One More Telegram Tonight – Nov. 22, 2022

To that aim, Sagittarius season will ignite an important fire helping us to bring closure thru the culminating (12) frequency of the year. December is also a universal 9 month which means we can expect major endings to birth new beginnings all. month. long. As the energies rise from the Scorpionic depths to the Sagittarius heights we will start to perceive the changes we have all just transformed thru as a new/more enlightened version of Self emerges…connected to the consciousness of who we truly ARE…allowing us to understand ourselves better and what we need for this next chapter of our lives.

With this new heightened Self-perception, a pivotal point on our journey arrives thru the 12:12 stargates enveloping us in a new/higher/cosmic light that brings a level of peace and resolution to all that we have been working toward/transforming thru this year, returning a long-lost lightness of being. As we don our Cosmic Cloaks, we are able to let go on a whole new level to where detaching from karmic contracts/cords, learnings & life lessons will be so much easier…effortless even. There is nothing holding us back any longer.

Scorpio + eclipse season facilitated our final/physical emancipation from the causal world (matrix) which means the end of sacral slavery⇾ emotional, sexual, creative, & financial entrapment. The Sagittarius new moon cycle will now propel us out of this density and into the light of our Soul for the lunation of our deliverance.

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Mirror mirror boi




Flux Energies are at high levels and growing.

These are the tingling and zapping energies.

We also have solar winds, solar storms, and ascension energies in the mix.

Plus, Galactic energies as always.

The CME should be coming into play at any time late this afternoon through the evening.

Each one of these energies on their own would be a big, energetic event.

Throw them all together, and you’ve got a massive energy day.

Also, lightworkers, have you noticed the change in density around you?

Notice how the gravity feels stronger on your body?

Arms and legs feel heavier?

It can also feel difficult to walk at times.

If you’re experiencing any of these things, you are not alone.

They’re all part of the Ascension energies, letting you know how close you’re moving to your next energetic step.

The Bliss energies came in Sunday and are still here for you.

These you won’t have to go looking for, they’ll find you when you’re ready for them!!

Self care is so important in these energies. Hydration is the key!

Rest, enjoy yourself, and take care of you!

As you know, everything can and will change in the Flash!

Hold your vibration high and share it out around you.

Everything is coming together just as it’s supposed to, divinely guided, you might say.

Much love and light Divine One,

-SA Smith






11:11am est


BREAKING: Apple has deleted all of their tweets.

This might be a funny like when Apple exec Phil Schiller deleted his account, except this probably means Apple is planning to remove Twitter from their App Store, which means Google probably is as well.



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