The Event And The Great Solar Flash ~ Nov. 14, 2022

We have a Planet[X]


… that is coming near our Planet 🌍

… that is invisible to the naked eye 👀

…but it has more magnetism 🧲

Then our planet… 🌏

Most systems have a binary [two Stars 🌟Stars 🌟] system in them.

Our binary star is on a 26000 years cycle

[13,000 🍩13,000]

[JFK 26000 Airforce 1 ✈️ 😎]

…& it is headed back our way…


When it hits a certain point, our sun will have like a sun burst…💥

A plasmic discharge from the magnetic interference… 🌠🧲💥⚡️🌈💛💭

We have had this happen before & when it does it is usually catastrophic for the Earth…

But this time we will be able to ascend because we have evolved enough [HIGH VIBES😁]… The galactics and the Q team are working on a secret program using Pleadian technology [like Monoatomic Gold Ionisphere protection] To help protect and shield us from the event so that we won’t all be destroyed.

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