America’s Reality by Tironianae Z Ultra Verbum Vincet ~ Dec. 3, 2022


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Editor’s Note: (Many thanks to E for making this available!) Personally, I Am not advocate to promote change through violence. However, I AM an advocate of free choice which includes the free choice to Love. In these moments, the American populace, heck…the entirety of humanity at this point, needs to prompt a change in the way we are governed, no…make that the way we choose to govern ourselves.

During the moments of the Revolutionary War in America, the yoke of being governed from afar by the British was ended bringing national “governorship” much closer here at home (so they say…). NOW (No Other Way), we are being shown our national, state, and local government to be fatally flawed as evidenced through election fraud.

The choice of the moment lies in the consciousness of America. Outwardly, citizens of America are choosing between was IS, and what we choose for the future from an organizational standpoint. This decision will be made through the inward wants/needs of the American citizen. Inward = consciousness, and so the thoughts/ideas/imaginations for what is needed will be driven by those intangible processes of spirituality whether anyone else recognizes this fact, or will admit to it.

As a Quantum BEing, I Am here to offer my (perfectly legal) high vibes to this process, yet…this is a group effort and decision which will yield to the group order of the day. What does this mean? NOW (No Other Way) is the moment to imagine how the dark, with their multiple control systems will peacefully vanish, being replaced by fair and equal societal guidance. What does this do? Why, this will cause all to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


It’s beyond belief how unconstitutional, punitive and corrupt this system is and it all has been hidden, in plain sight, from the American people.  A system of laws that the people NEVER never voted on nor consented to be governed by. 

The United States of America (USA)
versus For The United States (US)

In this country, there are two separate systems of Federal government. 

The first one is the one the guaranteed people’s Rights under State governments they designed (state legislatures & states constitutions).  They were sovereign, independent and free States that governed themselves while controlling and limited the Federal government under the Articles of Confederation.  This system keep the power in the hands of the people (USA). 

The second is a system controlled by the US Constitution and the Federal government, that consolidated power into the hands of the few who answered to no one.  It discarded the agreed upon laws and has keep the people under Special Maritime Law and territorial jurisdiction of the United States that violates every one of their Rights that were supposed to be guaranteed to them by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (US).

Think of The United States of America as all land within the boundary of each state (both state owned land or privately owned land) that is NOT owned or under the jurisdiction of Federal government.

Think of the United States as everything inside the Federal district of Washington D.C. such as Congress, Courts, Federal buildings etc. AND all the land in each state that the Federal government owns, especially buildings.

I haven’t been able to prove this as fact but it the best explanation I can come up with to describe the two different names for our country and what sets them apart. 

Hopefully the Supreme Court decisions will help crush our current system known as the US, and bring back the USA. 



Here’s a quick simple proof which proves beyond a doubt that Washington DC and all Federal enclaves ARE NOT subject to, nor adhere to the US Constitution! It was right in front of us the entire time.

We know for a fact that ALL laws in the United States, both State & Federal, CANNOT violate the US Constitution in any way.  The Supreme Court’s only mandate is to decide if a law is Constitutional or unconstitutional.

We saw that when the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade declaring it unconstitutional.  They didn’t declare abortion legal or illegal because they do not make laws.  Their decision declared that the legality of abortion is a matter for each State to decide for itself and make any laws they choose.

Power returned to the States, and to the People.

Unconstitutional law.

Easiest topic to prove my point.

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Amendment 2 – Right to Bear Arms

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

That means NO STATE NOR ANY FEDERAL LAW can prohibit a person from owning a gun and carrying it anytime and anywhere they like in this country.  Private property excluded.

The Supreme Court ruled that we that people are allowed to carry guns wherever we want concealed or not.   This overturned some 104 year old garbage socialist law in NYC that limited concealed carry permits.

So, it’s established that we can own and carry guns wherever we like in this country and NO LAW can infringe on this Right because it will be challenged in court and ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

But….if all of that is true…how is this still a Federal Law?

18 U.S. Code § 930 – Possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in Federal facilities

(a) Except as provided in subsection (d), whoever knowingly possesses or causes to be present a firearm or other dangerous weapon in a Federal facility (other than a Federal court facility), or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 1 year, or both.

That Federal law makes carrying a firearm a crime.  The Federal government is violating the Rights of the people at a Federal building of all places.  Completely unconstitutional!

How is this possible?

Washington D.C. is a Federal district subject only to its own laws and is considered foreign soil.

Also, all buildings and lands owned by the Federal government in each State is known as a Federal enclave.  In United States law, a federal enclave is a parcel of federal property within a state that is under the “Special Maritime and Territorial Jurisdiction of the United States”.

