More Comms… ~ Nov. 10, 2022

Sequoia Capital tells investors it did proper due diligence on FTX

#Poseidon >Sudzha


11.11 [2 Days Ahead Of Schedule]

What a Wonderful Day is it 11.4? (0)

11.3 [11.12]

King Charles >China Dams

11.4 [11.13] Cyber

11.5 [11.14] Justice, Fireworks

BREAKING: Biden, Xi to meet for talks in Bali on November 14: White House

11.6 [11.15] Prince Andrew >11_6 Trump Presidency Made Public

Remember Q64>75

Hurricane Nicole >Victory of the People

9/11 Declas


💥 – UN & WB cb is incoming

💥 – LCX cb is incoming.[No 2nd Rd] Rd 2 Tiamonds ICO post coming.

💥 IMF 2nd Rd post coming

💥 HyperLedger – No 2nd Rd Post.

💥Project Aurum CB next 2 days

💥SAP SE real estate update.

💥 Hedera ICO complete. Awaiting CB + 2nd post.



After FTX collapse, crypto investors need to rethink how they hold assets, CEO says

Do it Q

Bring The House Down & The 3GD>24 Nuke Reactors>Last Bitcoin DATA CENTER.

Poseidon, Rods of God

Black Swan>PullThePlug

Nek Minnit>curVebalL>boomeRang.

No Pump & Dumps

Pump & Dumps No.

Only building a system for Planet Earth>QFS


Enjoy the show!

Elon warns Twitter employees of Bankruptcy.

Bannon says Elon bought a crime scene.

It’s like he went into Twitter and blasted the place.💣💣

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