December 29, 2022: We’re All Getting Socks [videos]


It occurred to me as I scanned the roundup this morning that the White Hats/Earth Alliance are knitting socks for us with their many threads of truth concerning the financial situation, the pedophilia, the corrupted education system, the crooked politicians, the dirty law enforcement agencies like the CIA and FBI, infiltration of the militaries, the extermination agenda, and all the other inconvenient hidden-hand information provided recently.

Q was absolutely right—it’s all connected. These socks have intricate designs and the knitters out there will understand that when knitting patterns into socks or sweaters the yarns of various colours are ‘carried’ behind the work by tucking them behind the threads we’re currently working with and you don’t see them until they are picked up in the design and pulled to the front of the work when specific colours and/or textures will step into their roles.

I see the advent of the Q team as ‘casting on’ the stitches to the needles. When knitting socks there are usually three or four needles to achieve the round, 3-dimensional garment created in one piece, like socks and mittens or gloves. You work the stitches across one needle and insert your patterns and colours according to the instructions and leave the colours you’re not currently using behind the work where they are invisible. At the end of the row on one needle you seamlessly move on the next needle, but carrying those unused colours along with you in a “stranded knitting” method.

Some of us are disillusioned because one aspect of the con comes out, like Pizzagate, for example, and then we don’t see any followup by the Patriots, no arrests, and row after row is knit without mention. But then—suddenly John Podesta’s name comes up, and his brother Tony and his disgusting art collection—but no arrests. The Podesta pattern disappears from the news and the main narrative colour is picked up.

And that’s just the colours. The fancy stitches the White Hats have knit into these sock patterns are exquisite.

The yarns the storytellers bring us shift to the next needle and we learn about the 33,000 emails Hillary Clinton didn’t delete, [33 being a Freemason number] the servers she destroyed, the Bleach Bit acid-wash and Blackberry she allegedly hammered to smithereens—but no arrest or headlines about her crimes as Secretary of State.

Who can forget her frustrated exclamation while in a senate hearing over the Benghazi massacre, “What difference, at this point, does it make!?” The psychopath characteristics begin to emerge.

Regardless, the Hildebeast threads sink beneath the main narratives and the Patriots move on the the next needle after Q assured us “we have it all” because the technology the Earth Alliance has sees all, captures all, and the Internet is forever. You can never truly delete anything. Deleting is an illusion and we also know timing is everything.

carrying yarn on the wrong side of the work isn’t pretty
When we look at the back of the work in these colourful s

ocks it’s mayhem. Utter chaos. But on the front, some very interesting patterns are emerging and once we see them, we can’t unsee them.

Eventually Jeffrey Epstein is arrested a second time, incarcerated, the brilliant threads emerge and suddenly Epstein didn’t kill himself. He mysteriously disappears from the jail, the cameras are turned off, and no one believes he hanged himself with the bedclothes. The jokes come out on social media and then—

—we don’t hear any more about Jeffrey Epstein or his island and it appears Justice eluded us again.

After awhile we saw some photos comparing the appearance of Jeffrey Epstein to Hillary Clinton’s younger brother Tony Rodham. Wow. Really close, and we remembered that Tony had been awarded contracts to mine in Haiti following the 2010 devastating earthquake. Suddenly Tony died, and yes, these creatures not only throw each other under the bus, they would eat their young if it saved their hides.

The desperate El-ite minions remaining ARE stupid, but we Humans are not. The general concensus was that the deep state sacrificed Tony Rodham after he made millions in the mining contracts and used his photos to make it appear Jeffrey Epstein was dead. Many don’t believe he is and I’m willing to bet that very key asset in this whole planetary child sex trafficking saga will emerge again farther up the sock.

At one point we also learned that the cabal controls the weather. They can also use the energies they harnessed kinetically to generate earthquakes precisely where they want them. The narrative is that they created the Haiti earthquake and in the aftermath the Clintons pretended to provide aid to the poor Haitian people via the millions of dollars in donations collected for that purpose.

