Kat Is The Sea – Nov. 20, 2022

I have FAITH, Ser 🙏

👑 Juan O Savin
What is the 17th Book of the Bible?
The Book of Esther is about reversals.
It’s the flip.
As Roseanne like to call it, the boomerang.
When all the evil
that was intended to the children of Israel
was flipped on their enemies
& the things they had designed against the Jews
to kill them all on a certain day
in fact happened to the very people
who had plotted & schemed in the plan
Haman & his sons
& all of those who were working with him..
HUGE things are happening behind-the-scenes
& when everything turns
just like in the Book of Esther
because it IS instantaneous.
way sooner than people think.
It’s going to be gripping.
It HAS to be
so that the American people will not EVER
let themselves be taken into a situation like this again
in many lifetimes.
They will recount it to their grandchildren
It will be so gripping & memorable 💥




Juan O Savin 
“When you’re doing Intelligence work
there’s a lot of stuff that may not look right to people.
You think this guy’s a bad guy
but to play the part you gotta LOOK like a real bad guy
& so you have a lot of people 
that may not be the bad guy you thought they were.
Conversely, a lot of people you think are the good guys..
aren’t the good guy either. 
So you gotta dig a little deeper; links & chains.
In a captured operation you grab a group of people
a chain of people
& you only know the person above & below you.” 😎

🎖️ One of the greatest & most powerful White Hats
is Admiral Mike Rogers
& he worked for Obama for 4 years.
Obama was one of the worst Traitors,
pedophiles & Human Traffickers that ever existed.

Yet I respect & trust Admiral Rogers without question.

It’s up to each how we feel now & to see how we WILL feel 
when Q’s credits roll for this movie,
when learn who played what part.
I think we’ll be shocked at who was a what 📽️



Good one, LIBERTY 💪
Perfect example of what WarNuse is talking about.
GHWB sold them ALL out 
for whatever deal he made.

As I *understand* it, GHWB was a bona fide “demon.”
The real deal from the underworld.
I can believe it. 
He was so monstrous there are literally no words to describe 
his horrific vomitus crimes.


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