Bank – Man – Fried – Nov. 15, 2022


Editor’s Note : Get it? Although your bank is about to go belly-up, according to QFS, your $$ in the bank is actually safe!

We are now witnessing a global financial transition as the fraudulent banking system based on interest is exposed and discarded.

What to do? Why nothing, except watch as the financial dominoes continue to fall, and then BE in….

Quantum Joy!


The next domino… 🚨👀🚨

BlockFi Prepares for Potential Bankruptcy as Crypto Contagion Spreads



More White Hats-controlled SBF receipts. Of all the crimes — Ukraine money laundry, theft of retail investors, backdoor hacks, etc — the absolute worst one is FTX being a prime sponsor of propaganda studies that said ‘IVERMECTIN’ was ineffective. ❌☠️❌



Sponsored by WEF — nothing can be deleted from the internet. 🚨👀🚨

How World Economic Forum, others are hiding their past ties with FTX



Evergrande full implosion is still coming — connected to Dow Jones, tether, btc, eth, USD. 🚨👀🚨

Beleaguered Billionaire Hui Ka Yan Struggles To Hold Onto His Crumbling Empire

China Evergrande HQ Land up For Sale at $1 Billion



The slow burn crash continues — Wells Fargo just laid off 90% of their mortgage bankers. 🚨👀🚨

Wells Fargo mortgage staff braces are laying off as U.S. loan volumes tumble

Wells Fargo confirms mortgage staff layoffs


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