New Phenomena: Why are Animals, Chickens and Caterpillars going in Circle formations now? ~ Nov. 23, 2022


These sheep walked in a circle for 12 days straight in China:


HAARP on its extreme— nikola 3 (@ronin19217435) November 20, 2022


ظاهره غريبه منذ أيام تحدث عند الحيوانات حول العالم
بعد الخرفان و المعيز..
النمل بحركه دورانيه مستمره ‼️👇🏼
ابحث عن النجم الطارق👌— قلم مريم (@maramkallam) November 22, 2022

After the herds that go around in circles without stopping here are ants that are experiencing the same phenomenon…
What’s going on ? 🐜🐜🐜
Are you ready👌— nikola 3 (@ronin19217435) November 23, 2022


chickens 21.11.2022
Are you ready
Coming soon 👌— nikola 3 (@ronin19217435) November 23, 2022


¿Porque en círculos? Ahora nos vamos a #Pucon Chile.— 🅸🅽🅵🅾🆂🅸🆂🅼🅾🅻🅾🅶🅸🅲 (@EarthquakeChil1) November 23, 2022

Fish also float because of the phenomenon. And the earthquakes became active.

The last one is in Turkey.👌— nikola 3 (@ronin19217435) November 23, 2022


Mexico— .. (@Xx17965797N) November 23, 2022


SVE SU VAM REKLI MNOGO DAVNO …— 𝑺𝑻𝑬𝑭𝑨𝑵 (@StefanP55403903) November 23, 2022

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