SGAnon: HUGE Dec 1 – Q Plan ~ Dec. 3, 2022


⚠️ Juan O Savin SHOCKING News – David Nino & Ghost

We will update the video link on telegram soon:
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2 thoughts on “SGAnon: HUGE Dec 1 – Q Plan ~ Dec. 3, 2022

  1. So great to get updates from people we trust. It is by great sacrifice that these great Patriots stand up with the truth! Special thank you to each of you for all you do. This truly is a remarkable time to be alive and be a part of shining the light and were beyond thankful for SGanon, Juan, Scott,Mike. Lewis, Derek, Mel, x22. SGT,Mike Adam’s, Kash Patel, Monkey Werz, Kerry, Laura L, Liz, Mike Lindell, and so many others! America in spite of all of it’s problems is still great bc of people like this. Also a very special thank you to each and every Dr, lawyer, nurse, Pastor, police, sheriff, who stands for truth!


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