Thomas Anderson: Black Eyed Babies? ~ Nov. 20, 2022


Submitted on November 20, 2022

just a brief thought…

some of us read a report here and there in the past weeks that the number of miscarriages increased rapidly after the start of vaccinations.

sometimes there were also reports about babies who were born but with black (but apparently functional) eyes.

some of the readers have also heard about the so-called “greys”.

these visitors from the future, who say they are descended from humans and need our help, our dna, to prevent their demise in the future.

these “greys” are of small stature, have a quite human-like shape, but are clearly distinguishable from us today’s humans by head shape,

length of the fingers and some more – and… black eyes.

if we put these two pieces of information together, we can assume that NOW, by the completed inoculation with mRNA “vaccine” substances,

we have laid the foundation stone for the development of mankind towards these “greys” with the black eyes.

we will probably see in the near future some more “deformities” in newborns, which show a fatal resemblance to the normal condition of the “greys”.

we will see such transformations of the people perhaps also only in 15-30 years, if the now just newborns manage to reach a sexually mature, capable age and bring offspring on the world.

one fact, however, gives me a thought…

we have definitely heard that the number of malformations and miscarriages and especially stillbirths has radically increased.

we have also heard that the so-called “vaccination” with the mRNA substance is supposed to make infertile and we have medical results that prove this, because while the number of stillbirths and malformations increased radically, the number of births at all dropped just as radically – 9 months after the start of the vaccinations.


when we put these two pieces of information together, i wonder:

is this a positive or a negative sign?

positive, because maybe infertility was not in the original plan, but maybe actually the plan was to give birth to many black-eyed babies that are reproductive and healthy.

instead, we see few black-eyed babies and lots of health problems in newborns that raise doubts about whether they will ever reach sexual maturity.

let’s leave aside the inhuman and unimaginable suffering of the individual families (although this is VERY difficult for me) and just look at the facts.

has someone here deprived the “greys” of their genesis with the inclusion of the infertility compound in the vaccine?

is their timeline now dying out and are we experiencing a restart of humanity with greatly reduced numbers?

but still with a dna in its original state in the few remaining procreative and fertile unvaccinated humans?

negative it could also be… maybe the black-eyed babies are otherwise “quite normal” and will reproduce

in the future with the remaining unvaccinated humans “from biological cultivation” and possibly the

black-eyes have dominant genes and we will then experience a slow change of the entire humanity

to new hybrids, whereby the “old” humanity will slowly disappear?

That´s all for now

kind regards


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