The Telosians: A Split Will Occur in Humanity ~ Nov. 16, 2022


We are happy to see you again, dear children of the Earth. On this day we are going to speak to you again about what may happen in the near future. We have already spoken to you about what the world government wants you to experience in order to have a greater hold on you. Imagine that they are preparing a way to scare you, very scary, by telling you about possible nuclear war, possible huge inflations that would deprive you of money or even prevent you from having the money to buy your food and pay your bills.

All of this “gossip” from world government sources is just to “push” you further and further into fear. We will tell you this again: DO NOT give in to fear, this is very important because by not worrying about what those who want to manipulate you are telling you, you will make them give in.

Indeed: as far as a nuclear war is concerned, it cannot be done. Why not? Because they themselves fear the fallout of nuclear destruction. Do not doubt that those who make up this world government are humans and non-humans who are themselves in fear. Fear of what? Fear of losing their power over you, over the Earth, fear that they can no longer afford to rule the billions of you. Yes, these humans are currently in fear, in great fear.

But you will say to yourselves: “It is quite different from us! They have the money they need to live, they don’t have this concern.

Yes, we are going to tell you, they have the money that gives them the impression of being in great power, but in reality, it is a tiny power because, as we have already told you in previous messages, we have the capacity to ruin their bank accounts if they were to go too far in their desire to “mistreat” humanity.

Indeed, what are a few numbers on a bank account? It is entirely possible for us to erase all that and make sure that they cannot find those numbers again, neither on their accounts nor elsewhere. That is their biggest fear. That is why they are trying to bring you to your knees so that you cannot live properly. But have faith. Even though there may be delicate events on your planet, they will not go through with it, for we will see to it that most of humanity is protected.

We have spoken to you about the New Earth, the one that is coming to you and that you will experience at the end of this turbulent transition. Of course, it is not going to be easy for you in the times to come, and at some point there will be a split in humanity on earth. Indeed, a part of humans will have modified their consciousness and will have understood what True Life is. This part of the human race, at present, works for the best for humans and for the whole of the Earth, i.e. for all the kingdoms that live on it.

However, on the other hand, there will be those humans who will not want to leave what they think is their current comfort, i.e. their way of life, to bend to the decisions of their governments, to be afraid of the future etc. ….

The split between humans will be inevitable, as you well understand. It is not the whole of humanity that will change its consciousness as to the understanding of the True Life. But that is how it is. Each soul that has incarnated on Earth has decided before incarnation to live such and such a thing for its own evolution but also, and this is important, to help humanity progress in a certain way.

It is by confronting difficulties that you can overcome your fears, your anxieties, etc. It is thanks to the others in front of you that you progress in the understanding of True Life. You know, you are each other’s mirrors. This is how humanity can progress in understanding what others can bring to it.

So, in the coming months, attempts by the world government to degrade you will be put in place. But while they may shake you up a bit for the moment, know that it will not last long, for if it goes too far, we will apply our “backlash” method as you say.

Dear children of the Earth, dear brothers and sisters, know that you can continue your life on Earth in confidence, resilience and serenity. We ask you once again, not to listen to the media information that repeats the same things over and over again throughout the day so that your mind becomes imbued with fear information. This is all manipulation by your governments of whatever country. Do not let yourself be impressed by this, we thank you.

Dear children of the Earth, continue to live in the joy of your heart. Bring to your friends, to your families all the Love of your heart, also give to the Earth all your thanks of Love for the beauty it offers you but also for what it allows you to live by sheltering you, by nourishing you.

We accompany you with great Love, do not doubt it.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by


6 thoughts on “The Telosians: A Split Will Occur in Humanity ~ Nov. 16, 2022

  1. Found this post to be one of the most interesting and reassuring I have ever seen by any of these ‘off world’ parties. It seems to outline what my instincts have been saying and why it seems impossible for those of us who are somewhat awakened, to arouse those who are not.


    1. On the original Star Trek, the Telosians (see the first episode, “Menagerie”) ran a forbidden world where they were able to re-create any and everything in human imagination. Well… here humanity exists in a similar situation and the secret to “leaving” is indeed learning and knowing Who You Are with the ability to create that which you desire! The ability to perceive and know Self is everything! 😊🌹


      1. 😁😁😁 I could not remember why that term TELOSIANS rang bells with me….thanks for the reminder of the older ST series….yes I remember The Menagerie very well. You’re so cool CindyL!!


      2. Kind of a great message… they have to tell us, thus one of the purposes for “entertainment”. I like to call it “en-train-ment”! 😊😳🌹


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