FOX 13 Investigates: Utah AG did not investigate billionaire, future campaign donor for sex assault ~ Nov. 28, 2022


n November 14, 2022 – here on we challenged Utah AG Sean Reyes to either indict or exonerate Utah County Attorney David O. Leavitt for possible Satanic Ritual Abuse, and human trafficking — and to do it by Christmas — in the interest of JUSTICE.

We also said that we had reason to believe that secrets he’s hiding, but that the truth would eventually come out.  Well, with the following FOX13 story, the trickle may be heading towards a flood of corruption being exposed at the highest levels of Utah Law enforcement — including Utah County at the epicenter of this tragic moral & legal disaster that relates to Cedar Hills’ own former City Councilman Ken Cromar with Barbara, being victims of a weaponization of the lRS against them to stop them from whistleblowing on the City government’s ongoing corruption.

Here’s an excerpt from the stunning FOX 13 investigative report…


FOX 13 Investigates: Utah AG did not investigate billionaire, future campaign donor for sex assault

By:Adam Herbets

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Posted at 9:48 PM, Nov 21, 2022

and last updated11:06 PM, Nov 21, 2022

Last month, Utah billionaire Trevor Milton was convicted in New York on three counts of fraud for lying to investors about his electric truck company Nikola Motors. He now faces up to 20 years in prison.

Long before he was indicted on suspicion of fraud, three women and two of Milton’s former friends accused him of sexual misconduct.

The allegations began with a man named Jonny Robb from Cottonwood Heights.

Robb and Milton considered themselves friends for years. The two took trips together as part of the same social circle. Other members of the group said, even though Robb did not come from money, he had a rich social life – easily making friends due to his fun-loving personality.

According to Robb, as the two spent more time together, he started to learn how Milton treated women. As Milton’s company became more successful, the two spent less time together.

Milton, who is originally from Layton, set a real-estate record in 2019 by purchasing the most expensive home in Utah.

As their friendship became more distant, Robb said the things he knew about Milton’s behavior ate at him.

“(Jonny) was in a mental health crisis, so we were trying to help him to accept help,” said his mother, Julie Robb. “He had his challenges, but friendships were important to him… He at one point had entertained working for Trevor and selling aspects of his company, and then I never heard anything more about it. That’s about as much as I knew about Trevor.”

In 2020, Robb threatened to publish screenshots of inappropriate messages Milton sent to women. He accused Milton of sexual assault and trying to pay women to have sex while Milton watched.

The two confronted each other through messages on Instagram. Eventually, Milton reported Robb to police – accusing his former friend of blackmail.

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