Nancy Pelosi, Other Deep Staters Arrested Following Biden’s State Banquet ~ Dec. 3, 2022


United States Special Forces and Army Rangers on Thursday arrested Deep Staters—four politicians, two Hollywood actors, and two liberal media personalities–following the criminal Biden regime’s gala extraordinaire banquet, where 300 black-tie guests feasted on taxpayer-funded Maine lobster, Almas caviar, and bottles of Chateau Margaux grand vin—at $200K per bottle.

Contrary to the regime’s narrative, the lavish celebration did not take place at the White House in Washington D.C.; rather, the deception took place at Tyler Perry’s to-scale mockup of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a precise facsimile of the real thing. Real Raw News and other alternative media have in the past elaborated on how the regime uses Perry’s property to emulate official government functions, so we won’t write a thesis on it today. A cursory Google search yields ample results.

What’s important is that USMC General David H. Berger had obtained a guest list and noticed that several names also appeared on a different list—the registry of sealed indictments President Donald J. Trump had co-authored before leaving Washington for his Mar-a-Lago command center in 2021.

A source in Gen. Berger’s office told Real Raw News that Gen. Berger on Monday contacted 5th Special Forces Group Commander Brent Lindeman and 75th Ranger Regiment Commander Col. J.D. Keirsey, asking for their help in apprehending “high value targets of opportunity” because his Marines were currently entrenched in other operations against Deep State saboteurs. General Berger informed his patriotic allies that agents of the Deep State were expected to attend the regime’s diplomatic Soirée, and he reportedly recited 20 names, including French President Emmanuel Macron and, for reasons unknown, actress Chrissy Teagan.

The White Hat commanders, our source said, considered a few options: either storm the fake White House, arrest everyone, and sort out the guilty from innocent later, or selectively target and arrest active Deep State players as they departed the sumptuous repast. General Berger, who seldom explains his methods or motives to his subordinates, recommended the second choice, saying, “If we storm the gates, security will get tipped off, and the Deep Staters we want might escape into the woodwork. No, we will use some discretion. We’re not giving [Nancy] Pelosi a chance to escape, not this time.”

Col. Keirsey committed a Ranger platoon to the operation, and Col. Lindeman devoted an “unknown” number of Special Forces to the mission. They did their best to photograph every vehicle and person passing through the security gates.

And there they sat, patiently, until the din of the party dwindled to muffled whispers, the lights inside began to wink out, and a procession of pricey vehicles and rented limousines waited in line to exit the grounds.

Special Forces and Rangers formed joint teams, each comprised of 4 men in civilian SUVs. One team spotted a black limousine with diplomatic license plates ferrying Emmanuel Macron from the faux White House to an unknown destination. The fire team followed the limo south on Interstate 75; Macron’s driver seemed to be zipping toward Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The Special Forces/Ranger team intercepted the vehicle a few miles from the airport, but found they’d been duped. The passengers were not Mr. and Mrs. Macron but were life-size silicon replicas of the French president and his wife, Brigette.

Other fire teams had better success. The unit following Nancy Pelosi’s $200K Mercedes AMG SL 63 convertible performed what police call a “pit maneuver,” a pursuit tactic by which a pursuing car can force a fleeing car to turn sideways abruptly, causing the driver to lose control and stop. Pelosi’s chauffer, unable to compensate for the move, spun 360-degrees across Route 166 and came to a dead halt. The Special Forces/Rangers yanked Pelosi and her driver from the disabled vehicle.

“This time it wasn’t a body double or a woman wearing a Pelosi mask. We got the real deal,” our source said.

Our source said the names of the other seven Deep Staters apprehended Thursday night will be made known next week, as well as the charges against them.

14 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi, Other Deep Staters Arrested Following Biden’s State Banquet ~ Dec. 3, 2022

      1. she is also involved with the merder of the garbadge truck driver who truckwas pushed on train tracks after trumps first state ot the union speach , there was someone that took a picture of set up before train hit truck with TIMES UP on drivers side, also polosia had same TIMES UP pin on behind trump , i have had 2 death thrers an one failed atempt on my live , she is in jail now had just commeted double merder jun 24 2019 , came in as female in destress , found her gon an unloaded it merders were don in port saint lucey florida , then went to my house, fort pierce florida 2am police picked her up 9am , merder gun was 380 auro guns switched ,i unloaded the 22 auto she brought , ps she had no cloths on ,not even shoes,, called us secret serves in 2017 ,they were ass holxx, i think it is time for info to get out. you can verify on your computer,i thought i might be suiersided ,hart attack or crazzy person with gun,i was lucky to have found her gun an unloaded it.the stuiped people sent me death by email ,,also some how got on to my computer while i was about to post something ,did not think they could do that


  1. They always come back, in a couple weeks a fresh brand new Pelosi will be back home again. They’re probably trying to figure out where they originate from as usual, hence why they mention in their q-threads it is a sting operation.


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