Happy Unity Day! – Nov. 17, 2022

Happy Unity Day

Trump “Fuel is about to skyrocket”

Think Svitzer, Diesel, Planes, Trains, Shipping, NAVAL BLOCKADE Pacifc etc SHUTDOWN

“Bay Of Pigs”

Article 5 (MassCyber Attacks)

Laws Of War

Very interesting from Binance. Unity Day on Julian Calendar.

11.17 http://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-11-15/donald-trump-asks-us-appeals-court-to-revive-twitter-lawsuit/101654390

Now “Official” Candidate

The Legit President can come back to Twitter today or 2moro.

Julian 11.4 & 11.5


11.18  1️⃣7️⃣

11.19 – Malay Election [11.6]


11.20 – Kazakh  & EQ Guinea Election, Qatar World Cup

11.21 [11.3] Dams & King Charles

11.22  JFK Assassination [11.4]

11.23 – Response due 23 November 2022. U.S Congress https://supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docket/DocketFiles/html/Public/22-380.html…


VK posted now.


388 Respondent’s up for Treason & Fraud in the Supreme Ct with 1 Justice remaining.


Justice Thomas🔥🔥

11.24 (Thanksgiving) Andrew

11.25 [7/11] JFK Jnr 62nd Birthday Friday

11.26 Taiwan Election

11.27 [9/11]

11.28 [Evergrande Liquidation Ct]

On the Clock, Twitter 🟦 Checkmark

11.29 [11.11] 2 days ahead of Elon’s Quantum Tesla P.I Phones]

DEC 1 Covid Variant called P.I Tesla Quantum P.I phones, Tesla Trucks & Internet Kill?

[Smart Contracts>Protocol 20>Full Merge – Quantum Systems]






23 -[D5] = 13

3 + 10 Day Worldwide Televised Sitdown Event.

ASAT – Vengeful One.


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