Blizzard Pounds Plains, Midwest; “Polar Vortex” To Unleash Chill Nationwide ~ Nov. 12, 2022


Editor’s Note: Can we all say together…”global warming”? Thx!


The first blizzard of the 2022-23 winter season is unfolding across the northern Plains and through the upper Midwest today. 

Parts of North and South Dakota and portions of Montana, Minnesota, and Nebraska are in the storm’s path. Some areas could experience more than a foot of snow and snowfall rates of up to 2 inches per hour. 

“This will be the first major snowstorm of the season for the northern Plains and the combination of heavy snow, powerful winds and low visibility will result in hazardous travel,” AccuWeather senior meteorologist Brian Wimer said.

Blizzard warnings have been posted for much of North Dakota and northern Minnesota. 

Temperatures behind the system will result in much colder weather in the days ahead. US Lower 48 mean temperatures have dove from 58 degrees Fahrenheit earlier this week to a forecasted 39 degrees by November 14. 

Here’s what meteorologists at private weather forecasting firm BAMWX are saying about the cold bast:

Aka don’t bite on the model run to run changes.

It’s all about watching the Polar Vortex & where it goes ahead.

That’s what I love about our #energy weather updates…our forecasts don’t fluctuate based on data, but on research.

📩 to inquire for service/samples. — Kirk 🇺🇸 Hinz | BAM ⚡️Weather (@Met_khinz) November 10, 2022

“With strong cold influence from a displaced Polar Vortex, now the question becomes…how long can this pattern last?” BAMWX’s Kirk Hinz tweeted. 

Data has extended the cold longer overnight.

With strong cold influence from a displaced #PolarVortex, now the question becomes…how long can this pattern last?

For @bamwxcom official thoughts, 📩 for free info/samples of our forecasts.#natgas #oott #energy $ng — Kirk 🇺🇸 Hinz | BAM ⚡️Weather (@Met_khinz) November 9, 2022

Colder temperatures will send heating demand skyrocketing across the country starting this weekend. 

Increased heating demand could put a bid under natural gas prices. 

A #polarvortex , but why is #natgas not reacting? Part of it has to do with less #lng exports to Europe & increases in U.S. nat gas production. But will this cold last? Are we second guessing #weather models? Our trade ideas? You will have to subscribe — WEATHER WEALTH (@ClimatePredict) November 9, 2022

But then again, NatGas prices have slumped this week on the delayed restart of the Freeport LNG export terminal, which would boost US NatGas storage.  

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