In reality it seems the despicable duo absconded not only with nearly all the money and only built six rudimentary homes on the island, but they trafficked the orphaned children to—you may have guessed—the nearby Little Saint James Island—or possibly others, like the nearby one belonging to Joe Biden’s brother or another owned by Virgin Galactic Airlines’ founder, the kinky Sir Richard Branson. But still no arrest of the Clintons in the newspapers. The appetizer was the arrest of Laura Silsby who was caught attempting to remove children from the island of Haiti and of course there area threads that connect her to the Clintons and others.

Why do the White Hats keep dropping the headlines, allowing the big stories to shift to the back of the knitting, change to a different colour and pattern only to bring the same or related stories into the headlines again later?

Why? Because it’s all one gargantuan ball of yarn. Everything is connected, and in some way, every ONE it seems. The creatures running the world control literally every aspect of life here. The Earth Alliance needs to show us what has gone unseen for hundreds of years, for decades.

The positive side of the Epstein arrest was that the “suicide” was all over social media so even the ‘normies’ who don’t follow the alternative news at all knew “Epstein didn’t kill himself” and about the “Clinton body bag”. Perhaps there is hope, we thought, that the Great Awakening will happen.

When the time is right, they bring the arrest of Epstein’s girlfriend/accomplice into the front of the work in a new pattern. Ghislaine Maxwell is profiled and we learn she was instrumental in running the child sex trafficking and blackmail operations for the rich and powerful.

She has a “little black book” of contacts and also knows where the videos are with the evidence of the most powerful and influential people on the planet doing unsavoury things with little girls, little boys, and, yes, what these monsters do to babies—but she is stuffed in a jail and the story goes away because her trial is of course a long way off. The brilliant coloured threads drop to the back of the work and the main coloured narrative comes to the fore.

What we learned was that Ghislaine is a aircraft pilot, and also captains the mini submarine used to transport people in and out of the island[s]? away from the super vision of the satellites. They have it all figured out, yet Q still claims, “These people are stupid.”

The Patriots switch to the next needle and we have the threads that weave Virginia Roberts Giuffre and her lawsuit against Prince Andrew Windsor of all people, into the Epstein pattern for forcing sex on her as an underage girl at Epstein’s island. Ghislaine Maxwell procured the young ladies largely through modelling agencies and perhaps Victoria’s Secret played a role.

British television hosted an interview with Randy Andy and of course he denies being close friends of Jeffrey Epstein or having relations with “that girl”.

Those threads dip behind and the narrative switches to a new topic, a new colour, but it rings a bell for some people and the Bill Clinton trial springs to mind when he emphatically stated under oath: “I did not have sex with that woman” and other gems like, “It depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.

So as time goes on, the gullible Humans are seeing the seeds of truth crystalize and may begin to question the honesty and transparency in the American “government”. They outright lie with impunity. No consequences.

Those paying attention can also see the threads leading to many people who are well-connected and connected to each other.

Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky-esque blue dress and symbolic red shoes made of Human skin leather; portrait situated in Jeffrey Epstein Manhattan townhouse

The process is slow and the knitting is put down from time to time for breaks when nothing much seems to be happening. Meanwhile, if we flip the knitting over and survey what has been accomplished in total, we see distinct patterns and the sock is actually getting quite long, with intricate designs on all sides. I think you get the idea. There is far, far more to this than we ever imagined.

So… the red shoes. They came into it as well. Highly prized Human skin. Another symbol that’s hard to miss.

As we were reminded, this great revealing of the transgressions and crimes of the El-ites is not driven by dates in most cases, but by events. Until one of those patterns is knitted into the sock, the subsequent and related ones cannot emerge. The colours of those threads are carried along behind the work where we can’t see them until it is time to connect that story to the next person or crime. It’s brilliant, really.

The only occasions when the date is used is more of an offhand opportunity to expose the truth. Like Hallowe’en, for example. This year we learned that the symbology of the carved jack-o-lanterns was meant to illustrate how many children had been murdered/sacrificed at a home of the satanist members of the cult. The ghastly faces mimicked the terrified children they had butchered to sacrifice to their god.