No State law, no Federal law nor any part of US Constitution is followed or adhered to on these Federally owned properties.  One is the district where our Federal government rules over all of us with no oversight and never has to answer to the people.  The others properties are strategically located throughout the country so that all our State and Federal Courts are on these Federal lands thereby ensuring that we the people have No Rights and no chance when going to Court no matter how great our case is.

Thankfully I think the Supreme Court decisions today will destroy that jurisdiction, unconstitutional Federal agencies and quite possibly the entire power structure and authority of the Federal government!

I’d pay close attention to these cases today.  Especially:

Jones v. Hendrix

Axon Enterprise, Inc. v. Federal Trade Commission


Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency (watch the water!)

Mallory v. Norfolk Southern Railway Co.

The last 2 cases are directly connected and will bring down the entire Federal government!

State Constitutions and the Articles of Confederation…Future Proves Past?

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This is a massive overstep of by a Federal Agency because the EPA appears to be deciding jurisdiction over land.  That can only be decided by Legislation (laws) or courts, most importantly the Supreme Court.

Only the US Congress has the power to make Federal laws, not Federal agencies. Therefore any & all rulings, acts, decisions, mandates, code, judgments etc. made or enacted by any Federal Agency NOT AUTHORIZED BY LAW could be immediately made null & void!

My guess is…Congress gave very limited, if any power, through Federal law, to most Federal Agencies.


The list of Agencies terminated would be staggering.  FBI, CIA, EPA, NIH, CDC, IRS, ATFE etc. ALL GONE!

2) It would END ALL Special Maritime Laws and territorial jurisdictions of the United States.  This would completely change the jurisdiction which rules and laws apply on physical land…even land owned by the Federal government. 

Navigable waterways are what we think of as rivers and oceans which are subjective to the jurisdiction of Maritime Law. 

The EPA changed the definition of “wetlands” to basically include ALL land that contains water (ground water).  All land (in the country) would then be under the jurisdiction of Special Maritime Law and territorial jurisdiction of the United States.  This would put the entire USA under the jurisdiction of International law that is controlled by the United Nations!

However, if the Supreme Court rules that “wetlands” are classified as non-navigable waterways I think it’s possible that ALL land in the USA and the United States (land that does not ebb and flow with tides nor is used to carry interstate commerce over water) would NOT be subject to Federal Special Maritime Law and territorial jurisdiction of the United States.  The reason being that Special Maritime Law and territorial jurisdiction of the United States can only rule over navigable waters and a ruling against the EPA would confirm land in each State and all land in the United States is non-navigable water therefore separate jurisdiction applies.  This would mean each State would have complete and total jurisdiction over every piece of land within it’s boundaries including land owned by the Federal government.  The EPA massively overplayed their hand all for a tiny piece of land and it may have destroyed the deep states entire legal system of land control.  If this happens, each State would most likely claim Personal Jurisdiction.

This would give the people back ALL their Rights under Natural Law, Common Law, the Law of the Land and give personal jurisdiction to each State.  Meaning each State Courts system would be the only Court with jurisdiction in that State.  All land in the State, even if owned by the Federal government, would now be subject to State Courts and laws.  Only the laws of that State apply!  Therefore the people of that State are governed by, and have their Rights protected by it’s State Constitution.  Any law from any other State would be considered a foreign court.   Personal jurisdiction would also mean that people from another State are subject to their laws and Courts of each State.  For example if they break a law when visiting that State they answer to that State’s laws.  Your home State’s laws would not help you. 

The US Constitution would also not apply since it would have no jurisdiction over any part of the country because all the land is under State control.  Plus, the United States and each State are separate countries with different citizenships (see below)! The US Constitution technically only has jurisdiction over the Federal District and Federally owned lands…nowhere else.  Also, since the Federal district and ALL Federal land was bought or taken from the States, personal jurisdiction returns this land to each State. 

US Constitution: Article 1 Section 8, Article 4 Section 3. 

The 14th Amendment confirms that the States and the United States are 2 completely separate and independent countries.

Ready to take America back yet?

Author: Tironianae Z Ultra Verbum Vincet

Note to Readers:

Well, folks, looks like we’re all receiving a world-class education on our own nation… what we should have learned in school but didn’t.

Remember, it’s YOUR choice whether or not to read this kind of article. No fluff here, just the Truth.

BTW, I don’t own a gun. However, it is a Constitutional right to own and bear weapons. It’s not to go out and shoot anyone except maybe game for dinner. It’s to protect you and your family from the gov’t coming after you. America has not been conquered yet because Americans are the most heavily armed people on the planet. I’ve lived in smaller towns where basically everyone owns some kind of fire arm, usually a hunting rifle and they know how to use them. I’ve also gone hiking and camping out in the woods during hunting season and never encountered any problems with hunters. They know and respect the rules. And I wear bright orange or red.

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