Your Sunday Digest for December 4, 2022: We Have It All and Red Pills Are Handed Out Like Holiday Chocolates [videos] ~ Dec. 4, 2022


While some have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, others say all they want for Christmas is an EBS. Maybe we’ll get it all. Or something better. Maybe “we have it all”.

In the mean time we have the three ring circus to keep us entertained and little nuggets of truth seep out on Telegram like the one about Jack Dorsey’s email address, which is doubtless why Q addressed specific drops to “@jack”. They had it all. Link to Telegram.

The Twitter Files also reveal that Jack Dorsey used the e-mail address as of 2020.

In 2016, the Podesta E-mails were released littered with the word pizza in a context that doesn’t apply to food.

Pizza is a pedophile code word that’s been identified by law enforcement.

Why would a tech mogul like Jack Dorsey have a .pizza e-mail address?

Speaking of Twitter, Elon Musk has put out some dog comms. This Telegram post decodes that Tweet.

So… who is next on the elimination list? In the old world, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. In the current reality, every time a dog comm is published someone notable is removed from the chessboard. Intriguing, yes?

Calling all businesses and professionals 📣

Visit our SMB resources page to download the guide to getting the most out of Twitter this holiday season👇

— Twitter Business (@TwitterBusiness) November 2, 2022

It seems Q was tipping us off long ago. Funny how that works.

Troops are in the news again, draining the swamp.

The troops blocked roads going in and out of the township of Soyapango, El Salvador, and have been checking people’s documents in one of the largest mobilisations yet

Whole town sealed off as 10,000 soldiers and cops launch hunt for gang members

GO TIME? Military Deploy in Brazil – “Martial Law Coming Next Week”

Military vehicles have been spotted mobilizing in Brazil as President Bolsonaro met with military leaders at a ceremony to promote new generals in Brazilía Thursday.

“Martial law is coming next week”, says Brazil observer Matt Tyrmand.

Elon Musk noted Twitter may have interfered with Brazilian elections.


GO TIME? Military Deploy in Brazil – “Martial Law Coming Next Week”

It seems this Hungarian military plane wasn’t quite flying under the radar and showed up at a Tucson, Arizona airport. Link to Telegram for image. Beneath that Telegram is one showing a United Arab Emirates plane that came out of Huntsville, Alabama, and below that one a Polish plane coming out of Dover, Delaware. Just routine, I’m sure.

Hungarian Military C-17 On The Ground At Tucson International Airport – 12:27pm EST
Totally Normal…

Recently we talked about the death of a young cryptocurrency billionaire, and Candace Owen tells us there have been three so far under suspicious circumstances. At least one of these men connected the “elite” and CIA and Mossad and pedo in his message stating he believed his life was in danger.

We have been led to believe that crypto currency is a financial device of the globalist cabal and is not legit. When you rub elbows with the mob you just might wake up one day at the bottom of the sea wearing concrete galoshes. Some have said that XRP will be the only legitimate digital currency. I wouldn’t recommend taking anything as gospel because there is too much disinformation out there; too many scams and illegal transactions on the part of the broke cabal.

‘What The Hell Is Going On?’ Candace Owens’ Curiosity Peaks After Death Of 3rd Cryptocurrency Billionaire

As we continue to see friends lose the health of their family members after multiple jabs, we share this in the hopes that people will choose to reject all vaccines until efficacy and safety are the prime and only objectives. Link to Telegram.

⚠️BREAKING – Vaxx vials marked 1, 2 & 3. 1 = Saline, 2 = mRNA, 3 = Cancer or worse

It matters how many jabs a person gets. Please don’t let your loved ones get poked any more. Each subsequent injection increases the chances of death or serious negative side effects.

Canadian Doc Explains What Exactly Boosters Do To Your Body

The Pedophilia red pills are popping daily. It’s all been happening under our noses. Link to Telegram.

Is it time to start disclosing BC wine country, Mara lake, etc? For BC, tourism was their biggest industry you don’t need to be a genius to put these dots together.

SGAnon did another great interview on November 27 with a group of patriots who appreciate and admire him very much. Part 1 was great, and Part 2 even better and it included a Q&A. These are some military veteran/spec ops/ type of fellows and as such, the discussion is very real and confirms much of what we have determined to be true to the best our our knowledge. Not everything is concrete, however. Much is speculation but you can see how it measures up against your assessment of where we are in this war and how we got here.

Capt Kyle Patriots Roundtable w Kyle, SG Anon, Spec Op Tironianae, Army Vet Maj Freddy Update Part 1

Part 2 is at this link.

The group discussed Elon Musk and who he is currently; whether a White Hat or Black Hat or even a Grey Hat. My position has been that as long as he is working for our side, he is at the very least a grey hat and possibly flipped to be a white hat. No Grinchy Claus here.

You may want to listen to SGAnon’s File 29 which I am just about to listen to.

Angela Taken Down (Again) | Turkey Running Pre-Op Sorties | Brazil Military Tracking [DS] | NCSWIC

That’s all for today. See you next time, possibly not tomorrow as we have a heavy calendar.  ~ BP

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