Will the Real Donald Trump, Please Stand up? ~ January 1, 2022


By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 1, 2023

Will The Real Donald Trump, Please Stand Up

I want to begin this narrative by wishing each of you a Happy, Healthy, and, Blessed New Year! I pray 2023 becomes the year we see God’s plan fulfilled, and the Satanists’ plan to take over the world, defeated. May this truly be a year of Jubilee. Before continuing I want to say if you are a diehard Trump fan, you may want to exit without reading further. I’ve chosen to title this article, Will The Real Donald Trump, Please Stand Up. I’ve wanted to write this article for several months, but I’ve held off because I was concerned that if any of the assertions I will be making are incorrect, the last thing I would want to do, is influence others to believe something that isn’t true.

I want to assure each of you that I would never share anything with you, if I didn’t believe the information I was sharing is true. But how can we be certain what we believe is true. It’s been said that 90-95% of what we’ve been taught is a lie. We’ve all been subjected to brainwashing and indoctrination by our schools, our churches, and definitely by our governments, and the mass media they control. Our only hope of knowing the truth is by praying to the author of truth, our Source, and Universal Heavenly Father, that he gives us discernment to know truth from error, and good from the evil that pervades the earth.

I supported Donald Trump in his run for POTUS in 2016. Even though I knew that he, being a billionaire, had to have, or have had an established relationship with a group I called the Illuminati, aka Deep State, aka the Cabal. But, the one thing I always believed Trump to be, was a man that loved America. So I reasoned that he might be the one that would step up with the courage to take on his past associates and end their attempt at world domination. However, I always had a nagging feeling that it was also possible that he could have been the one placed in the position to win over the conservatives, and bring them (us) to the point that we would follow him and do whatever he says, no matter what. I believe he has been successful in doing just that. After all, the liberals for the most part, had been bought and paid for by all the entitlement programs and government handouts.

In Trumps first term, it would have been impossible to overlook the speedy and tremendous improvements he guided our country through. It certainly appeared that God, had chosen him to be the mortal that would take us into a new age. In just the first few months of his term in office, he became the recognized world leader, having had other Presidents, Prime Ministers, and even the Royals capitulate to him.So after leading our country to be the most dominant country in world history, in borrowing the words of Paul Harvey, “this is the rest of the story!” This is why after being on the fence for quite-a-while, I believe Trump, may one day be seen as the man that was behind the deaths of more people throughout the world than any other man or woman in world history. Don’t say a word Fauci, Soros, or Gates, if there is a chance that any of you are still around, you guys are not even close.

Trump, now has continued to shift the blame on the massive destruction of our country in the last three years to the Biden administration. But is that true?

I want to share an excerpt from a previous article  I had written on this site. ( Note: I did clean up some of the awkward wording in the article I’m sharing. There were times I wrote my articles in the early morning hours. When I wrote the article I’m sharing, I must have written it while falling in and out of consciousness. lol)

Info taken from a previous article I wrote titled White Hats, Black Hats: How different Are They?

I would like to enter a small paragraph copied from An Operation Disclosure Special Report, this one taken from the July 21, 2022 report. Joe Biden died three years ago and his role since has been played by three actors. His entire “crew” is a cast selected by President Trump’s team.  All of his ministers are actors whose actions have no legal value. All of these actors talk and do what President Trump and the White Hat Military tell them to do.

Let’s take a minute to outline what this paragraph points out:

* BIDEN DIED THREE YEARS AGO – well over a year before the election.

So, what can we take away from this information? To touch on just a few points, but rather significant ones: A dead man can’t close down a pipeline, nor can he issue an order to do so. And in continuing along this line of reasoning, none of his ministers who are only actors playing their parts, can do anything except what they are told to do by their leaders, in this case Trump, and the White Hat military. They can’t pull out of a country, leaving behind $85 billion worth of state-of-the-art equipment. They can’t mandate that military members take a killer vaccine, or leave the military. They can’t withhold, free energy, 6000 patents including medbeds, and cures for virtually all known diseases.

How many lives in America, and across the world could have been saved, but was lost because of the willful actions of the leaders we call the White Hats? I won’t even attempt to speculate, but I might add, I would guess what ever number it begins with, is followed by many of zeroes. 

An additional question that comes to mind is what has Trump done in his four years in the forefront, and the last year and a half as the leader behind the scenes, to clean up our most valuable resources, air, water, and the food we eat? Is it really necessary after reading the ingredients in our food, to think perhaps you were not reading the list of ingredients in the food, but perhaps, inadvertently had come across a chemical lab’s inventory list? That’s a rhetorical question as I believe anyone with an IQ even bordering on triple digits would know the answer.


Biden, whether the one we see is one of three actors wearing a mask, a clone, a body double, or a computer generated image, is a mere puppet carrying out “White Hat” orders as is his entire Administration.

I know when Trump ordered the pipeline to be shutdown, it might have been an attempt to wake up the sleepers. If the sudden skyrocketing of the fuel prices didn’t wake them up, he had to know they were probably beyond waking up.

