Loy Brunson Supreme Court Case 22-380 Part 6 ~ January 2, 2023


2 thoughts on “Loy Brunson Supreme Court Case 22-380 Part 6 ~ January 2, 2023

  1. To Tracee & Holly.
    Billy here with LWS.
    First, Happy 2023 New Year.
    The year of the Golden Age Of Mankind..
    Now.My opinion on how this case has, and will
    Following as a Q Anon an as a ” Truther,” , for
    The last 2.years, Q has routinely mentioned
    This is a ” Movie”, Also it has been a ” Sting
    Operation’ and ” Psst proves the Future..

    Personally, I too was at the J6 rally..
    With roughly 2 million patroits, There was
    Not even a piece of paper on the.ground..
    Point being: We’ Were lawful the entire time..!

    Now as to my opinion about the Brunson case..
    Looking back on some prior Q post, and
    Patroit channels who as far back as pre
    Christmas, 2021, shared Intel where congress
    Was told to go home. And they would not
    Being paid..
    Also, Patroit chatter in and around Washington
    About activity concerning busses bringing
    In prisoners for military tribunals..

    What I am describing is language we in
    Law enforcement would call ” PC”.
    Probable Cause in a sense where putting
    All the pieces together over time, indicates
    To me, this case, Dating back to its filing,
    March , 2021, Shows The upcoming J6
    Docket , is All Symbolic…!

    I believe President Trump has already removed
    The ” Swamp” from their criminal location.
    AKA. Congress..

    Q+ Has always been about Symbols, Numbers,
    Etc In educating ” US, Q followers..

    Besides, anyone with knowledge, Knows
    John Robert’s was a ” Deep Stater” , and
    Was , like All the other World Elites, exposed
    For their Treasonious acts..
    He has been playing a role for the white.hats..
    Others , Also.
    The Only true Supreme Court Justice left
    Who is legit, is Justice Thomas..

    Concluding that since Gesara had been
    Activated, The 120 Day window to.establish
    New elections would be , including President Trump , held on or around March 4. 2023..
    Their would be no need for the Justice’s to
    Hold a hearing. Because. Previously. THE
    Solicitor General had already filed her
    30 day response. Indicating the 387
    Congress people.will not be challenging
    This case..
    Hope this helps


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