Internal Change…Ready or Not! – Dec, 1, 2022


Editor’s Note: “Letting Go” is so very easy to say, yet in our moments of distress, impossible to accomplish as pain LOVES to just hang on and stay around.

Pain is alleviated by replacing this emotion with another so many choose to refocus on a happier topic. I choose to refocus on “What is my desire?”

I find that pain never completely “disappears”, yet by staying present in my “right NOW” (No Other Way) and actively choosing to move toward my desire, I really CAN (and do) feel better about me. What does actively moving toward my desire do for me? Why…making this personal choice (I decide…no one else) allows me to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


The heart opening is imminent for letting go.

If you’re holding on to something, whether it’s anger or greed or sadness or any low vibrational energy, if you can’t let that go, you may have noticed that it feels like your heart is chained. It feels like it’s trapped and it can even be hard to breathe, like the barriers are too heavy and it feels like it could break under its weight at any moment.

It is a false protection when we close the access points to our heart, thinking that this will protect us from pain or vulnerability. Sometimes we even lock up all the sadness by doing so and we feel it even more intensely.

Letting go is a process that first allows us to feel it all over again. With all its ups and downs. If we try to run away, it will always catch up with us. But we can take back control at any time, by turning around, spreading our arms wide open and embrace what’s coming, and moving through it -gracefully. Because if we do and if we really try to understand why certain experiences had to be exactly the way they were, then maybe we’ll understand that all these things that have happened to us have worked together for the good.

When we open our hearts again and allow the emotions, we tried to avoid, to flow through us, we can feel gratitude again for what was and for what is to come. And we can feel in our hearts again, that there is a strong belief within us that one day we will know why we had to go through those dark valleys. And maybe we will see that it was the only way to the most beautiful things to come….

When you open your heart and tune back into love, you will be protected by the strongest force there is. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be sad or angry sometimes. But it does mean that everything that happens to you is divinely guided and is always for the highest good.

Much love beautiful souls 💖💫🙏🏻

Yvonne Kathrin



Overnight an M Class long duration Solar Flare shot off the sun.

With that Flare came a CME that will be arriving into our atmosphere late tomorrow or early Saturday EST.

Today is another day of large energies. Flux, Solar Winds and Solar Storms.

Plus Ascension Energies.

Another day of energies bigger then the last.

You are getting better at working in these bigger & bigger energies.

You are seeing yourself in a different way.

Walking in your power in a stronger way.

Now is the time to let the energies  connect to your inner knowings, Your truths, the true power of YOU.


Walking in your light as we move forward together in these energies, you will start pulling in more of you higher consciousness.

You will begin to understand all things in a deeper way.

We are awaiting the “Love wave” aka the Flash in a way never before felt on this planet.

Feel the Excitement and Joy this is bringing to your spirit guides too! 

All of these energies are here because of YOU and for YOU.

You are a fractal of Source having an experience in Humanity.

You took this mission to come in and awaken the world, and you HAVE!

As you know, everything can and will change in the Flash, but first you will hear the Clarion Call.

Connect into you, rather than outside of you. The answers you seek now are all within YOU.

Much love and light Divine One,

-SA Smith


So the woman who is running for governor of Arizona who also happens to be in charge of the elections in Arizona, threatened county officials with jail time if they didn’t certify a botched election?

Sounds legit.



3 thoughts on “Internal Change…Ready or Not! – Dec, 1, 2022

  1. Truly, as the Martian Satellite is in stationary orbit in this 4th. phase of 2022 ending December 10th. from October 4th, enhancing all spiritual practices 3000 times.


      1. Thanks for the compliment, it started in 1955.
        The annals of The Aetherius Society have many things of interest, including the story of Gaia and the energies which started changes ongoing, relate to the event July 8th.1964.


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