January 1, 2023: Top of the New Year to All—“R Year” Will Be Historic [videos]


Happy New Year! When all else fails, we talk about the weather but this holiday season the weather has figured prominently in the headlines and caused massive upset to travel plans and more. Southwest Airlines was party to an inordinate amount of frustration when all the cancelled flights not only left travellers stranded, but meant they had no luggage or had great difficulties and sustained financial hits when they tried to retrieve it. They may need to do some damage control.

Many places experienced record cold, and record snowfall. Will that carry through to “R Year”?

Our usual sunny, blue Arizona skies mostly fell prey to dark clouds and rain throughout the Christmas season and the advent of the New Year is no different. For the record, I’m not complaining. We need the Rain, and I like it, but some areas are suffering from too much of a good thing.

Atmospheric River Brings Rain And Snow To The West Along With Flooding And Mudslides

There is also a river of truth bleeding into society and it’s not going to wash away any sins of the wicked, depraved creatures walking this planet.

JP Morgan Chase are trying to shut up Jeffrey Epstein‘s victims who were just girls. Same with Deutsche bank. I have had a Chase credit card since 1992 when I was basically a kid. I’ve been lucky to have good credit. I’ve also lived on an incredibly slim budget in the past. I think I need to get rid of that credit card because I can’t support a place that is trying to silence what were child victims of Jeffrey freaking Epstein. What do you think?

There is a survey at this link on the Health Nut’s Telegram as to how many would boycott JP Morgan Chase bank in light of the above activities. I boycotted them many years ago and now reside happily at a Credit Union where everything is free. The only negative is that they won’t process international cheques or deal with foreign currencies.

The “science” is still dribbling out about how the psychopaths have attacked Humanity and our planet and we know that the truth is NOT going to come from the government.

I was speechless when I saw this video. Link to Telegram.

TRANSHUMANISM 🍊, [12/30/2022 6:04 PM]
the white fibers of vaccine blood clots explained….

This is the same video on Twitter.

This is what happens when you mix mercury and aluminium 🤯 God only knows what happens in the body 🤬 pic.twitter.com/iK5Cy9CDQI

— M̶a̶s̶k̶ Mass formation – my 1 wish #TrudeauMustGo (@chocolatefireg2) December 22, 2022

When my brain came off “stun” mode, all I could think about was… aluminum… mercury [thimerosol]… that is what we understand are two main components of vaccines—supposedly as “preservatives” or adjuvants. Good grief.

We also understand they are spraying the skies with aluminum in those aerosols. Qincidence? I wonder what exactly the barium, strontium, etc. in those toxic sprays do. How do they react in the body? We know aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s.

If they are [secretly] injecting our babies the day they are born [we have heard that is the case] and subsequently on a frightening schedule in the first few years of life, it’s no wonder we see increasing numbers of crib death, autism, behavioural issues like ADHD, and our life spans are shortened by cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Are we getting the picture now? Dr. Peter McCullough spells it out in the Telegram post below via video clip. This is criminal behaviour he is revealing. How could Humans do this to Humans—for money?

As I have stated numerous times, the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale used Remdesivir in the treatment of our friend admitted with “Covid pneumonia” and they refused to administer intravenous high-dose Vitamin C on request. If two friends had not urged his wife to smuggle in HCQ, Ivermectin, Vit C, Vit D, etc. he would have died. He feared he would—but within a few hours he was feeling remarkably better and is alive to tell about it.

The U.S Government Went Against the WHO’s Warning and Bribed Hospitals to Administer a Deadly Drug

• By November 2020, the WHO said, “Do not use Remdesivir.”

• But instead, HHS added a 20% bonus on the entire hospital if they administered this liver and kidney-toxic drug.

Dr. Peter A. McCullough (http://t.me/c19expertchannel) is a world-renowned MD — fighting against censorship and reprisal. He has teamed up with The Wellness Company (http://t.me/thewellnesscompany), where he now serves as Chief Scientific Officer.


H/t @TheWellnessCompany

In follow-up to yesterday’s information about Covid cures and Ivermectin, we have the following. Link to Telegram.

but, wanted the money and power

They knew Ivermectin was the answer to a coronavirus outbreak.
> They had done the research in advance.
> Then they kept it from the public in favour of lockdowns, masks, and gene therapies.

