Whiplash Today – Nov. 11, 2022

Bank of England will also launch soon on Stellar.

How about Y’all hit Elon up on Twitter and get him to tweet Elon Stellar.

Let’s create the Flood

God Bless All The Veterans out there too. #WeWillRememberThem



New Q drop


1912 – Titanic Olympic sinking

1913 – Federal Reserve Creation

1914 – World War 1







P.S Next Covid Variant is called P.I

Is that like Tesla Quantum P.I phones & Internet Kill?






πŸ”₯Australia just declared 4th Wave of Covid on Friday.


P.I Day = December 1 [Releases Tesla Quantum P.I Phone] 2 Days Ahead of Schedule 11/29 [11:11] What a Wonderful Day


Then a Sunday Tweet 11/27>11/9

Why because EVERGRANDE Defaults on Monday 28th of November


Pretty much ready for all events.

Ftx gone

China>Taiwan>Dams, Tiananmen Square, Wuhan, Big Pharma Labs etc

Armenia#1 BTC Data Centers.

Charles & Andrew

3 Red Castles>SkyEvent

πŸ’₯ – UN & WB cb is incoming

πŸ’₯ – LCX cb is incoming. [No 2nd Rd] Rd 2 Tiamonds ICO post coming.

πŸ’₯ IMF 2nd Rd post coming.

πŸ’₯Project Aurum CB shortly.

πŸ’₯SAP SE real estate update.

πŸ’₯ Hedera ICO complete. Awaiting CB + 2nd post.

πŸ’₯Amaala ICO is complete, awaiting Cb & 2nd Rd post

πŸ’₯MBS will be launching Project Ceer.

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