We the People’s List of Demands ~ Dec. 3, 2022


In response to the MASSIVE revelations made available by the Twitter Files, I drafted a petition, demanding the military fulfill their Oath to defend the Constitution from a domestic threat that is the Deep State and their coordinated effort to wittingly defraud and interfere in our elections, as well as violate the Constitution and use private enterprise to target and impede the Rights of citizens protected by the Constitution.

For those who haven’t seen the Twitter Files yet, my article will be done in a few hours, and you can check my Telegram or Truth Social page with my live coverage of the situation.

As for the petition, see below. The link for you to digitally sign is here. It’s completely free, quick, and seamless. The goal is 100,000 signatures so we can force the Pentagon and our “elected” officials to address and take corrective action to the DNC’s violations of the Constitution.

We the People’s List of Demands:

We the People, in light of new revelations made available by the Twitter Files, have a list of demands of our military, to correct transgressions by a domestic enemy, levying war against the United States and her Constitution.

REMOVE Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from their offices for high crimes and treason, via wittingly violating the Constitution by suppressing Americans’ 1st Amendment Rights via Twitter as proxy.

NULLIFY the 2022 and 2020 elections due to the incontrovertible evidence that the DNC conspired to, and succeeded in, defrauding and interfering in those federal elections, by wittingly ordering Twitter to censor true stories such as the Hunter Biden Laptop story, under the guise of “protecting hacked materials” and “disinformation moderation”.

REINSTATE Donald J. Trump as the rightful President of the United States, who was defrauded by a seditious conspiracy of government and non-government entities, who levied war against We the People, by wittingly interfering in the free and fair election process in an attempt to overthrow the government.  

PROSECUTE the DNC for their transgressions against the Constitution via their party’s stance of “the 1st Amendment is NOT absolute.” Their crimes are a direct threat to NATSEC, the Constitution, and therefore We the People. 

We the People demand military intervention to neutralize a direct threat to NATSEC, that is the entirety of the Democratic National Committee. Your Oath constitutes every military service member must act accordingly to defend the Constitution from this proven domestic enemy.

We demand corrective action and we expect it swiftly.

Signed, We the People

If you agree with my petition, please digitally sign! And the battle isn’t over there. Once we reach the goal, I’ll be calling on all Patriots again, to email/call their representatives, local media, as well as the Pentagon, to demand our government address our grievances in the petition.

The more signatures we get, the more pull we have to make some noise. It’s time to become a thorn in the side of government. We are already approaching 10,000 signatures in the first 12 hours.

Below is the link again, and thanks for the support! Let’s make something happen.


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