Death is a Dropping of the Body, The Soul Never Dies ~ Nov. 18, 2022


Anyone who leaves their body in what we call death is not really dead. They have simply left this physical realm and opened the door to another dimension where the body isn’t needed and can’t go.

The physical is too dense and mortal for the spirit world. Your loved ones who have transitioned, haven’t gone anywhere, since our Spirit Self, which is our true Self, never dies. They are always with you and part of you since in Spirit we are one.

Mediating on this truth a few months ago, I remembered in the bible, when the women came to look for Jesus’s body in his tomb after his death. They were asked by the angel they found there: “why do you seek the living among the dead?”. The body perishes because it is matter. The real person, however, never dies because they are an eternal soul, one with all that is. Bodies are garments, they are not who we are.

We are IN one another because we are one in Spirit. So we may not see our loved ones in body anymore, but the body is not who anyone is. This transition called death is a beautiful gift we have given ourselves in physical reality because it allows us to experience physical life, learn our lessons and then exit the body and return to Spirit. But none of us really go anywhere because in the eternal realm there is no time or space, just NOW and HERE.


The idea of death is also a gift that allows us to question the idea of being the body. This is because once we see that rotting corpse, we can know that that was only a costume that anyone wore. It is not the real person.

We have this appearance of going and coming in this dimension because it serves us in our learning and experiences. However, anyone who has died in the body hasn’t gone anywhere. Their true self remains in you as one with you and one with the fabric of existence. They just don’t need that body anymore but do not see them as gone. You can bid their earthly existence that you knew goodbye and miss it because it meant a lot to you, but don’t grieve like they are gone forever. They are right here with you and in you forever. You can talk to them and they can talk to you if you so desire. And they would say “I’m right here. You feel my presence because I haven’t gone anywhere, we are intermingled forever beyond our bodies. We are one”


Your loved one would want you to continue your path as they are continuing theirs. They would want you to know that you’re always ONE and accessible to each other at any moment. This is important because if we wallow in loss too much, it stops us from living. This is not what our loved ones would want for us and it only means that we think something has been stolen from us. Grief and pain are normal because we miss the physical presence of our loved ones, but a greater truth comforts us: that we are not the body and neither is our loved one. We are always together through eternity beyond all the bodies we will ever wear.



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