Sorry, I can’t use the word “therapy” in the same sentence as “gene” when I know it’s a bioweapon and negative in connotation. There’s nothing therapeutic about it. It’s the kill shot.

That’s not all the disturbing material out there. The Tate kickboxer is Mossad, this Telegram channel says, and this video is probably typical of the twisted, cruel relationships of those running the world. Link to Telegram for video.

We previously heard via leaked video what some confirmed matched the voice profile of John Podesta terrorizing a child. It’s really hard to listen to/watch this kind of thing but we have to face the enemy and the evidence of their crimes to understand how they have such power over others.

If we continue to cringe and turn away with our heads firmly planted in the sand we will fail and failure is not an option.

If children in the families of these psychopaths are routinely raised this way, is it any wonder they are broken and incapable of relating to whole Human Beings in a normal way?

Is it a surprise to learn that they cannot empathize or feel compassion? They are taught by trauma-based mind control that this is the way life works. Their personality splits into multiple compartments because their psyche cannot deal with the torture otherwise.

Those multiple personalities, known as “alters” or alternate selves are compartmented and can be moulded and shaped uniquely and individually. Victims are unaware of their other simultaneously existing personalities and are easily manipulated. Skilled parents and handlers can get them to do anything without question unless they are able to break free. We have witnessed sudden onset of an alter in an interview with Britney Spears. We have seen public figures go into an apparent “catatonic state” on live television.

Some suspect that john Podesta’s son, the musician Chester Bennington, broke free by faking his death and going underground until such time as the White Hats arrange to bring him into the public eye again—probably with a number of others, to reveal the truth to the masses. That is conjecture.

In the mean time, there are other avenues for exposing the worldwide pedophile and Human trafficking web.

Netanyahu To Release Evidence Of Washington Pedophile Ring (newspunch.com)

We cannot stress enough the importance of people innerstanding the long and short-term agendas of the dark cabal to disable and extinguish Humanity’s light from the world.

We believe that not every doctor, researcher, scientist can come forward and spill their truth about everything, and we honour those who do and pray for their safety. We have lost many good people in this protracted war for freedom and for the Light.

Dr. Bryan Ardis knows he is a key enemy of Big Pharma. We lost Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of the “PCR test” when he outed Dr. Anthony Fauci and told us the test will not detect pathogens. We lost Dr. Vladimir [Zev] Zelenko. It’s disheartening, but we must move forward with the information we have.

You can read the entire Telegram post at this link or refer to Natural News 26 minute video on Brighteon for more.

Dr. Bryan Ardis tells Tom Renz: I’m No. 1 on Big Pharma’s hit list

Dr. Bryan Ardis @BryanArdis is number one on Big Pharma’s hit list. The popular chiropractor himself shared that bit of information to lawyer Tom Renz during the March 29 episode of “Lawfare with Tom Renz” on Brighteon. TV.

Ardis said Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko @DrZelenkoMD, who is now famous for his “Zelenko Protocol” that has saved lives worldwide, told him during an interview last week that he was on a hit list or assassination list of Big Pharma, specifically Pfizer.

“I’m number one on Big Pharma’s hit list. And I just lost it laughing because Zev Zelenko said, ‘I’m not sure if I should be jealous of you or congratulate you that you’re number one. And I’m number two’ but then goes on to say that he knows we’re obviously doing something right because we are the targets,” said Ardis, adding that Zelenko wanted the world to know how important both of them have become by being singled out and targeted by Big Pharma cabal.

The ArdisLabs CEO added that he, Zelenko and other concerned medical professionals are trying to keep people outside of hospitals and protecting lives using early treatment.

Ardis knows somebody’s watching him

Ardis @BryanArdis mentioned that he has done tons of research into specific topics around the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) since the beginning of December 2021.

“And I know they’re tracking me. I know they’re watching me. It’s very obvious that they are watching what I’m doing and what I’m saying because I have been on stages around the country. And I will actually pinpoint things on websites, and I will circle them with a laser pointer, the certain things I want people to read and notice that they have on their sites,” Ardis said.

“And the very next day, they’ll take those down. They’ll actually scrub one sentence that I highlight, they’ll scrub one adverse event I’ll highlight or they’ll take down the whole page the next day. And I kind of find it humorous that we’ve gotten to their attention so much, but I’ve been saying since December 16, that they’re watching me. So I know they’re watching what I’m doing and what I’m saying.”

