Mighty Important – Nov. 28, 2022

Editor’s Note: (Thanks reader S. For sharing this info M!) Are you into Tarot? Thus is a tool many may choose to hear about our near future, allowing us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


6 thoughts on “Mighty Important – Nov. 28, 2022

  1. We’ll, I’m all for patience to wake people up but I don’t want to be part of this crap which we already are, the homelessness and prices costs too much to just eat, nevermind trying to keep a roof over our heads, so come on sleepers, wake the hell up, I’d like survive this and get on to the good stuff already.


  2. Dont know who S is however personally I’ve been wildly into Janine the Tarot Card reader since I found out about her from a commenter in Ben Fulford’s weekly reports. She has been my life raft of information. She’s a little more upbeat and positive than other so called “Truthers” who are gloomy and negative. She was booted off YOUTUBE earlier this year and lost over 100K followers which says only one thing…her information was too accurate! Her new site is TAROTBYJANINE.COM but is accessible only by membership fees which IMO are very reasonable (she cant do her work for free).

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