Macron Drops a Bombshell: “I discussed with Biden the new security architecture in Europe – Russia will get guarantees” The West is leaving Ukraine! ~ Dec. 4, 2022


By WarNews 24/7
(translayed from Greek)

A storm of reactions has been caused by the statement of the French president Emmanuel Macron about changing the security architecture in Europe. In fact, Macron emphasized that the issue was also discussed with Pre. Biden.

But what do the French mean? Will NATO forces withdraw from Eastern Europe and the Baltics as requested by Russia? Will Ukraine remain demilitarized and half a state?

However, the Ukrainian Army must be in a dire state. A few 24 hours ago the Americans stressed to Zelensky that he should negotiate and now Macron is dropping a megaton bomb.

Although the proposal will be rejected by Moscow because it no longer believes in any guarantees from the West, Macron’s public proposal nevertheless shows that the West has relented.

In more detail, French President Emmanuel Macron says he is ready to offer “guarantees” to Moscow’s “concerns” in order to put an end to the bloody war in Ukraine.

“The West will have to consider how to deal with Russia’s need for security guarantees if the Russian president agrees to negotiations to end the war in Ukraine,” the French president said on Saturday.

Macron’s message to Putin
During an interview with French TV station TF1, taped during his visit to the US and broadcast yesterday, Macron pointed out that Europe needs to prepare its future security architecture.

“There is one issue that depends on the Ukrainians, that is the border issue.

There is one issue that we need to prepare and this is what we discussed with (American) President (Joe) Biden, the security architecture in which we want to live tomorrow ,” Macron pointed out.

“This means that one of the main points to consider – as President Putin always says – is his concern that NATO is arriving at his door and the development of weapons that could threaten Russia ,” explained the French president. .

“This issue will be one of the factors for peace and therefore we have to prepare it: what are we ready to do, how will we protect our allies and member countries while offering guarantees to Russia for its own security, on the day that will come to the table” of the negotiations, Macron said.

“What is at stake in Ukraine are principles of the UN Charter: territorial integrity and national sovereignty,” the French president reminded, however, who noted that “I believe in the freedom of peoples to self-determination.”

At the same time, Macron assured that France will continue to provide weapons to Ukraine and support it.

“In the coming weeks we must help Ukraine to resist, Ukrainians to endure, continue to help them militarily, avoid escalation and intervene very specifically to protect the nuclear plants and prepare the dialogue for the day when all people will return to the table” of negotiations, Macron noted.

This week both the US and Russia said they were open in principle to talks, although Biden said he would only talk to Putin if he appeared interested in ending the war. Ukraine says negotiations will only be possible if Russia stops its offensive and withdraws its troops.


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