December 31, 2022: Kicking Off the Next Scamdemic and Truth, Truth, Truth! ~ Dec. 31, 2022


This is our last transmission for 2022. Suit up and prepare for battle, me swabbies. Looks like they’re going to try it again. It seems they’re going with “Covid”, but that could change on a dime.

And so it begins, my friends. PLANdemic II. Link to Telegram.

ITALY – Starts testing all arrivals for Covid, after 50% on 2 flights from China were infected.

It would be really handy if all travellers had the new WHO travel pass that the G20 signed up to.

They think you are stupid. Question everything.

“Infected” according to a PCR test that is mis-used and so highly amplified that it picks up all kinds of things and is meaningless? The “tests” are rigged… everything is rigged.

As they say, you can’t fix the system because the outcome is already fixed. The controllers make sure everything goes their way. Long range planning, key assets in place ensure execution, law enforcement looks the other way, and the media locks in the public’s perception which equates to “reality”.

I was thinking though… if the White Hats suspected an Ebola scamdemic, if they get in front of it with another “Covid” outbreak, would it make it difficult or impossible for the psychopaths to then change it to Ebola, or something else?

It would be much harder to get people to go along with the Covid hoax again than a different threat, wouldn’t it? Goodness, I would certainly hope so at this point.

Alternatively, we understand Europe is the next theatre for the Earth Alliance to liberate so they may be working on slowing things down there to protect the People.

Interestingly enough, the first Covid plandemic began the same way; with Chinese travellers supposedly bringing it to Italy where a very high death toll followed. We were told by Dr. Ronnie Jackson, Trump’s former Navy physician-rear admiral-current Texas Congressman, that the reason the deaths were so high in Italy was because of the high senior population, who were heavy smokers, and a few other reasons.

I just keep rolling it around in my mind but I always had the feeling the Earth Alliance rigged the cabal’s Covid scheme and vaccines to exterminate the predators; the “others” with the wrong kind of DNA. The Reptilians. More on them below. Just a feeling and a dash of hope because I couldn’t accept that so many innocent people were dying of something preventable.

Before folks toddle off to get new masks or make an appointment to get the jab, they should know the following:

Russian MIL Begin Naming Names! Fauci and Collins of the NIH Created C19!

Oh, and… the data are in. Link to Telegram for video clip.

Dr Aseem Malhotra:

The World Health Organisation endorsed a list of potential serious adverse effects of the mRNA jab.

‘Anything and everything that can go wrong with the heart is on that list from heart attacks, pericarditis, arrhythmias, heart failure & that’s what we’re seeing”

We are lucky to have scientists like @DrAseemMalhotra to scrutinise the narrative and replace it with truth.

— Laurence Fox (@LozzaFox) December 30, 2022

Q told us this scamdemic fiasco [and everything else] had to be this way. Many have surmised why and this remark from Kash Patel makes a lot of sense. Link to Telegram for video.

Kash made an interesting point about Operation Warp Speed that is worth noting.

“Think of it this way. What if we had a vaccine in a timely fashion and President Trump shut it down.. I don’t think the American public would have viewed that kindly to say the least.”

The mainstream media would have absolutely eviscerated Trump if he had come out against the vaccines just as they did whenever he spoke about Ivermectin or any other cure. It was all about stopping Trump from winning another election and implementing the Great Reset… Trump stopped the Great Reset by forcing the other vaccine companies to push out their own vaccine quicker than they would have liked. They wanted lockdowns until everything collapsed, then vaccine passports and totalitarian control. But we avoided so much of that. I doubt Trump can ever come out and say what he really thinks of the vaccines at this point but for me personally, I believe we dodged way more bullets than people can imagine.

It appears that Biden is going to take the fall for the scamdemic, the vaccines, the financial collapse… all of it. How delectable.

It’s ironic that after yesterday’s photo they have chosen to wheel out the death of the Red Shoe Pope at this time. Symbolic! Last day of the year, and perhaps it will begin the exposure of the church as the biggest fraud on the planet. The cabal’s corrupt and sinful regime is indeed crumbling quickly and gathering momentum.

IF—Pope Jorge Bergoglio has in reality already been dealt with, and we believe both have, this might be the predicted “last pope”.

The abuse of children has been exposed numerous times over the years and was routinely swept under the carpet but I see a change in the trend ahead. All these years the pedos [including Popes, Bishops, Archdeacons, etc.] were protected, shuffled around, shielded from prosecution, and went on to prey on more innocent souls and ruin more lives.

Minnesota archdiocese names 34 priests accused of sexual abuse

Meanwhile, the criminals are still trying to shape public opinion and de-criminalize their child-loving, cannibalistic, pedovore lifestyle. The El-ites love hunting children for sport—trophies and all. Link to Telegram.

Anger as EU project sees Police Scotland rebrand paedophiles as ‘Minor-Attracted People’

A controversial move to label paedophiles as “Minor-Attracted People” in a top-level report has been defended by Police Scotland (, with the force suggesting the EU was to blame.

Chief Constable Iain Livingstone’s annual year end report refers to child abusers as Minor-Attracted People (MAPs). The move comes amid wider concerns by campaigners over what they see as attempts to rebrand paedophilia ( as a harmless sexual preference.

