Today – Nov. 19, 2022

11/18/2022 – Trump Statement


Juan O Savin 
“When you’re doing Intelligence work
there’s a lot of stuff that may not look right to people.
You think this guy’s a bad guy
but to play the part you gotta LOOK like a real bad guy
& so you have a lot of people 
that may not be the bad guy you thought they were.
Conversely, a lot of people you think are the good guys..
aren’t the good guy either. 
So you gotta dig a little deeper; links & chains.
In a captured operation you grab a group of people
a chain of people
& you only know the person above & below you.” 😎

🎖️ One of the greatest & most powerful White Hats
is Admiral Mike Rogers
& he worked for Obama for 4 years.
Obama was one of the worst Traitors,
pedophiles & Human Traffickers that ever existed.

Yet I respect & trust Admiral Rogers without question.

It’s up to each how we feel now & to see how we WILL feel 
when Q’s credits roll for this movie,
when learn who played what part.
I think we’ll be shocked at who was a what 📽️



after the WEF henchmen just declared that half the world’s population has been SOFT KILLED – (they are 7 years ahead of schedule) – give this a listen again, now that we know the rest of their [CCP] PLAN


Now at 1.8M in just a bit over two hours.




51 Days from today is November 20


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