WHO IS LUCIFER – PART 1 – ORIGIN ~ Nov. 19, 2022


2 thoughts on “WHO IS LUCIFER – PART 1 – ORIGIN ~ Nov. 19, 2022

  1. Lucifer’s just an interdimensional being created by these God posers, there are many, and when they made humans, intelligent design, he was told to now to man. He didn’t want to, so he rebelled. The elohim created man to create with thought just like they do, as some cannot because they don’t have the emotional body and use technology, have convince humans we have to trust God’s plan, and we can’t do anything without technology.
    I suppose when our true DNA is reconnected that we will find out, as we rise in frequency and the gap between cause and effect closes, so training us to control our thoughts is important. Probably why they’ve hidden the med beds so long. Can’t have humanity create now can we or knowingly do so.


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