Here is Something to Ponder ~ Nov. 14, 2022


Editor’s Note: Please see far more cartoons (a statement in and of themselves!) by clicking on the link at the end of this post, yet…stay strong within your own Self, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


A couple of friends elsewhere on line having a chat… I have never believed the official story concerning his Timely demise

JB:Epstein was holding money for wealthy politicians, celebrities & other well known individuals. Epstein “dies” in August 2019, a few months later FTX is founded and all the same people connected to Epstein just so happen to be immediately involved…

WORDMAN:Eppy was (IS?????????) up to his eyeballs in so many freaky aspects of finance skullduggery still that it boggles…….

What I CAN’T GET OVER is the overwhelming touchstones into and thru every aspect of the covid narrative, launch, spread, tech, & vaxx, he & his network ALONE is involved with.
Every single individual responsible from Baric to Lieber to Fauci to everyone at Harvard, the CDC, NIH, etc all have serious links RIGHT BACK TO HIM. Everything tech-wise in the vaxx that’s being unleashed on us now he & “his people” were researching
extensively, exhaustively, for YEARS.

There is something even above & beyond really crazy that’s going on………..

The timing of his “death,” the release of the bug, the declaration of a “pandemic,” far too soon, paving the way for election fraud of a pres that was cracking down like no one ever before on worldwide pedo rings, getting the name “Epstein” off of the front pages just when it was the biggest story in the world and on everyone’s lips and mind, the targeting of ultimately children with DNA poison………these things just happening “randomly” don’t add up…..not at all.

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