More For You Tonight… – Nov. 18, 2022

Trump will be making a statement at 8:30 PM from Mar-a-Lago.



BREAKING: Biden was not given advance notice of the Justice Department’s appointment Friday of a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump because Biden is not in charge. Join and find out the truth.


Report: Hunter Biden’s Daughter Lives with Sleepy Joe in Taxpayer-Funded Mansion

Audio message is in the post below.



BREAKING: U.S. Attorney General Garland appoints special counsel to determine if Trump should be charged in Jan. 6 and Mar-a-Lago probes.



NEW: Chinese citizens paid to marry Muslims for ethnic cleansing of Uyghurs.



Deep fake technology, watch how the face changes.

Deep fake technology can seamlessly stitch anyone in the world into a video or photo they never actually participated in.

What is really scary about this tech is that anyone can be framed for literally anything.



322 day of the year, is the 18th

120 Notification for election just kick off?

takes us to 3/15/2023 (VK keeps saying voting in 23)

117 chairs on the right was a differential, 120-117=3 as in days from 11/15 = 11/18


322 day of the year & Nov 5 on the Julian Calendar. 2 days Prior.

Everyone go watch FIFA UNCOVERED on Netflix.


Russia got kicked out.

The World Is Watching. The most watched sporting event on Earth.



HammerTime Rapid Fire Q News 11/18/22 Sex Trafficking & Hunter’s Laptop & FTX

-Rapid Fire 🔥 Q News

Hot 🔥 Topics

🗣 SEX Trafficking found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop 💻

🗣 FTX -Money Laundring Crimes of the Century / Biden & Other Politians Ties 👔

🗣 Brasil Election Fraud 🗳: Shipping & Propane Supplies Shutting Down: How will this affect us 🤔

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New Q drop


Is this part of their capitulation? No mercy…

WEF Klaus Schwab admits at the G20 summit that globalization is over, US dominance is over, and the multipolar order (BRICS+) is next.

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