TWITTERGATE by Q) The Storm Rider – Dec. 4, 2022

The past 24 hours (now more) have been insanity in the Mainstream Media world. As Elon Musk begins to declas the hidden Twitter agenda connected to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and will fully connect to the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Biden, Epstein, Soros, and money-laundering schemes.

As the Twitter intel drop continues, Musk will dump the whole files online and let the people go through the hundreds of thousands of emails, delineating money transactions (bribes) between corporations, government entities (agencies), elites and their direct corrup connection with the social media platform named Twitter.

This past month, Musk was threatened by the Pentagon (black hat military portion), the European Union (EU), Biden administration, world elite-owned corporations to stop him from exposing what is on Twitter and using “hate speech” and “misinformation” as their excuse to go after him.

In truth, they tried hard to stop Musk from dumping the Twitter files, creating Twittergate.

I have been telling you for a long time (over three years now over the different channels) that Musk was going to go after Twitter and expose the Deep State. This is a military operation as I have been telling you. That is why Kash Patel (a close associate to DJT), Cohen-Ezra, Cohen-Watnick allocated hundreds of billions of $$ to Musk through military contracts. EVERYTHING that is happening now was/is a set up, which is why Trump distanced himself publicly from Musk in 2017. Due to what is happening now, Trump couldn’t be directly or publicly connected to the new Twitter CEO, Elon Musk. Now, he just seems like an outside observer. (it’s all OPTICS)


The Military operations are staging a show between Trump versus DeSantis. This set up is very important. It is very important that Musk brings exposure to confirmed election fraud, which he is doing right now. This is the reason he must keep his distance from Trump and not appear to seen as his open ally. It is very important that Musk backs DeSantis and brings in new red-pilled Democratic jumpers to the Republican Party (those people who cannot stomach Orange Man Bad). If the new red-pilled jumpers and those wanting to join the Right movement (conservatives) knew Musk was endorsing Trump, they would reject the idea to become Trump supporters.

In time, military operations 5th generation warfare (White Hats division side) will connect DeSantis, Musk, Kanye, Joe Rogan followers to Trump and the Great Awakening MAGA movement.

This event to happen is connected to a coming fall of DeSantis [exposure] connected to money-laundering, Crypto, forced vaccine agenda, etc. But you must understand, this event was planned and in place LONG AGO. It’s all being staged.

Recent important deaths:

  • The Queen’s death
  • Death (by suicide) of Evelyn de Rothschild (French Branch)
  • Core leader of CCP – Jiang Zemin 

It is NOT a coincidence they all “died” just weeks apart!

As this moment Google is scrubbing the second heart attack of KLAUS SCHWAB, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and a Rothschild through his mother.

What really is happening in China will only be told after the full (and imminent) collapse of the Chinese Communist Party is complete. The MSM is lying in their reports. With the deaths of a 100,000,000 (hundred million) of the Chinese people through genocide, the karma the CCP will endure is the equivalent to a billion people who were lost inside a dark military psychological operation. And hundreds of thousands of deaths will happen to awaken the Chinese to fight to free their country. President Xi is a very important chess piece; he is playing both sides.

Editor’s Note: In case you were not yet aware, the CCP has been run by the Khazarian Mafia through CIA and Mossad agents.

Right now (December 3rd, 2022), the EU is in a panic over the Twitter dump. The walls are closing in on European officials, elites, presidents, prime ministers, and corporations… as Twittergate is coming to knock on their door.

All of the Rothschild privately owned corporations, including the United Nations, Davos, WEF, etc. are now in the [kill box].

~ ~ ~

Ironic although I don’t think anyone really awake trusts the MSM


The entire reason Twitter was able to get away with censoring conservatives at will was because they were operating under the guise of “private company”.

But when the orders to censor were coming from the Biden Campaign and the FBI/DHS, that means government entities were violating the Constitution via Twitter as proxy.

And this act was part of a larger scheme to defraud federal elections, thus committing seditious conspiracy and treason against POTUS Trump and We the People.

Bio Clandestine

~ ~ ~

Note to Readers:

Per usual, I have severely edited this piece to make it easier to read. The information given is timely. We are witnessing for ourselves the reactions coming from upset Liberals and Progressives (all Communists by any other name) as the secrets of social media platforms and their collusion with government agencies and black hat military are finally revealed to the curious eyes of world wide “citizens”. The same holds true for Facebook and many other social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc. These social media platforms were set up by the black hats in the U.S. military under DARPA and other black military operations to monitor U.S. citizens. The CCP has also been involved in setting up social media platforms, namely TikTok. You can expect all of them to be taken over and possibly removed by White Hat military operatives in the coming days.

Just yesterday, Alex Collier, long time ET contactee and free-thinker, indicated that the Facebook servers have been seized by the White Hat military. Other Silicon Valley entities such as Microsoft will face a similar fate.

Justice is coming. In 2023, the world will see public military tribunals (at least some) of the highest ranking criminals who have until then been largely unseen and hidden from public view.

On November 15, 2022, President Trump gave a speech that was filled with comms. One of them was about “white flag surrender”. He was giving a comm to the global elite that no quarter will be given to them unless they surrender… and even that will not be given. Most of these elites will be executed after facing a military tribunal and swift death. There are no appeals or lawyers in these trials. If the sentence is death, it is done the same day as the trial. This is more mercy than was given to the millions if not billions of people who have suffered at the hands of these Satanic criminals.

If you care to read the original text of the article above, join Telegram (it’s free) and find Q) The Storm Rider’s channel. He also has a Truth Social channel:

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