That was after we learned that the NYPD had a video from former Senator Anthony Weiner’s laptop stored in a file named “insurance”; a video so vile, so shocking that seasoned detectives threw up and needed psychological counseling.

Subsequently, several of the handful of people who had viewed that file turned up dead under suspicious circumstances and the public began to understand the ruthless and predatory nature of the Khazarian mafia running the world.

And yet after all that, no arrest of the butchers in that video; Hillary Clinton and her aide, Huma Abedin. The crimes appeared to sink beneath the waves until we learned “frazzledrip” had been leaked to the dark web which most people don’t know how to access and we were cautioned that it’s better not to attempt getting linked to material like that with our personal devices but Tor browser users—the real Anons—did their research.

Of course frames of the video were eventually also leaked on the Internet and we learned from descriptions that the content was far worse than any Human Being could imagine in their worst nightmare.

We were shown that we Humans are not the top of the food chain. The creatures controlling our world literally prey on Humans flesh and body fluids.

They derive insane highs from bloodletting and collecting the adrenalized blood of a tortured and terrorized child. The video showed us—remember Q told us some things had to be shown to us or we would never believe them—these frenzied monsters danced and hooted after peeling the face off of a fifteen-year-old girl and frolicked with the flesh laid over their own faces.

Hollywood made fun of practices like that. They knew. They probably participated in similar “orgies”. Remember  “Wilson” the basketball Tom Hanks named after his wife Rita Wilson when he was abandonned on a desert island in “Cast Away” and how he marked the ball? They show us exactly what they do, mocking us at every turn.

Another aspect of the adrenalized blood or adrenochrome we learned is that it has a “fountain of youth” effect the celebrities can’t get enough of in addition to the narcotic-like high it gives them. They pay thousands of dollars for a small hit. They are recorded on television explaining that they also use other Human baby body parts for precious commodities like skin cream, like foreskins. Look it up. Word is it is a delicacy the Pope enjoyed for his remarkable circumcision events.

This video of Sandra Bullock explaining her favourite skin cream to Ellen [Allen] Degeneres in front of an audience for entertainment illustrates the depravity of these people they call the “stars”. Stars many people worship and emulate. Did they sell you on this cream?

Many celebrities, politicians, heads of state, presidents and powerful figures had been to Epstein Island for what were described as orgies, and the consumption of children, and other unspeakable acts. How do we know? Epstein’s plane, dubbed “the Lolita Express” was used to transport guests to and from the island and the passenger manifests were publicized. A name is not conclusive evidence that a child-related crime was committed, but the analog videos the White Hats have DO.

There were massive tunnels constructed beneath the surface of Epstein Island with video cameras everywhere. Oh, the blackmail that could and did evolve from the footage from Epstein’s island.

Here’s where the “stupid” part comes in at least once: guests at the island were permitted to carry their smartphones, and voilà! The El-ites are linked to the W.H.O. via players like Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, whose sexual proclivities are on full display on YouTube. Is it he? If so, it’s potential blackmail material, wouldn’t you say? How did he come to be “elected” President of the WHO again this year? We posit that he was “installed”, like most of the puppets the cabal uses to control the world.

So, the connection is now cemented to Royalty, as in Prince Andrew, politicians like Tony Podesta and his brother’s law firm, morbid art pieces involving children, pizza and food references linking Obama and the White House and their “pizza parties”, chicken, walnut sauce, and hot dogs to sex orgies, Hollywood, and now… the World Health Organization who has been dictating policies sculpting the Covid scamdemic, lockdowns, and later, the killer “vaccines”.

It was then just possibly plausible to the masses that President Putin’s statement that the world is run by satanic pedophiles was truth.

The threads of these sock designs go on forever, it seems, and we don’t know when or if the socks will ever be finished or if in our lifetimes. It can be exhausting tracking down the leads and we have much respect and appreciation for all the Anons who dug deep and spent months and years of their lives unravelling the intricate designs in the socks painstakingly knit for us by the White Hats.

