasites. They sucked the energy, the lifeblood, the good, the spirituality, the intuition, our godliness and our money from us. From some they siphoned the will to live. They sacrificed billions of us to their gods that defy description, so evil are they.

We have said that much of the theatre we are watching now cannot be taken seriously by thinking people; by Patriots within the Q Movement. Look at this video clip on Telegram. It’s a joke.

Katie Hobbs was unable to take the oath of office this morning without stammering and laughing through it. She also banned reporters from attending.

The Twitter version:

WATCH: Katie Hobbs literally bursts into snickering and outright laughter on-camera when swearing oath to the Constitution as Governor of Arizona

This is what they REALLY think of you and the Constitution… pic.twitter.com/Vuq5q6AUzO

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) January 2, 2023

Not so fast, Katie…

BREAKING: An internal source has shared that a rural AZ county has found a significant miscount netting @AbrahamHamadeh with hundreds of new votes. Sources suspect @katiehobbs is not quickly releasing this revelation to provide as little time as possible for public reaction.

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) December 28, 2022

Is there a complete hand recount around the corner? There may well be. We know there needs to be.

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel representation of God animating Adam

Change of topic:

We watched an unusual movie last night on Prime that got my attention for creativity and thinking outside the box. It was based on a Canadian best-selling novel called, “The Shack” and it featured a team of people meant to counsel a troubled young father played by Sam Worthington [Jake Sully in Avatar] who lost his daughter to a serial predator and was having great difficulty getting past the grief, anger, resentment, blame, and moving on.

He wound up in the company of four Beings. One was a beautiful black woman who played the role of Mother God and taught him that while she was not to blame for the tragedy and they don’t cause such events, she could always assign something good to negative events. Canadian Graham Greene, an indigenous actor, was cast in the role of Father God.

A dark haired young Israeli man who walked on water showed Mackenzie he could do it, too. He was the Christ.

The final member of the team was a young Japanese woman as the Holy Spirit. All four had lessons of love for the bitter and hopeless father and he came away from their spiritual boot camp with an expansiveness, humility, and forgiveness he lacked prior.

It was much better than a lot of the ‘entertainment’ available and the scenery was stunning. Just thought I’d mention it as it was a complete departure from the archaic “God is a bearded old man in the clouds” narrative. Link to more info.

Signing off for today.  ~ BP

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