Kp Message 1-1-23… “Now is a Time for the ‘Higher Intentions'” ~ January 1, 2023


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One of the things that “stood out” for me during the journeys made to Big Island last year, was the new Halemaumau. Much expanded, much deeper, much more, shall we say, “impressive”.

Those journeys were “triggered” by a Higher Intention to go and do what I felt was “needed” to be done. And behind that, was the intention to fly without the challenges of “masking” that had been going on.

Well, all was accomplished, and the masking deal during flying was a “non-deal”.

t was Higher Intent that allowed that to occur… (for me, at least).Now, I feel, is another moment when “Higher Intent” will be valuable for the next phase(s) of the journey, no matter who we are, or where we want to go and/or BE.I view a large number of Telegram posts (and/or FB, Twitter posts, etc.) that get into the “doom and gloom” scenarios and possibilities.

I see them, and say “NO” to all of them. Then I say “YES” to the intention(s) which are MINE to manifest (there’s a variety of those, but include closing out this house with love and dignity, living in joy in a dwelling which resonates with my Inner BEing, working with the Energies and Portals of Hawaii, etc.).

So all I’ll say here is that, no matter what anyone else is doing, or “intending”, I will honor my own “Higher Intentions” and work with, and for, the Ascension of this Planet.

Aloha, Kp

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