December 2, 2022: Seeing Beyond the Smoke & Mirrors in the Clown Show [videos] ~ Dec. 2, 2022


It’s Friday again, and we’ve launched the holiday advent calendar with delicious little gifts to open every day on social media and websites illustrating that WE are winning the war. It may be a case of the tortoise and the hare, but I think the tortoise got a scooter or a skateboard because this race is heating up. Word on the street is that the tortoise is an accomplished boarder.

The battle for the guns is on in Canada. People are paying attention now. Not all bills that sound good are truly beneficial to the People when you look closely. The intent is often the opposite of what the name implies.

.@IAmMarnieC: Gun Owners Say Feds’ Proposed Firearms Bill Amounts to an ‘Attack’ on Their Property, Way of Life

— Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) December 1, 2022

Canada has become an unrecognizable place to me, and the metamorphosis has not resembled a butterfly but a ghoul of unspeakable evil. Will Canada wake up in time to prevent its ultimate demise?

Canada: A Gruesome, Terrifying Culture of Death

Kevin Annett brings us an update on the unfortunate events which have plagued Canada at the hands of the psychopaths. 10 min.

Mass murder, coverup, and payoffs: Following the Big Money behind the Cree Nation massacre in Canada

I do wonder if this attack had anything to do with the snuff film industry and Human trafficking rampant in Vancouver and most of Canada.

Vancouver Film School hit by paralyzing cyberattack

There has been a lot of discussion of DNA recently, including in the recent Q drops and I stumbled on this short Kryon video on the topic many of you will enjoy. 12 min.

KRYON – The Lineage of your DNA

And did you know you have a 24th pair of chromosomes? Kryon says they are yet invisible and came from the stars to be nurtured and encouraged at this time. Watch at the link below. 12 min.

KRYON – The 24th Pair of Chromosomes – YOU HAVE THEM!

It was Thursday afternoon when I saw a Telegram notification about “SGAnon exposed” and just had to look at who would be so stupid as to attack and claim to uncover his identity. Before I got a chance to look closely, I had to deal with something and when I got back to it—it was gone. Deleted. What I thought I saw was Jordan Sather in the thumbnail, so after a violent shudder I did a search on Rumble and sure enough, that fake patriot is attacking SGAnon.

These kind of attacks make my blood boil and because I feel so strongly about the contribution of SGAnon I am going to spend a few minutes defending him and illustrating the gaping difference between the two.

This should be the end of Patriot community infiltrator, Sather. He barked up the wrong tree and we know they always accuse others of what they are guilty of. That attempt to discredit SGAnon is so lame it’s laughable but I was waiting for someone to do it. It was painful though, because I can’t stand Jordan Sather. In his first statement he used the word “cult-like” to describe SGs popularity. It was 16 minutes of hell and then I needed a shower.

Let’s set the record straight, shall we? The good news is, Sather didn’t expose SGAnon—he exposed himself. He spelled it all out. He said he came out of nowhere, which he did, then he held interviews with big-name people—his first was Robert David Steele the CIA infiltrator. Why would Robert David Steele give a young punk making a video the time of day unless…? ; Sather said he used Q to get in tight with the Truther community, until it was time for him to attack Q—and he did. He claims SGAnon is a fed planted in the Patriot community which is exactly what Sather is.

He claimed he “vetted” SGAnon but said a sub sent him a clue as to the true identity of this patriot and he jumped on it, convinced it’s the same person when they sound nothing alike. He decided to push that narrative of his opinion as probable. He doesn’t have the resources to vet anyone. He concocted the whole lie and made it sound like SGAnon promises all kinds of deep intel. He does not.

And what difference does it make if he lists 7K Metals as a trusted source for buying silver, etc.? They are obviously a successful company. He also lists other sources and he never mentions it in his videos because this was the first time I ever heard his name linked to any company. He doesn’t flog health products like Sather, or ask for money or sell T-shirts or paraphernalia.

SGAnon videos are mostly his personal perspective and valuable insights from the research he has done and through analyzing current events with the guidance of the Q drops. Occasionally he passes on what his “mentor” has told him to flesh out the big picture or a tip he got but the core of his videos is not “intel”. They are factual, spiritual at times, and supportive. Like me, he believes it’s important to leave the audience with a positive message and encouragement after we relate difficult truths.

I could get into more reasons for despising Jordan Sather, but why bother? I’ve stated before how an early video with him spouting all kinds of information that wasn’t new, groundbreaking, or important involved him making all kinds of Illuminati hand signals he seemed unaware he was doing. Ooops! Must have been his alter coming out. Now the videos are gone, of course.

Hard to believe Sather gets paid to do these haughty, Swiss cheese attacks on patriots but that is the nature of the enemy and many patriots are onto him. They know where his paychecks come from. The ones who appear to drink his Kool-aid are probably mostly shills paid to be his fans—or bots.

And of course he had to use this opportunity to also attack Phil Godlewski but can’t pronounce his name correctly, and for some reason failed to mention the thousands of dollars Phil donated recently to people who are in dire financial straits. Phil spent the better part of 2 hours reading the testimonials from the people he helped in his last video.