The subtle nuances of the designs are decoded for us because symbolism is prevalent in their twisted culture yet until we are shown, most of us don’t see the signs.

The good news is, through back channels like the Q drops and other patriots, we have confirmation of sorts that while it may have appeared that justice eluded us, some of the most appalling freaks who have shaped and manipulated our civilization since time immemorial have actually been served their just deserts and the evidence is in those threads in back of the work we don’t see. If you know where to look, you will know, and as the Q patriots say, “When you know, you know.”

John F. Kennedy Jr.

And in the not too distant future we expect to learn that not only are many we thought were alive are actually long gone, but some special ones we believed lost to us went underground with some theatrical exits and will reappear to tell their stories because the public will find them credible and honest.

Princess Diana

I have to end there because if I continued, the threads would drag me elsewhere and I would never finish following them. They lead all over the world and many secrets are yet to be revealed to the Human surface population of our sick planet. These people are sick and we will never underestimate them again.

For more current news, Michael Jaco didn’t take a break over Christmas and churned out great videos every day where I picked up key information from he and his guests.

He shed light on the power station attacks in this one, and in the update I listened to last night he revealed that he has been under attack by General Michael Flynn’s brother Joseph, and that the deep state continues to expose themselves. A few have said over the past year or two that Gen. Flynn is a dark operative but most wouldn’t believe it.

Joe Flynn exposes himself as a puppet CIA troll and an infiltrator of the truther community.

We need to be careful in whom we place our trust. I believe Lin Wood spoke of General Flynn more than once when he cast the demons out of the Telegram channel.

We are constantly shown that the very ones we respected and revered for their position, title, education, financial status, silver smiles and beautiful appearance are the very ones who achieved those things because of who they associated with or because they were entrapped, sometimes, and henceforth blackmailed as puppets of the Khazarian mafia.

We have learned much since the Q Military Intelligence Team emerged on the 4Chan boards, and there are deep rabbit holes yet to be plumbed, so stay tuned.

This is one last tid-bit I picked up last night. A few patriots have suggested over Christmas that various outlets are preparing us for the deposing of the fake Joe Biden for treason and the return of President Trump. We’ll see what happens.

BREAKING NOW: Top Republicans Call for the IMPEACHMENT of Joe Biden..


— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) December 29, 2022

Link to Telegram for the video on this one:

OAN is prepping the masses for Treason! 💥 The pain is coming! It can not be stopped!

Elon is at it again. We’re going to blind the left with science.

Musk Sparks Reaction After Announcing New Twitter Policy

To close, a feel-good video from Dannion Brinkley and David Nino Rodriguez as they discuss the coming Solar Flash or The Event that we have heard is about to happen… soon. Spiritual people more often consider it a possibility than people who only accept facts and things that can be proven.

There’s a lot more here to unpack, however, and after discovering Dannion about fifteen years ago, I find him worth listening to as a man who was hit by lightning twice and explained to us his Near Death Experience. [NDE]

Many of us understand that there is a lot that cannot be proven or explained to satisfaction and we just have to use our own discernment. The danger lies in putting a date on these things because “time” is a construct in this reality and doesn’t work the same way outside our realm so we prefer to leave the dates off. Dannion has interesting information to impart as well as advice.

I think we can all agree on one thing: The world has gone insane, and we frequently refer to it as “the asylum”. 1 hr.

Coming Solar Flash Event To Change Life SOON!

It’s time for Eli’s special birthday dinner. He sends love and New Year wishes to all.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the discussions about rabies vaccines, state mandates, exemptions, nosodes, and neutering. It feels like progress to me. Eli takes minuscule nosodes twice a week for heartworm so he doesn’t have to use nasty drugs. A neighbour who used to foster dogs said he was welcome to come and stay with her if we need a caregiver so we might be able to avoid a kennel that requires dosing him with flea, tick, bordatella, etc. if we do decide to travel.  ~ BP

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