Archangel Michael – Nov. 23, 2022



We have massive energies rolling in, and the Lightworkers are feeling these intensely.

These are BIG ENERGIES full of upgrades and clearings, depending on what you personally need for the journey.

Take your time in these energies.

Your system knows what you need to flow through these.

Follow your knowings and understandings too.

Hydration is key at the moment.

Breath work helps in these energies, Rest as well.

Do what you feel called to do in these energies.

These will continue now through the next 12 hours.

Remember that you hold the key to all of this.

We are in the Event Corridor now for the Grand Solar Flash. Trust me, when the Flash comes through you’ll know it, everyone of us will.

Rest, Hydrate, Ground, Meditate, and BE.

I’ll be back to check in on you in the morning.

Much love and light,

-SA Smith


The top left shows a common everywhere found soccer field. The top right shows a freemasons lodge set up!

The bottom left shows the German Soccer club logo. The bottom right freemasonry symbols.

Now…tell me that’s not connected!

They use world stage sport events to distract us, from what they truly do behind the scenes!


Tomorrow never comes. There is only an eternal NOW.



There are reports that GeorgeSoros

Died at the age of 92 of a heart attack.

truthsocial / twitter / YouTube



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