November 18, 2022: Look Over Here… No, Look Over There… Now Drop & Give Me Forty [videos] ~ Nov. 18, 2022


The news flooding the blogosphere and Truther Community is pure gold. Those who say nothing is happening and no one is doing anything to help us should be watching the activity in the courts before they leak their negativity all over our digital world.

The clown show currently rolling is more like a tennis match; look over here, now look over there, left, right, left right, and then we get a biggie we have to sit down and take a closer look at before jumping up to follow the next sensational story. It can be exhausting to even attempt to follow it all and I hope too much isn’t lost on the dead asleep.

There is a lot of positive news and evidence of the grand scheme unfolding on the giant chess board.

Good Dog USA posted a court document about the pedophile bank account of the legal firm we’ve all heard of, but also many other accounts were forfeited/seized according to this document. [see below]

Donald Trump’s forsight in creating Executive Order 13818 in 2017 at the top of his term has yielded many millions of dollars from the psychopaths and pedophiles.

Link to Telegram.


[because this was disappeared faster than Seth Rich at a Luciferian Toga Party]

it’s called smocking … as they don’t wear togas.

This graphic may be clearer on SGAnon’s Truth Social page.

I thought this worth sharing. They can run but they cannot escape justice. Not OUR justice.

JAG made this decision upon confirming reports that Deep Staters named on sealed indictments were fleeing the country en masse to avoid military arrest, and specifically after CDC Director Rochelle Walensky eluded capture and hotfooted to a foreign country.

JAG to Prosecute Deep Staters In-Absentia

As most of you probably know if you’ve been flying with us for awhile, former VP Mike Pence has been implicated in horrific child abuse and trafficking. He is a perfect example of the imposters walking amongst us and pretending to be working to represent us and the United States.

Many of you will remember the testimony of the late Tory Smith who told us several years ago of the horrific acts of Mike Pence. Smith was taken out because of those video revelations and it was quite a blow to the Truther community. Was it radiation poisoning as discussed below? He certainly got very sick and looked awful in his last days.

Near the beginning of the following video from Michael Jaco, we hear more details on this, some from SGAnon who has spoken of it. Not everyone is willing to listen to this story of a traitor and murderer because they can’t accept they were so wrong about anyone. I believe Liz Crokin, an insider in the Hollywood community who came out to tell us about the Human trafficking, told us Pence killed many children. We are reasonably sure Pence was taken out and switched by the Earth Alliance a few years ago for his unspeakable crimes.

We can probably assume that the Pence we are seeing now is not the original, and only performing for the ‘movie’ for the snoozers. Video 59 min.

The reveals are coming faster. Mike Pence revealed as pure evil. Storm Raging.

In followup to the news that Tylenol was out of stock in Canada, I happened to see the following on Twitter. Let’s hope it’s not true. We know who the foreigners are who make all the drugs. Chyna—and they want us all dead. People need to learn that a fever is the body’s way of killing pathogens and we should NOT be trying to bring a fever down; we should allow it to resolve on its own in most cases. It is pure brainwashing to just pop a pill and end it. Tylenol is poison. Don’t take it—and especially don’t give it to children.

Health Canada says foreign supply of children’s pain medication is on the way

— The Globe and Mail (@globeandmail) November 18, 2022

Link to Telegram.

Every single one of the woke ideologies from the globalists

(LGBT, gender neutrality, climate change, covid fear, masks that don’t allow you to breathe, experimental vaccines risking declining fertility, vaccine mandates risking labor shortages, anti-2A, banning fertilizers, broke ESG transitions that lead to commodity scarcity and poverty, cancel culture, deplatforming/demonetizing, defunding the police, stand with Ukraine, Taiwan / pro war, pro-abortion until the very last second… etc) have one thing in common…

They all help reduce the size of the population, without exception.

These facts are impossible to deny… a logical person cannot argue against them. One day everyone will understand.

People need to start fighting the war on drugs. They’re killing us. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING ( Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that Drug Cartels are now categorized as Foreign Terrorist Organizations and all future Fentanyl deaths will be classified as murder in the state of Texas

Is this how Big Pharma in the UK is explaining the fact that the jabs didn’t work to prevent Covid?

NHS England investigates ‘potential serious incident’ as wrong flu jab given to over 65s | UK | News |

The election-related updates are very interesting. Lauren Boebert won her House seat in Colorado, we hear, and Kari Lake, who has never wavered in her insistence that she will be Governor of Arizona, is now an infinitesimal .06 behind Katie Hobbs—who has already been celebrating according to reports.

There’s so much positive momentum. The Babylon Bee [satire channel] got their Twitter account back, as did Jordan Peterson.

I’m back. Thanks @elonmusk

— Dr Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) November 18, 2022

No word yet on whether Musk will reinstate the Trump Twitter account. Wink-wink.

Now that the GOP controls the House, they can do a great deal of important work. Just watch. More and more truth and reconciliation will be flowing.

It has been a challenging week requiring us to turn on a dime. My bank card was compromised so I had to go to the branch to get a replacement, the truck battery died just when I needed to go and get groceries to do some baking and we couldn’t boost it. Hubby had to go to Costco to get a replacement as it was still under warranty, a dinner engagement was cancelled last minute, and I couldn’t log into the bridge this morning because a WordPress plugin caused a malfunction and I had to get Number One to do some remedial work. Thank goodness for the men in the ranks who take care of the things that are difficult for me. I so appreciate it.

Eli enjoying a fish skin

For the dog lovers… Eli got a backyard hose shampoo on the weekend and while he was really good the last time, this time he decided to take off inside through the doggie door—soaking wet—twice! So floors and furniture need a wipedown and the doggie door was locked. Next time he gets a tether.

I took the little monster to a regular vet to get a stool sample analyzed and he has a clean bill of health [as the holistic vet told us] so it’s the food I have to adjust. He does great on pumpkin and a little raw meat and charcoal but that’s not a long term solution. Eli may need ‘sensitive stomach’ food.

I will now have company coming for the American Thanksgiving dinner next Thursday so the holiday preps must get underway. The fun and the launch of Christmas beginss this weekend around here so the clown show will take a back seat for part of my days. But wait—before I even got the chance to publish I learned another head is joining us as well so it seems “change” and quick response times are the order of the week. We already have our New Year’s invitation to our favourite house party so the season is shaping up beautifully.

For the lighter end of things… I love this. “impending suicide”.

The end of 2022 will definitely be an exciting ride as the sleepy world wakes up and the satanic cabal gets its comeuppance. Santa will be bringing the best gifts ever—but we may not get to open them all until next year and it will be glorious to see those chess pieces go flying off the board with the highly charged moves the Earth Alliance will deliver.

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