I’ve done much research regarding Donald Trump, and his family, that brings me to say with “good guys” like him, we don’t need any “bad guys” or Black Hats. And, please don’t listen to me, do your own research. I invite you to research the fact that he is a 33rd Degree Freemason, research whether or not  you believe he is a Zionist, look into all the Satanic symbolism built into the Trump Tower, look at his family Coat of Arms, research a new tower he is or will be building and the dimensions and features it will include, look at the type people that are close friends and/or close associates. It may be a sports figure (‘s), a rapper, singers, actors, etc. that have sold their souls to the devil, in exchange for fame and fortune. Ask yourself why he, his family, and associates are constantly asking for money. I receive on average close to 10 requests a day. I know Trump, didn’t take any of his Presidential salary, and he personally paid his own campaign expenses, but my guess is his net worth is greater today than it was before he entered the race, with his royalties of all the Trump merchandise being sold.

And with all the accolades made concerning how he brought up his children, keeping them free from drug and alcohol abuse, educating them, and making them all successful in business, I can’t help but applaud him. But then I think of Donald Jr. and Eric both being big game trophy hunters, killing some of the most exotic animals in the world just to have a trophy hung on a wall somewhere. In fact, they shoot anything that can’t shoot back. Skills that might have been used by the military, neither one served. However, I did read that Donald Jr. wanted to serve but his threaten him by loss of his family fortune if he did.

Watch the masonic hand gestures flashed constantly in Trump speeches. Whether Trump is alive or dead as many people have rumored him to be. Does this seem like a guy God, would use to lead us to a new world. I can no longer see it, and haven’t been able for some time.
Trump is still singing the praises of the deadly vaccinations. His son has begged us to take  the vaccinations and all the boosters.

Wouldn’t you still like to know where they are keeping all the rescued children, and how the millions of people that would have to know about these kids have been able to keep their secrets without one of them slipping up?

And reportedly, over 4 million medbeds have been manufactured to date. Knowing these medbeds will require trained personnel to operate them, shouldn’t we have heard of a training program out there somewhere, and perhaps even see applications available to join said training program?  

Has Trump changed his stance of pushing the deadly vaccine? To provide the answer to that question taken from Greg Hunter’s article republished on Operation Disclosure on 12-31-22.

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 562 12.30.22)

President Donald Trump doubled down on his pro vax stance in a new interview this week.  It looks like Trump has waded into the vax quicksand, and it’s going to take him under if he doesn’t pull out soon. Even though host Wayne Root is firmly anti-CV19 vax, Trump told him the CV19 bioweapon/vax is a “miracle of modern science” and “saved millions of lives.”  Donald Trump cannot back up the claim this bioweapon saved “millions of lives” because bioweapons are designed to maim and kill. That is exactly what this CV19 injection has done and is still doing.  Sticking to his guns on the bioweapon passed off as a vaccine is so far afoul of the injury and death data is disturbing for a man who wants to be President again.  Before it’s over, I predict President Trump will have to do an about face on the vax.  I hope he does not wait too long.  With the overwhelming negative scientific evidence on the CV19 bioweapon, I am surprised Trump has not already done so.  What good are Trump’s policies if nobody is left alive to enjoy them in 2025?  Repent Donald Trump.


If you are wondering if I still trust the plan, I do, I trust God’s plan. God, our Universal Heavenly Father, created Lucifer and all his minions including Satan, Abaddon, and the others most of you may not have heard of. Worshipping Satan gives his followers instant but very short lived gratification. Trusting in the Source gives eternal life, where your spirit will one day be in the presence of the Spirit of God.
Jesus told us to pray for our enemies. Even our enemies are our brothers and sisters, and have the spirit of God within them. While they are still drawing breath, they can turn to him, seek forgiveness, and their eternal outcome will change. I was glad to see that Greg Hunter, ended the excerpt provided above, with the words, “repent Donald Trump.” I like to reiterate those words, and let him know that repentance leads to surviving this world and moving toward God.

We are working toward our ascension from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. NCSWIC, we can view it in our skies, and read about it on many spiritual sites. We are moving into an age where love for our sisters and brothers, as children of our Heavenly Father, and the display of human kindness, will take the place of lies, deception, and lust for money and power. Remember, the love of money is the root of all evil. Money, in the not-too-distant future will no longer be a factor. the world will be as if we are experiencing Heaven on earth.

Please pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. And pray for our enemies, that they get in touch with the fragment of God that is within them. This will lead them to repentance and eternal life. 

May God bless you, and all the peoples of our world


Editor’s Note: I Am very glad to see someone pose questions about Trump. So many questions are out there…if the IRS is closed for business, where are our payroll taxes going? The very basics of Human sexuality are not-so-obvious now and many, many surprises are yet to be discovered in this area.

I encourage all my readers to really be observant, and question everything! The human world has been based on polarity/duality for as long as we have any record with many ancient texts leading us to realize the Earth is now poised for a great change into a “golden era” of prosperity guided by Love, instead of money. Indeed, NCSWIC!!

Yes, yes, yes the moment approaches for our Earth to evolve spiritually and I appeal to the Universe/God/Source/Creator to “flip” any nefarious actions of any entity on Earth into a positive reaction for the betterment of souls connected to this Earth.

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