Lovingly Free in 2023 ~ January 1, 2023


Harold W. Becker

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…as we merge with our oftentimes painful past, and emerge into a new future of limitless possibility. “I Am”, “You Are”, and “We Is” the future specifically crafted to each of our own desires. By becoming aware of your own “creator” talent, you use your own power to create the future circumstance for your to enjoy…or not!

How does this happen? Be aware of “what you think”, “how you speak’, and most importantly…”how you feel inside of yourself”! When you are pummeled by “not-love”, thank the Universe/God/Creator/Source for your gift, and…it will appear for you. (Please be aware that “time” is an Earthly construct.) When you doubt receiving this gift, the Universe/God/Creator/Source also hears this message in your heart and responds accordingly!

So, please “Be of good cheer”, ask for that which you desire, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


We are magnificent beings born into a world filled with adventure and pure potential. We awaken into this reality with a fresh, newborn awareness that provides a blank canvas in which we can create every good thing through our thoughts and feelings. We are self-aware while also being aware of our surroundings. We are present in the moment and cared for deeply, from the cells that build our bodies to the cosmic stardust that bring our atoms to life here on our precious planet. Everything is working with us for our greatest good. Life responds to our intention and provides all the elements necessary for our journey and each breath and every heartbeat signals our presence as creator beings. On a fundamental level, we know unconditional love permeates every aspect making it all possible.

This universal love is part of an ever-expanding creation that includes countless others, including our families, communities, cultures, environments and the earth itself. Each step we take, and as we grow forward into our lives, we encounter and interact with a myriad of expressions and creations. They impact us in a variety of ways and depending on our countenance in the moment, they can be a positive or less than positive influence. We often unwittingly take on the attitudes, perspectives, limitations, expectations, and ideas of others and even our environment, and begin to base our reality solely upon external conditions. Without this recognition of love, we eventually lose sight of our eternal nature as creators.

Thankfully, each moment is one of renewal as the current moment fades into the past and a new moment emerges budding with opportunity. In this way, life is an eternally unfolding kaleidoscope of infinite dimensions as each combination is a new beginning as well as completion. For us, depending on our personal perceptions, these cycles may feel like a brief encounter in a moment of time or spiral through circles of time we feel as months or years. In whatever way we may perceive life flowing through and around us, we are never truly separate from the love that is intimately a part of it all.

When we allow ourselves to unite with this innate love, we become timeless once again. We realize that we are pure potential and we flow our energy in ways that uplift and expand. We realize the source of our creation comes from within and how we think and what we feel is our guidance system. We listen within and decide upon our truth as we feel it in our hearts and then express it as kindness and compassion, knowing that what we have within, we give out and that life responds accordingly.

As we embark upon each new cycle, we are lovingly free to explore life as we wish. Whether in the moment or part of a larger cycle of life, we are the ones choosing by our intention, thoughts, feelings, word, deed and actions. We get to imagine our best life and allow each moment to reveal it in magical ways. We are the love we have always been and forever will be, and that is what sets us truly free.

Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker

Founder and President

The Love Foundation


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