Entering Sagittarius ~ Nov. 16, 2022

Beloved Ones,

We are entering into a Sagittarian passage, whose main energies are going to help us into the transmutation of all that no longer serves us. A passage to be reborn, after dissolving lower layers of the egoic self.

Since the eclipses, we have been immersed in a massive transformational wave, and its peak comes with the Sagittarian energies that we are about to welcome, and that will offer us the clarity, the light, that so many need, to initiate a new path. The light that helps them see who they truly are. The light that guides them through the unique path that they are meant to walk, at this time.

Sagittarius’s main essence is one of resurrection, like the phoenix, re-emerging from the ashes of the old to the new self that rises when we release all that is not us. We are entering into a phase of spiritual alchemy where it is pivotal to disengage from the past, and the past is everything that is not part of this Now moment, so we can create our next one, free of old emotional triggers, limited patterns and anything that impedes us to create more love, and hence, abundance.

Creating this Sagittarian portal are some planetary forces, since November 16, such as Venus entering into Sagittarius. On the next day, Mercury will follow as well as the Sun on November 22, to conclude the next day with a New Moon in this same sign. These transmutative frequencies are the ones who will accompany us until the end of this year, helping us into the process of conscious release, so we can step into a new phase completely anew.

We all have an opportunity for us to release the old, through the element Fire, and begin to emerge into the light beings that we are, for it is by releasing old layers of our egoic self, and healing what it damaged for eons, that we can begin the process of conscious restoration, at all levels. In the physical, working with our DNA, mental, emotional, and genetic, for we too have inherited many patterns that need to be brought into the light, so we can transform them into new ones.

It is in this passage with the assistance of Sagittarian forces that we too can begin healing our Cathar/Essene lineage if part of our ancestry, and the many imprints and false codes that were put into these benevolent souls who came with a mission of restoring the planet.

This a passage for those who wish to work as well on solar reconstruction, by first clearing their solar plexus, mental and hence egoic self, and the many memories associated with our three-dimensional timeline, where we dwell, and probably have previously done so for many of our human years.

The element associated with Sagittarius is a tetrahedron, a pyramid, for it is the one that represents the connection to our God Self. This tool when properly visualized can help us to reconnect ourselves through meditation with the Illumined Aspect of us, as well as Guides. We only need to create the conscious links, with the decrees of our choice necessary to build this communion.

This is just the beginning of all that these energies can help us with, as everyone is unique and is in different stages of their ascension journey. However, something we have in common, in this path is that we all need to be constantly disengaging from the old, for at every moment, we are new, and we need to create from this new state of being. We just need to accept change as a natural constant in our being and reality and welcome the unknown.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba


Annual Guidance for 2023: https://www.starseedsoul.com/p/annual-guidance_11.html

4 thoughts on “Entering Sagittarius ~ Nov. 16, 2022

  1. I’m a sag, so is my granddaughter so maybe we’ll rise out of the heap of ashes that was my life and emerge free and strong….crossing fingers.


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