SG Anon: Huge Dec 1 – Q Plan ~ Dec. 2, 2022


Editor’s Note: (Thanks to E for this article!) My, my…how the world turns as we watch the progression of events leading up! Those are the best words I can choose to describe how we are able to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Note to Readers:

December could prove to be the most active and crazy of all for Intel, changes, and legal maneuvers! Hear what SGAnon has to say about that and much, much, more!

Link to a new video, interview with two Australians, Guru and Riccardo Bosi, wherein SG Anon drops some amazing information. Listening to it now…

U.S. military presence witnessed in Australia, on land and sea.

Digital army was unexpected…

We are just waiting for the last moves of the Plan. We are winning. The mid-level minions have lost control.

Military alliance began as soon as Trump was elected. Obama did a lot of damage for the entire world.

The mid-level minions are without their former guidance — their secret leaders have been seized.

People have not understood the existence of D.U.M.B.s, what has been done it those bases and underground cities. People have to understand just how infiltrated our societies have been.

Humanity has been subjected to massive MKUltra conditioning — trusting the authorities.

Heavy awakening topics: child sex abuse, Satanic rituals, criminal cartels are all connected, depopulation plans, etc.

Powerful message that may take some repetition to comprehend for some people.

One of the Aussies asked a great question – Why did some people wake up and others didn’t?

Centralized institutions – all of them penetrated by Masonic lodges.

Infiltration and corruption in the U.S. extends down into local levels… up to county, city, state, and national. Lineage control of offices, money donations through NGO, blackmailed, bribed, or installed justices. John Roberts is a Knight of Malta and has been involved in child trafficking.

The Cabal is headquartered in Switzerland. Entrenchment was extremely deep.

2 thoughts on “SG Anon: Huge Dec 1 – Q Plan ~ Dec. 2, 2022

  1. HUGE is right. This was one damned good interview with two Australian patriots and SG of SGanon. SG was supernaturally informative!!


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