All For A LARP? – Nov. 21, 2022


Putin bans Rothschild and New World Order banking cartel family from entering Russia

Translation of CSGLOBE article dated September 21, 2016

The other day, Russian President Vladimir Putin made another decision for his country. “Under no circumstances” is the Rothschild family banned from entering Russia.

Along with his New World Order plans, Jacob Rothschild’s ban came as no surprise.

After paying Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds, Putin did not hesitate to inform his advisers of his actions: “grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and drove them out the back door of Russia.”

During the meeting in question, Putin was clearly unhappy with the covert elite’s plan to take over the country.

It seems that his act of pounding the table with his fist and promising to destroy the New World Order is clear evidence of Putin’s honesty.

According to a Kremlin source, the Russian president is indeed fighting for his country against the Rothschilds. Putin argues: “They don’t own the world and they don’t have carte blanche to do whatever they want. If we don’t challenge them, other problems will arise. We will not intimidate them.”

According to sources, Rothschild banking has indeed hurt the Russian economy. Thus, the continuation of this road will only lead to more struggle with its population.

From the first days of his presidency, Vladimir Putin has made Russia’s socioeconomic situation his top priority. His arrest of dictator Mikhail Khodorkovsky was only the beginning.

Khodorkovsky is also known for naming Henry Kissinger, Arthur Hartman, and even Rothschild as directors of the Open Russia Foundation.

Moreover, angered by the actions of the owners, Putin kicked them out in a matter of seconds. As a history student with a strong passion for world affairs, Putin himself was able to understand these organizations and their schemes.

For the Russian president, the main goal was to avoid conflicts erupting from members like the Rothschilds.

Are the Rothschilds trying to start a new world war? Should we prepare for a third world war?

Despite Putin’s attempts to put an end to them, the New World Order continues to spread its offshoots not only in Russia but throughout the world. Thanks to Vladimir Putin, Russia is now safe.

World domination is no longer a problem. Putin’s ban on the plans of the Rothschilds managed to put an end to their influence and expansion in Russia.

Even if they are one of the biggest threats at the moment, the Rothschilds are now afraid of the President. On the other hand, unlike the image associated with him, the media does not cover Putin’s ability to fight for what is right.

In truth, Putin is creating a better world. He is trying to go against the New World Order’s plan to unify and create a world ruled by one government.

A prime example of this is his actions in Syria. In this situation, he defended the sovereignty of the state, which also strengthened his reputation as an influential leader.

People are starting to notice. Moreover, the New World Order must be dealt with no matter what. Knowing all this, will the world sit back and wait for people like the Rothschilds to take control of the world?


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