Our Future Beckons – Nov. 21, 2022


We have more ascension energies today, a CME, and a slight chance of more M Class Solar Flares!

But clearing and releasing were the themes of the weekend energies.

Continuing today and all week long!

Clearing and releasing those traumas that were deep, deep down inside of you.

Upgrading and getting YOU ready for our finale energies of the Flash.

This last week was a biggie in the energies.

You received changes in your system in a massive way.

It has been amazing to see all the Ascension Energies working as everyone begins to step fully onto their own unique paths.

And YOU are right there now, standing in your Light, your Power, your Grace for all to see and feel.

Honestly, this is the most amazing time ever!

It hasn’t been easy but you’ve stood the course!

Clearing, purging, learning, rising, evolving, and expanding into YOU.


Even when you wanted to forget all about Ascension, you still held your energy high and moved forward.


Walking between the two worlds, as the veil continues to crumble.

Learning all you can as it begins to come together in this now moment

You feel it within you in a way like never before.

The radiance of the light is within you, bringing in the Golden Age of Light.

More Bliss energies are on the way, and then we’ll experience the Clarion Call.

The Clarion Call is to alert for the lightworkers that it is time.

We’ll all hear this together as one, bringing in the next step in the Starseeds Journey.

I am humbled by each and every one of you.

I know how hard you’ve worked. I’m so honored to be a part of your journey.

Much love and light,

-SA Smith






We are still floating within the liminal space of reflection and transformation as we leave the energies of Scorpio and the versions of ourselves who were revealed, witnessed, healed and held within the container of this powerful descent into our deeper inner landscape.

These deep transitions and transformations are supported by the dissolving holographic matrices of a slower dimensional reality grid which held the foundation of our collective experiences in past timelines.

We have been shedding the energetic membranes of our collective experiences, releasing the imprints within the grids, transmuting denser layers of thought form energies and opening the chambers of the heart to reveal the truth of our own divine essence now shining brighter than ever before.

As we float within these subtle wavelengths of shifting realities the versions of ourselves and the faster vibrational realities we are birthing are dancing at the edge of our awareness, glimmers and visions revealing themselves beneath the veils which are now parting as self doubt, survival fears & attachments to the past dissipate like tendrils of long forgotten memories no longer part of our expanding consciousness and awareness.

We are incubating, birthing and weaving the new realities with each breath, each shift into self love, each intention affirmation & action that aligns us deeper with our higher purpose is co creating the crystalline templates for each of us to embody.

The chakras are vibrating at a much faster rotation in alignment with new holographic layers & grid formations being anchored by Mother Gaia.

Every particle and cell is upgrading, expanding & increasing in vibration which is creating space for deeper layers of embodiment as we flow through the voidal birthing canal into Sagittarius energies ready to ignite the spark and forge a pathway ahead that honours the version of ourselves we are ready to fully embody and anchor right now.


Copyright ©

@Blueroseoraclesxx 2022 💚✨💚——————————————————————

We must demand more from our Quantum Field, our observation is the driving force of physical reality and ultimately the Quantum Field. We must raise our consciousness and command the universe from a place of intense knowing. We must also come from a place of love, we must see the illness of life called pain and suffering and demand it heal on a macro level. @theneighbours2021Ⓡ𝓐𝓒 Modern Science knows that you can warp space and time, we would like to point out that thought is Energy!


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