Ascension Energy Update ~ Nov. 14, 2022



The Energies are still Intense and you will

be pushed to release any residue of outdated pain and past attachments .

Shadows will come up, for you to accept

parts that have been rejected by us as well

The mother wound might also be coming up to be healed, not just for you but for all of us .

Hold space, for as you heal so do we.

Inner child memories may also be stirring up from within , this is to be healed as well.

specific memories that have created trauma and pain .

Realising now you are much stronger and more powerful than you give yourself credit for .

The universe has been showing us a greater divide In the collective for quite some time now

It’s reminding us not to engage with the

lower dimensional behaviours.

Acknowledge it for what it is, projection, ego and unhealed wounds .

Stay on your path, keep moving forward, so you dont invite the past back in.

The message for us is to Stay on Track .

The old path had you sabotaging yourself.

It had your mind playing games with you.

It had you telling yourself you weren’t enough.

Now look at you and how much you have transitioned and transformed !

Creating your own path because the old one is no longer a match .

You refused to maintain the status quo.

You’re moving away from the conditioning, and closer to the connection with your higher self.

Your mind is now working in your favour.

It’s building you up.

Your energy is locking in to the abundance

and good health flow .

Stop focusing so much on the outcomes, and remain grounded in all your changes

The results will pour in naturally and

They have already started to .

Lessons have been integrated.

Your soul is unlocking codes and upgrading awakening you to the remembrance of your divine birthright.

Stay grounded as you shift to a higher vibration, because it will feel fluid, unknown and your emotions will feel chaotic.

Self Love and Self Care will nurture your being during these cycles of ascension.

It can at times feel as though all hell is breaking loose and everything seems to be going wrong.

You are leaping forward and as you do this reality then shifts.

Therefore, be at ease, align with the shift rather than resist.

Remember only better things await you on this next stage in your new chapter .

The light has been fully anchoring within you. This process has been unfolding long before you have awakened to it.

What happens next is the experience of what opens up in your world when you use what you know for the collective highest good.

Be thankful for closed doors.

They often guide us to the right one.

The only thing that is ultimately real about

your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment as That’s all there ever is.

Infinite Love , Light and Blessings

By Ascension LightWorkers

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