SCOTUS to Conference Brunson’s case – “Coincidentally” scheduled for 2nd Anniversary of January 6th fiasco!? ~ Dec. 7, 2022


Dear Friends in Cedar Hills,

URGENT – Breaking CH News!  – SCOTUS to Conference Brunson’s landmark case “coincidentally” scheduled on January 6th!   You can’t make this stuff up.


Really?  On the 2nd Anniversary of the so-called “Jan 6 Capitol Insurrection” LIE.  Well, “the Supremes” — welding the sword of JUSTICE using the Supreme Law of the Land in the US Constitution — may just yet save our nation from further chaos, anarchy and maybe even civil war.


We sure pray the Lord God Almighty will MIRACULOUSLY intervene!   A WIN for one of We the People (Raland J Brunson), is a VICTORY for ALL of We the People of Cedar Hills and the entire nation!

Read all about it…

        See for yourself the SCOTUS website has scheduled the Brunson case!


Begin forwarded message:

From: Ken Cromar 

Subject: Breaking News!:  SCOTUS – Friend of the Court Brief on Behalf of Raland J. Brunson

Date: December 4, 2022 at 4:07:13 PM MST

To: Loy Brunson, Raland Brunson, Deron Brunson, Gaynor Brunson 

Cc: Ken and Barbara Cromar *** <>

See complete article at:


December 4, 2022

Neighbor Loy, Raland, Deron and Gaynor,

We write in behalf of ourselves, “Barbie & Ken” Cromar, and The Community Support Foundation led by Tom Fairbanks, to let you know we are so proud of you and what you’re doing.  

We’ve been working over time, some of us, to keep pushing out your story (in front of our own)— which now includes the Proposed FRIEND OF THE COURT Brief (FOCB) above.  You are the FIRST to be told about this new posting of the Breaking News! …

… In the meanwhile, please know that we, along with with many, many patriotic Americans are praying for your complete and glorious SUCCESS in behalf of ALL of We the People. — and keep practicing those TRUMPets.


Ken & Barbara Cromar
c/o 9870 N. Meadow Drive
Cedar Hills, UT  84062-9998

 – or –
PO Box 942
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062-9998


The Brunsons response to was so favorable to our FRIEND OF THE COURT BRIEF draft, that they posted our link to their brand new Telegram account here….


            Subscribe to their Telegram account:

In talking with Deron Brunson this morning – the acknowledged legal mind behind their court filings — he said that,

“If we had the money we would tack that Friend of the Court Brief supporting our case, to every door in the country! It’s really good.  It explains some really important Constitutional principles in simple terms that anyone can understand.”

See for yourself what Deron thinks every home should read at: 

Oh, and did I tell you that Loy Brunson and others including Glenn Beck, Keri Lake, Ann Vandersteel, Juan O’Savin and others were at Mar-a-lago yesterday?

Do you hear that LOUD sound?

It must be the ground is shaking in Washington D.C.!  Or is that the sound of a nation Waking Up!?

Do you believe in Miracles?  We sure do.  Yup, there must be something in the water in Cedar Hills, Utah…

Hallelujah!  Believe in MIRACLES!!



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2 thoughts on “SCOTUS to Conference Brunson’s case – “Coincidentally” scheduled for 2nd Anniversary of January 6th fiasco!? ~ Dec. 7, 2022

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