How much money have you given to the patriot community, Sather? He engaged in lazy, vindictive actions. That’s all it was, and that’s his job. What a national treasure.

SGAnon is wildly popular because he resonates and many of us asked people like Charlie Ward, Elijah Streams, Michael Jaco, etc. to get him on their shows so Sather is disrespecting all the patriots with his tirade. Why do people pay any attention to this puppet?

Bottom line: Sather just made a total ass of himself. Again. He is not supporting other truthers and encouraging unity he is attacking one in particular in a vicious assault which reflects on the others he mentioned. He is not adding value to the Patriot community he is taking a hatchet to it.

If you check out the thesis below Sather’s videos on Rumble you will see at least a dozen places he has accounts on the Internet to show how important he is. He accused SGAnon of lying about having a Telegram channel when he does not and SGAnon isn’t here for the money, recognition, or fame. He is a faceless ‘ANON’ because it’s not about him whereas Sather thinks he’s a hot shot celebrity farm boy with his name all over the Internet.

The ridicule Sather aimed at the subject material of some of SGAnon’s work is another indicator he is the enemy. It’s classic CIA. Sather comes across as a child expert on everything. He knows it all, and anyone who has a different opinion is wrong. He’s hardly the kind of person we want or need in the Patriot community.

What else does the enemy do? They say there is no NESARA/GESARA or RV, Quantum Financial System, Ascension, or anything else we are eagerly anticipating. They claim there is no hope, nothing positive in the future and they are happiest when they are dragging down the energy of their audience to the depths of the swamp where they themselves reside.

SGAnon has more class in his baby finger nail than Sather does in his entire body—and Sather promises to get back with everyone for his “next exposé”. That’s his agenda. That is the future he offers. Attacks.

I guess he resonates with that line of work, in true cabal fashion. Who will be the subject of his next fantasy? Obviously he has nothing more to offer the patriot community than ripping others who actually contribute something. He has the gall to call what SGAnon does “disgusting” when he is the one pretending to be a patriot and publishing lies like they are fact. His website used to claim he was a college dropout. Did the CIA recruit him there? That’s their MO.

Unfortunately, due to the massive volume of people tuning in to SGAnon updates now, Sather profited from that attack via Rumble. His video meant to distract, derail, deflate, and detract was a huge success—but he is not. Just as with Trump, regardless of what the clowns and mockingbirds say, the People know who the real Patriots are and they know truth when they hear it.

What does the enemy do when they see a powerfully influential warrior arrive on the scene, folks? They attack. They’re still attacking Trump. They attacked Kari Lake. They attacked Jim Jordan. They shot Steve Scalise—not fatally, thankfully. They attacked Phil Godlewski. They attacked Elon Musk. They attacked Julian Assange. They attacked countless doctors. They attacked UFO researchers and contactees. They attacked Gen. Flynn.

The bottomfeeders will go after anyone who is going to do damage to their agenda or improve the condition of Humanity and they will lie to do it while acting like a hero doing us a favour.

Arrogance does not equate to intelligence, however. These people are stupid.

Isn’t it interesting that Sather didn’t address the powerful material SGAnon added to his Truth Social account this week? He doesn’t want anyone looking there. SGAnon is a leader, while Sather is the enemy lying in ambush.

That is my rant for today and I’m long overdue. DISCLAIMER: The above is purely my opinion and observations and provided only as entertainment.

SGAnon responded to the news of the attack this way:

To address rumors circulating today:

No, I am not Mr. Holingsworth. I do not know the man, and have no opinion of him.
I am not compensated for my information or presence, excepting a small bit of Rumble earnings which are time-delayed to discourage video fraud.
I do not have multiple channels. I have 2, and they are here on Truth, and

Focus. There are some out there with their minds in the wrong place.

Eyes on the prize, ladies and gents.

Focus on the mission.

I am always watching the “content creators” and if I see any untoward behaviour I may change my opinion of someone. Until such time as I see anything negative or questionable coming from SGAnon I will be tuning in to hear what he has to say. The same applies to Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, and the others who are attacked by the clowns who continue to add confirmation of my first assessment of them and their agendas and they pile on the reasons to call them out.

So THIS is why they’re coming after Elon, they’re scared | Redacted with Clayton Morris

We believe we need MORE people listening to and following SGAnon and the crew pointed to this second interview on Elijah Streams. [You know, the idiots who failed to vet SGAnon according to farm boy Jordan Sather.]

Prophets and Patriots – Episode 43 with SG, Johnny Enlow, and Steve Shultz

That is the end of this transmission. Enjoy your weekend and holiday preparations if you are into that. I had an emotional night adding all my ornaments to the trees because I had forgotten I had some of them as we were either moving or didn’t have a big tree these past couple of years. I had forgotten how many angel ornaments my mother gave us over the years. She liked to think I had guardian angels and I most certainly do. I think we all do. While decking my halls I am always dreaming of a white Christmas because I don’t get them any more. This adorable animation to the Drifter’s 1954 version helps keep the mood cheery.  ~ BP

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