QsDay November 22, 2022: A Day to Remember [videos] ~ Nov. 22, 2022


Historically, this is a day of note in the Resistance Movement and the MAGA Movement with the Truthers and Freedom Fighters.

Take 17 seconds and salute a warrior who made the ultimate sacrifice on this day long ago. It is no coincidence that the gravesite of President Kennedy incorporates a “Q”.

In Memoriam on This Day | John F. Kennedy, President of the United States

This post is going to be short, too. Much to do for Thursday but wanted to get some important and interesting stuff out there.

The crew is on it and it sounds like SGAnon is, too. The entire video below is 3 hr 10 minutes but there is a notation below regarding the specific intel below. I’m so relieved to hear that Derek Johnson is a techno-weenie like me. The two hosts retreat into the background after SGAnon arrives and he and Derek have their discussion.

Synopsis from the crew:
SGanon says:
-Canadian Military siezed power
this past week in the background
-Gov is going down
-We are Go-no-go for Canada
at this point with the Alliance
-“Full Bore” cleansing military in preparations to cleanse government
Military occupancy
Alliance aircraft overhead

TruthStream Live! w/ Derek Johnson & SG Anon, Skip to 8 min mark for start.Links in Description!! (not in app version)

Now that you know the above, and that we understand the USMCA agreement signed by Trump puts Canada into the jurisdiction of President Trump and the Earth Alliance, what do you think about the following? What is a “Presidential Alert” doing on Canadian cellphones? Last I checked, we had a Prime Minister and Premiers… no presidents. Link to Telegram for screen capture.

Check out this Amber Alert just sent to my cell phone. Location, Ontario, Canada

LOL re: the comment below. It must have been set up by Americans if she can’t pronounce Québec properly. Very odd they would call it a Presidential alert but I understand why they want to render it unable to be turned off.

Amber alerts may or may not be what they would like us to believe. We have heard that they sometimes put out amber alerts when the biological parents of children caught in the foster child system take their children back against the instructions of the child sex traffickers of the Family & Childrens Services, etc.

They issue the amber alert to notify their network that a child has been abducted FROM THE SYSTEM, not from the parents. So many children are removed from the family under false pretenses to fuel the child trafficking trade. They are literally stolen from the loving parents who may be made out to be incompetent, incapable of caring for them, etc.

In canada, they are not Amber alerts. They are all presidential alerts, a choice made by CRTC because it is the only alert that people cannot turn off.

— Jean-François Mezei (@jfmezei) January 10, 2021

Starlink now works for high latitudes https://t.co/Ngdh8CJbCJ

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 21, 2022

A long Telegram post reveals the ugly side of the cabal’s organizations. You may wish to explore some of the links on your own. When Q says “everything is connected; everything has meaning” it isn’t to be taken lightly.

Black & Veatch Joins as Host of CEMEX Venture’s Construction Startup Competition

Black & Veach : Building biolabs for the DTRA since 2003
-Founder thanked Epstein in his 2012 book “The Viral Storm: The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age”
Shares an office with Metabiota, Inc:
-Funded by Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca, the NIH, & Bill Gates.

Cemex : Tied to Child Trafficking & The Clinton Foundation.
– Owner of Cemex, Carlos Slim, 2nd largest stockholder of the New York Times. Hence the anti-Trump slander.

– Cemex also has that weird patent mixing blood into the cement, mortar & concrete.


-Cemex also owned by Rothschilds / Bronfman Family, tied to NXIVM Sex / Human Trafficking group.

– Sara Bronfman, heiress to the Bronfman fortune & her Libyan fiancé, launched a trade initiative between Canada & Libya, saying their intention was to break the legacy of corrupt deals under Moammar Gadhafi. 🙄

Sara took frequent trips to Benghazi in the 6 months leading up to the Benghazi attacks, to meet with her future fiancé, who served as a diplomatic envoy for the Libyan rebels, helping them gain official recognition from foreign governments.

Ms. Bronfman became passionately involved in the country’s troubles, even visiting the eastern city of Benghazi for what she called, “a few very intense days” in November of 2012, just 1 month before the Benghazi attacks.


– Cemex : Partnership in Clinton Global Initiative & YUGE donor to the Clinton Foundation.

– Cemex linked to Haiti through Clinton Foundation

– CEMEX Rothschild Ownership, connected to Tucson Arizona Child Trafficking camp in the Gateway Pundit article above, the land was owned by Cemex, in a city where Jonathan Rothschild was Mayor. How odd…

– John McCain’s foundation reportedly has been the highest recipient of donations from Cemex & wouldn’t you know it…

– McCain Institute : partnered with Arizona State University – Combatting Human Trafficking : Also partnered with THORN :
Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore – Founders of THORN – Ashton’s current little Ukrainian wife Mila Kunis is going f***ing nuts on social media & can’t shut her suck-hole about funding & protecting Ukraine.

Ashton Kutcher is a Human Trafficking Advisory Council Member, in which Ashton spoke in a hearing on Capitol Hill in Feb. 2017 on the reality of human trafficking in the United States.

I’ll be damned, we’re coming full circle in today’s ⏳.

Thorn, Digital Defenders of Children


McCain Institute Board of Trustees is Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild of Bronfman/E.L.Rothschild, so there’s another Bronfman NVIVM Sex Trafficking angle.

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild


McCain’s legacy at Arizona State University was said by then to be one of philanthropy & service, donating MILLIONS of dollars, in which Arizona State University paid The Clinton Foundation $500K for an event.
Money changing hands, laundered through the university? 🤔


Cemex : Northern California region’s Vice President / General Manager, Robert Cutter, just happened to get his degree at Arizona state University

& of course,, there’s the main article in question, where Black & Veatch Joins as Host of CEMEX Ventures.


Find me on Truth Social.
We’ll have more fun there together with President Trump running point.

⚡️ϕ 🧲



Google (https://patents.google.com/patent/US4203674A/en)
US4203674A – Use of blood in the cement, mortar and concrete industry for obtaining a lightened material – Google Patents
The present invention relates to the use of blood in the construction and building industry, whereby blood and extracts of blood containing haemoglobin are used as air entraining colloids. The recommended process for preparing a lightened material consists in associating a construction element chosen from the cements, mortars and concretes, with at least one air entraining colloid chosen from whole blood, globules, red blood corpuscles and haemoglobin. The invention also relates to the lightened material obtained according to this process.

It’s eleven bells and I will close here. Thank you to everyone who contributes via the comments or energetic support.  ~ BP

ship’s bell on JFK’s yacht: Where We Go One We Go All

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