I’ve Noticed Something Interesting – Dec. 30, 2022


Editor’s Note: Well know…please look at the information from Telegram which was posted today from CodezVII. It promotes a false statement (Trump arrest prior to mid-term elections) which throws real doubt on anything else he may place on his blog.

Who can I trust at this time? NO ONE but me! It is my job, and your job, to collect data. Yet…as a Quantum, I choose to react to all that comes to me from others (Quantum entanglement) with Balance! This means I know all things are possible, and moderate my thoughts in this regard.

Do I ever get angry, sad, upset? Of course I do! Yet, I try and “flip” this into a more positive action of thought as quickly as possible. Example: Late for a very important appointment. Perhaps this is the way I avoid a traffic accident, or maybe I did not need that interview after all? I trust my Higher Self for that which is “best” for my human me!

So…please change your POV (Point-Of-View) regarding what happens in your life to feeling better, and then watch “better” circumstances happen for you, leaving you to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


I never make predictions about anything, because in these crazy times it’s just pointless. BUT, I feel pretty good with the shaping of a certain scenario based on the buildup of a certain narrative.

So here’s my prediction:

1) The first arrest that will shock the world will be the fake Donald Trump. Don’t worry, this is just an actor impostor, the real one has been dead since 1989. The arrest will most likely happen right before the midterm elections, but it’s possible after them as well.

2) There might be some phony trial pony show for the sheeple 🐑🐑🐑which doesn’t really matter, because it will be fake.

3) The Donald gets acquitted triumphantly.

4) The Donald then gets very sick from stress and retires from politics with triumph and fanfare. They might even throw in a fake assassination for the sheeple 🐑🐑🐑 2023 is gonna be CRAZY.

5) Now the sheeple have to select another corporate president for 2024

The bottom line is TRUMP IS NOT COMING BACK, EVER – I’ve known this since May 2021 GET OVER IT




2 thoughts on “I’ve Noticed Something Interesting – Dec. 30, 2022

  1. I thought the telegram codeVII had a similar name before but it was a little bit different.  The first one had beautiful spiritual messages, but the last couple of messages I’ve seen from this code definitely is not from the same person.  Totally different types of messages.  I feel like it’s a different person.

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