EXCLUSIVE: A $2.9 Billion Utah case Against 384 members of Congress regarding 2020 Election Fraud NOW at U.S. Supreme Court! ~ Nov. 26, 2022


While Joe Biden was sleeping (& eating ice cream) in the White House, thinking he had successfully stolen an election … a $2.9 BILLION court case filed in Utah regarding the 2020 election fraud was slowly simmering behind the scenes.

– A landmark case by Utah’s own Brunson Brothers, one of which, Loy Brunson, who lived seven doors away from Barbie & Ken, in our own Cedar Hills, Utah, have worked their 2020 election complaint AGAINST 384 members of CONGRESS and FOUR OTHERS (Biden, Kamala, Pence & Pelosi), all the way through Utah state and federal US District and Tenth courts.

Now, almost two years later,  with TWO well-documented but UN-investigated fraudulent elections on record, the BRUNSON case has FINALLY made it all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

Highlight transcription…

Loy Brunson at 48:05: Discusses how SCOTUS is being threatened front of their own homes.

This [SCOTUS court case #22-380] literally gives the Supreme Court to stop their enemies dead in their tracks — as well as stop enemies of the Constitution and the domestic enemies of this country.

Sam Bushman: There is so much to think about in regards to this because the repercussions are so tremendous if they [Supreme Courts] accepts [hears] this case I don’t mean to be negative on this, but I’m a cynical guy who has been in talk radio for 25+ years dealing with this. I cut my teeth on … I remember my buddy Hans Anderson, he literally headed a Grand Jury back in the early 1980’s, Loy I’m sure you’re familiar with this?

Loy: Sure. Sure. I remember that.

Sam: He basically indicted the Federal Reserve. And we thought, you know, we’ve got them now! Because it was a legitimate Grand Jury. He was at the head of it.

Loy: Sure.

Sam: The Grand Jury indicted the Federal Reserve. And all the courts did is laugh at them, and said, “A runaway Grand Jury”, and they just dismissed it.

Loy: Our lower courts have done the same thing. Yeah. The lower courts did the same thing. Now it has gone to the Justices [SCOTUS] that need it for their own benefit, for the Court’s benefit. And for the country’s benefit. So [our Election Fraud challenge case] is where it needs to be to get something done.

Sam: So if [the Supreme Court] takes this case and investigates this, what do they do, mandate Congress to investigate [the 2020 election fraud]? What is the end game?

Loy: No. No. This isn’t about that. [SCOTUS] can actually decide to have these Defendants removed from office.

So, the US Marshal Service would go to the Sergent at Arms and show them a Court ORDER that the following names of Federal Officers are to have their credentials canceled. That would be one of the steps taken.

They would then also go the Secret Service and show the Court ORDER and the Secret Service would then be relieved from the assignment [to protect] Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would no longer have their credentials. … They would no longer be federal officers in the Executive Branch.

And then it would be up to the Congress and the States to replace those people who have been removed.


Time out!


384 members of Congress having their credential canceled and have them removed from office?

And Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have Secret Service protection removed and them kicked out of the White House?

WOW!  That would be a BIG draining of the DC swamp, right?

You had me at “384”!   Hahaha


Continuing the transcription ….

Sam: Yeah, but the likelihood of us getting 300+ members of Congress gone; getting the President gone, getting the Vice President gone, the likelihood of that happening, and … then Nanci Pelosi stepping in but she would be gone. And we go right on down the list, and the repercussions could be so … they might say, “Hey, it’s sorta like a business, — it’s too big to fail. Although what you say is true, we can’t that drastic kind of action, that would be dangerous to the Republic. At some point, we get to that point, right?

Loy: The Justices have information that we’re not aware of. And they have forces and powers and threats, that we’re not aware of. But we feel like we’ve got the ball across the goal line. Let’s see what they [SCOTUS] do with it.

Sam: What could they do short of removing everybody? Is ther any other action that could come back?

Loy: OK. There’s a monetary penalty. They could let that move forward.

Every defendant has six Causes of Action with six reliefs attached. The monetary relief is $1 million per Cause of Action for the … 384. And there are the four; Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Mike Pence and Nanci Pelosi which are $25 million per cause of action. So they [SCOTUS] could let that move forward as a punishment, to now let people know that we’re not going to allow immunity and that we going to hold people accountable for their actions.

So, it’s a $2.9 BILLION lawsuit!

The money would go to Constitutional education – is what that would do.

Sam: And who would run that education?

Loy: We were thinking of donating the money to The 1776 Commission. XXX But we would have to figure that out…

Loy: … We want to move forward with uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. And that’s what this whole lawsuit is all about. If they [SCOTUS] let it move forward it’s defending the Constitution. If they don’t, then it’s going against what you talked about … redress of grievances…. against the Oath [of Office] being binding … its against accountability in Congress.

We’re a Republican form of government. Our Representatives are not supposed to be Dictators for 2 years, or 4 years, or 6 years. They’re supposed to be delivering the vote from the People, right? That’s what we need to get back to.

Sam: YES!

Could there be a more important development since the 2022 midterms playing out anywhere in the United States?  Learn more about the Brunson Brothers’ amazing efforts in behalf of We the People here…!

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