dutchsinse: ALERT — Earthquake BELOW EUROPEAN BELGIAN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT & Research Center ~ Nov. 16, 2022


11/16/2022 — ALERT — Earthquake BELOW EUROPEAN BELGIAN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT & Research Center

Earthquake strikes below EUROPEAN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT + research center in Belgium!

M 2.1 – BELGIUM – 2022-11-16 08:59:07 UTC
10 km NE of Geel, Belgium / pop: 34,600

This is an amazing discovery — this now proves something very controversial in the seismology world, and I can’t believe I’m the person to catch it live…….

What is this controversial proof? The relation between the Nuclear plants, power plants (coal, solar, and wind) as well as the transmission lines themselves… all leading to and guiding earthquake activity either below them, next to them, or along them.

Mineral Virginia in 2011 is a perfect example of a M5.9 rare large quake next to a nuclear plant, and Dodewaard Nuclear power plant in NL with its rare M4.0 another example of many.

Viewer comments:

Hey Dutch! Just did some looking on my end of the earthquakes. On my Google Earth, the power plant is also blurred. There are 3 nuclear power plants in Belgium. One at Doel, one at. Tihange, and the other at Mol. The one in Mol is the one you mentioned here in the video. Apparently, according to Wikipedia and other sources, it is permanently closed. The site in Mol was constructed in 1952. The first reactor BR1 (Belgian Reactor 1) became critical in 1956. Construction of BR2 started the following year. Even though the site is apparently closed, the BR2 reactor is one of five main reactors producing molybdenum-99 that decays to technetium-99m, the radioisotope used in more than 80% of diagnostic imaging procedures in nuclear medicine. Just thought that would be some good information!

As you said “Earthquakes below nuclear plants.” Huge catch/proof. So glad you stayed up to document. Yep, throw it right back at them! You are such a sharp and thrusting thorn in the side of the “deceivers.” Thank you

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