Here is SGAnon’s File 32 with already over 63K views. 44 min.

EUR War Expansion | Underground Ops Ongoing | Spiritual Awakening for Mankind Happening

This might be an interesting read since many of us are in line with this thinking.

Synchronicity Happens For A Reason — There Are No Accidents And No Coincidences

Saguaro cactus with attitude

On the home front I have two words for the cabal’s latest move in the Arizona election trial: Un.Believable. The wild west gets wilder by the day.

WATCH: Kari Lake Video Disqualifies Maricopa County Attorney Tom Liddy’s Dishonest Closing Argument Blaming Republicans For Election Day Machine Failures in Lake v. Hobbs Trial

Isn’t it interesting though, that Kari Lake was a television news anchor on “Hook and Lake” for years, and now she’s fighting this very public battle to be recognized as the true winner of the 2022 gubernatorial election and she’s still all over the news? She was made for this. She went from politically correct, respected journalist and public figure to scrappy, plain-spoken politician and public figure and she’s loved even more than before. We’re counting on Kari to right this listing ship in 2023. I don’t even want to think about how another scamdemic would go under alleged CIA plant Katie Hobbs.

For anyone new, having difficulty connecting the dots, or with a short memory like me, this explanation in review from December 4th on the actions of Elon Musk and everything else is very revealing. Link to Telegram.


The past 24 hours have been insanity in the MSM World. As
MUSK begins to DECLAS Hidden Twitter agenda connected to DNC > WILL FULLY CONNECT TO FBI.DOJ CIA BIDEN>>>>> >>>>EPSTEIN,<<<<< SORO,
as the TWITTER DUMP continues…. MUSK WILL dump the whole files online and let people go through the hundreds of Thousands of emails/ €$ $$$$$$ transactions between corporations/ government entities/ ELITES and their direct CORRUPT CONNECTION with

_The past month MUSK was threaten by the PENTAGON. EU. Biden, world Elite corporations to stop EXPOSING what’s on TWITTER and using> hate speech and misinformation as their excuse to go after MUSK…
( the Truth is they tryed hard to Stop MUSK FROM DUMPING THE TWITTER FILES…..)
>>>>> TWITTERGATE<<<<<<

I have been telling you for a long time ( over 3 years over the different channels) MUSK was going to go after TWITTER and EXPOSE the DEEP STATE….. These were Military OPERATIONS as i have been telling you… That’s why KASH PATEL ( <Trump>) CohenEzra Cohen-Watnick allocated hundreds of BILLIONS To ELON MUSK through MILITARY contracts ////// everything happening now was a set up… That’s why TRUMP DISTANCED himself from MUSK in 2017>publicly….. Because what’s happening now TRUMP couldn’t be connected too TWITTER CEO Musk directly and publicly, and he just seems like and outside observer<🎥 [STAGED[

>>>>>The MIL. Ops. Are STAGING 🎥 a show BETWEEN TRUMP.VS.DESANTIS …. This SET UP is very VERY important!!!//////……. And it’s very important that MUSK BRINGS EXPOSURE TO CONFIRMED ELECTION FRAUD , THAT HE IS DOING RIGHT NOW……( this is he REASON he must stay distance to TRUMP and not seen like OPEN Allies< ……. It’s very VERY IMPORTANT MUSK BACKS DESANTIS and brings in >NEW red pilled Democratic jumpers to the republic party , _ if the NEW red pilled jumpers and those wanting to join the Right movement knew MUSK was endorsing Trump they would reject the idea to become Trump supporters)

This _EVENT_to happen is connected to a coming down FALL of DESANTIS [ EXPOSURE]
, CONNECTED TO MONEY LAUNDERING & CRYPTO, VACCINE FORCED AGENDA ( but you must understand…. This EVENT was PLANNED, placed long ago……… It’s ALL STAGED)////////🎥
Queens DEATH
Jiang Zemin Death/core leader of CCP


As this moment Google is scrubbing the 2nd heart attack of > KLAUS SCHWAB.

What’s REALLY happening in CHINA will only be told till the COLLAPSE OF CCP [ IMMINENT] is done..))(MSM IS LYING IN THEIR REPORTS)
>>> with the deaths of a hundred MILLION of Chinese people under GENOCIDE .. The KARMA they must endore is equivalent to a billion people who are lost inside dark military psychological operation ….. And hundreds of thousands of deaths Will happen to awaken their true path to fighting for their country to be free//// XI is a very VERY important chess ♟️ piece.. He is playing both sides.

RIGHT NOW EU. IS PANIC OVER TWITTER DUMP< The walls are closing in on EUROPEAN OFFICIALS. ELITES presidents. Prime ministers. Corporations as TWITTERGATE is coming to knock on their door 🔥>[ UN ] [ DAVOS] [ WEF] [ ECT] >>>>>> KILL BOX

When they say it’s not how it looks, they mean it.

