DARK TIMES in Britain –

‘War game’ emergency blackout plans to cope with SEVEN DAY outages reveal disruption to water supplies and transport ~ Nov. 9, 2022


THE Government is secretly testing emergency blackout plans, it has emerged.

Secret documents reveal major fears among government officials over how Britain will cope with outages that could last seven days.

The programme is different from National Grid’s scheme which could see blackouts occur on the coldest days between 4pm and 7pm in January and February.

Leaked material from Programme Yarrow – the plan for dealing with national blackouts – suggests all sectors including food, water and transport could be “severely disrupted” in a “worst-case scenario”.

The confidential papers obtained by The Guardian newspaper show how the elderly and kids will be prioritised in such an emergency.

Brits with caring responsibilities will also be first to be reached by teams who would also provide emergency shelter.

A source told the paper: “The fact they’re talking about it now means they have a real concern it could happen.”

The programme prepares for a situation in winter where power is unavailable without any warning.

But a renewed sense of urgency with the programme’s effectiveness has been triggered by fears over the security of energy supplies.

Britain has been thrown into an energy crisis following the invasion of Ukraine, with millions being hammered by soaring energy bills.

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