“The Dr. Ardis Show” host said that he has been on a watch list after unloading a ton of documentation on the toxic effects of remdesivir and making people aware that it is a dangerous and toxic drug.

He also recalled the chart from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website that actually said there were three drugs: remdesivir, ivermectin and another anti-parasitic drug that were approved or under evaluation for the treatment of COVID-19. Ardis said he had shared this information around the world and that American families have been using it to get their loved ones off of remdesivir and out of the hospitals.

Ardis @BryanArdis took note that the NIH updated its chart last December and started deleting specific adverse events aside from putting words right underneath the medications that remdesivir is the only drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for COVID-19.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 drug paxlovid has a neurotoxin

Kari Lake has not Relented and has asked to Reassign her case. The warrior who would be Governor still has cards she hasn’t played.

New: @KariLake has filed a petition to transfer the appeal to the AZ Supreme Court. pic.twitter.com/f7aCmhTug0

— Tracy Beanz (@tracybeanz) January 1, 2023

Queen Romana Didulo  [just go with it] in Canada shared a post about another threat: NANO BACTERIA—and the remedy. Link to Telegram.

It is a 10-minute frequency video you can loop but do read the instructions below the video. Romana has recommended videos on this channel before. I listened and I’m still here.

Here you are, dissolve NanoBacteria in your body. Please, read the description before using it.

That makes me wonder why she made a point of sharing this with her 50K+ subscribers. Does she know something? Regardless, this is the easy, free remedy people relish and without negative side-effects.

Tragedy often strikes and bad things happen to good people. Good Dog posted this appeal on Telegram for assistance for a Patriot who made a difference.


[jeff brain was there for us when all other welcome matts were taken away! – Jeff needs our prayers and support now!]

I was distraught today when I learned that Jeff Brain, CEO of CloutHub had suffered a stroke before Christmas. Jeff is the most amazing and special person, and he stepped up to form CloutHub when no one had a platform that protected free speech and now he needs our help. He needs to raise money to keep CloutHub going while he recovers. Please consider donating to help this patriot in his time of need. https://checkout.stripe.com/c/pay/cs_live_a1fptHUV6pOOVCVWxXYS6OJsChgeB0lC21BaLWPnewFzngR4edD

H/t @TrueHeart

The late start to the morning after our evening of revelry with mounds of homemade Dutch pastries meant steady rain was slowly filling the pool to a record level and none of it bodes well for the infamous [in our circles] Polar Bear Plunge—but nothing can stop what is coming.

Hell or high water, the obsessed side of this family will do what tradition dictates and brave the wind, rain, or any other challenge to endure weightless suspension for the duration of a Porcupine Tree album. Have I mentioned the number of people who seem to be going insane? The patient refuses to reschedule.

This is quite the switch from the decades of the sun smiling on New Year’s Day to entice us to game of chicken in the pool—not to mention a travesty for Eli’s inaugural polar dip, despite his woolly Golden undercoat. It’s always nice to have a pool pal and a Golden Retriever is the ideal one.

New Year 2021 brought us partial sun and a frigid wind to contend with. Is the thirty year drought in the Valley of the Sun over or has monsoon season relocated to winter solstice? The sodden Santa hats on the cacti are convinced it’s one of the two. We shall see.

Once when I checked, Eli was doing laps around the pool [deck] after doing laps in the pool with the other lunatic. My job, doing laundry, being Life Guard on Duty, making soup, preparing the snack rewards and donating my phone for the time lapse video. I was amazed that Eli hung out with Dad for the duration of the pooling, drenched with water, and didn’t seem to mind a bit. He was energized.

Finally, just after another downpour, my other half emerged from the spa and had had enough. An hour or so after the deluge began, a bright sun came out, a rainbow appeared, and the dark clouds began to recede. Strangest New Year’s Day ever.

There’s a prognostication out there saying 2023 will be “R-Year”. Depending on your diction that could be “our year”, but the meme indicated it would be about Restitution, Rest, Reflect, Recession, Return to Reality, Resurrect, Raze, Rectify… you will doubtless find more. I agree with Tore. All of the above. It is a time to Reveal and Rebuild, Restore, and in some respects Relax—but only long enough to Regroup and then it’s back to the trenches. Link to Telegram.

So long for now to the warriors and Q Army foot soldier whose words and truths are weapons.  ~ BP

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