Becoming God – Dec. 29, 2022


”We are going to become Gods” ~Richard Seed

Human Cloning Researcher and Physicist on “becoming gods” through technology.

Editor’s Note: I do not agree with technology promoting or providing “God-hood”! Many of my readers know of my statements indicating that we, ourselves, have significant control over our own personal reality. Some readers may know my own belief system to be “Quantum KNOWing” indicating “I Am”.

Quantum requires the internal KNOWledge which automatically “lifts” the human spirit into realms of Love yielding Joy and Happiness through the ability to Balance the circumstances of Life.

Life cannot do other than move forward as evidenced by examining function. (However, our human senses may not be able to judge concretely whether a rock “lives”.) The only outcome for foreword movement (of any kind) is…Love! We may love certain foods, cars or people. We may love our income, our job, and our place in whatever organization…or not.

When we experience “not”, we make personal moves to change the “not” into that which we desire, which brings us into Love! Life is not “perfect”, so how does being Quantum work? Quantum allows me to accept any, and every idea and thought that has, or is yet to be thought, by Life without exception.

The ability to take issues of “not- love” (pain of body/heart/ mind) and Balance these is crucial for their transformation into “LOVE” , and requires a change in personal perception, or POV (point-of-view).

“My heart is broken”, “I am broke”, “My son is on drugs”, “I lost my job”, or “My car is wrecked”, and the list of “non-love” life issues can be over-whelming. How can POV regarding these issues (or any other) be changed?

No “thing” in this world is exempt from change in the world of Quantum. Can’t have baby…adopt. Need money…explore options. Addiction issue…do whatever it takes to quit. Everything in life is open to change because life is change.

Very important point…your “ tool-box” includes mental action, as well as physical action. Thus…the very idea of using a physical or mental tool is, in itself, a Quantum idea! Yes…everyone IS Quantum, they just do not KNOW it! This is why the Christ indicated we were “just like him” with the ability to work wonders!

Getting back to mental tools, the vibration of the energy you are is a tool bringing the manifestation, or creation, of “what you want” into your life…and I mean this from both a physical and non-physical perspective!

How does one “raise their vibration”? Your vibratory rate changes in regard to your emotional state. Your energy vibrates more quickly when you are happy/joyful/loving and drops when “non-love” events cause you to BE in fear/anger/hate. Thus… You are the ONE (just like every other human, NO exceptions) bringing whatever you experience into your life.

So…Quantum life involves using your tool-box to create that which you enjoy without causing another physical pain. Also realize that there is such a thing as “Quantum entanglement” as Quantum’s (all humans) interact with another. Quantum entanglement brings inevitable change highlighting the need to re-Balance which yields Love which brings Harmony/Happiness/Joy in the never-ending spiral of Life, which in all ways moves forward bringing us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!

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