Some may be skeptical when we say there are cures for cancer, but what drew me into the “conspiracy realm” almost twenty years ago was the revelation about Poland’s brilliant Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and his breakthrough research and stunning clinical results with “antineoplastons” where he cured inoperable brain tumours in children and much more. It’s incredibly frustrating that the truth is out there but blurred by the lies.

And though in the 1970’s, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski discovered a non-toxic gene-targeting cure for even the most lethal forms of cancer, he spent the next thirty years under assault by a regulatory agency that’s supposed to be HELPING him. It’s in the FDA job description. Source

His Texas clinic was ransacked back in the seventies and his research confiscated, they tried to revoke his medical license, he was smeared as a quack, and spent years in court. He never gave up and patients he cured served as witnesses and tried to plead his case but his battles continued.

It was shocking to me that this sort of thing could happen; that it could be allowed to happen. It made no sense and I was off to the races to learn more about all the other suppressed cures and treatments we weren’t allowed to have. Something was desperately wrong and the FDA quickly emerged as the paid thugs they are and the reality of life in America came into sharp focus.

We have been trying to warn people for a long time against getting sucked into the Medical Industrial Complex. Be your own preventive physician and keep you and your pets out of the system until we return to the safe, natural practices we used to consider mainstream.

Sellin: Government-Weaponized Public Health: Disease Is Used to Control Populations Like Tear Gas Is Used to Control Crowds

This video about Dr. Burzynski popped up on Telegram today and it’s important background on cancer research because this will change our world when released for public use. Link to Telegram for this exciting video with good news for us. One of the good doctor’s remedies is already in use since 2021, and more is in the process of approval. Let’s hope the White Hats are in control. 2 min.

42 years ago the cure for cancer was discovered.

Back in 2016 the FDA was in our sights. We knew they were in Big Pharma’s pocket and told what to do by their “handlers”.

Former FDA Commissioner Charged in RICO Lawsuit

This week Real Raw News is reporting the following.

Military Arrests Former FDA Commisioner Stephen Hahn

RRN is another channel for the release of information that can certainly compete with the MSM garbage at the very least. Who is to know? Fact-checkers say there is no evidence of the following arrest but the MSM has rarely had evidence of anything they said and everyone believed it so… it’s your call. It’s more likely that they are asking RRN to officially document what the military has already accomplished at some point and wishes the public to know.

Oh, and for those fact-checks stating the military have no jurisdiction in arresting civilians… don’t believe everything you read. Perhaps they missed the Q Intelligence drops, Law of War Manual Sec. 11.3 and the extensive reports from Derek Johnson explaining that we are in a special situation now. Read up on the true state of America at the link below. The military IS dictating what will be done to traitors and anyone who is a threat to Humanity regardless of their rank or position.

I am satisfied the following is the accurate status of America now and until further notice. The current “government” administration are foreign powers, enemy combatants, and it is the duty of the US military to protect civilians and the flag and the nation. They have been doing what they need to do behind the scenes to keep the peace and ensure the safety of the American People.

Devolution & The Continuity of Government: Why The Military is Now Running the United States, Part 1

A few years ago we saw a meme circulating saying the US military would invoke emergency martial law after Christmas, and they sometimes predicted future events through Q drops but many, including some US veterans, said they couldn’t see it happening. According to the above and recent information from SGAnon, “martial law” does not necessarily involved troops marching down the street, blocking roads, enforcing curfews, etc. so that prediction could very well be accurate in a subtle sort of way.

The Truth Truth Truth! comes out in unconventional ways. Kickboxer Tate says he was “Swatted”; the rumours circulating included terminology like money laundering and pedophilia and now this:

Andrew Tate Speaks Out Following Arrest: “Matrix Goons Got Me After I Exposed Their Poster Child”

Here’s a last bit of truth, since the headlines and subject material are getting really “out there”. We owe David Icke this “told you so” after he has been called mad for decades. He features a video from Deplorable McAllister Linda Paris at the link below.

Whistleblowers on Reptilian infiltration of human society (they said I was mad, right?)

Here come the “new age nutjobs”. [That would be us.]

Benjamin Fulford’s update for this week states:

the entities at the very top of monotheism have been acting against earth life. That is why they need to be removed. Doing this will start a new age.

The above, and above, and above, is what we have to look forward to and what we’re fighting for and against.

Signing off now for 2022.

Thank you all for the kind sentiments, love, and high vibrational support and excellent shares this past year. It has been a pleasure and an honour to serve with you.

If you thought this was a wild ride, tune in next year when we will see a very different world emerging. Party safely, stay hale and hearty and we’ll see you on the flip side.

If it’s already 2023 where you are—how do you like it so far? Tomorrow my lunatic other half will be doing his annual Polar Bear Plunge and no doubt Eli will be swimming with him, at least briefly. I have more sense and have to take video of the insanity in a 47 F swimming pool. Then, the good part: the spa.

Man your battle stations, folks. This war is getting more and more public as we draw more normies into the fold. I heard the Brazilian Army called all reserve to report for duty in mid-December. There was video of the “summons” to report on Telegram but I can’t find the video now. Audio was in Portuguese, of course.

Brazil Down to the Wire: “There will be Civil War if the Army Doesn’t Act”

Nice work in 2022, everyone. As you were.  ~ BP

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